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Eugene's cause is truly noble, although it's doubtful that the advertisers will agree when they find out that their billboards have been appropriated.

This is why I'm not sure it's noble. Those spaces are the rental property of the advertisers. They paid for that space.

It would be like if Lavie rented space in an art gallery to show his work, only to discover that advertisers and broken in and covered up his artwork with billboards.
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The Southern states seceded to preserve slavery and white supremacy, so the Confederate cause was indisputably wicked. But they did form a constitutional republic that had popular support and create the institutions common to national governments: legislatures, courts, a currency, an army, a navy and diplomats. There was a common, but not universal collective identity as Southerners and citizens of the Confederacy. They were a nation.

The Confederacy was a nation that was (justifiably) conquered in four years by the United States, but it existed as a nation for that time.

Similarly, if the United States of America was defeated and conquered by 1779, it would have been a nation--a short-lived nation, but a nation nonetheless.

As for the constitutionality of secession: I am uncertain. The impetus for the Southern secession was a moral abomination, but secession in general is not inherently wrong.

Remember that the United States formed as a result of a secessionist movement within the British Empire.
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Adding more original content is a good idea. Actually, I'm working on a piece right now. But as Alex says, that takes a lot of money.

Honestly, I don't understand the criticism. As I look at the front page of reddit right now, there's only one item there that has been posted on Neatorama recently. There's significant overlap between reddit and Neatorama, but only if you take the truly massive reddit as a whole. And who wants to try to keep up with, say, more than 50 subreddits?

I've long taken pride in the quality of the work that we do here for the resources that we have available. There are a lot of sites like ours that just grab content and publish it without attribution or a hat tip. But we're very conscientious hat tippers and make a substantial effort to credit content creators. I could name a few websites that don't habitually do so.

Like Miss Cellania says, we're a link blog. We try to find neat things that have not been widely circulated on sites similar to ours and post them before they do. We also operate an online store in which we sell physical products. We advertise our product lines when possible. We're a commercial enterprise, so we try to make money.

What I'm trying to understand, Coconutbrah, is what you think that we should do that would be commercially viable. We're glad to get feedback. But I'm not sure what to do with your critique.
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As well we should.

There's a story that shortly after the American Revolution, a British aristocrat visited the US. While traveling through the country, his horse threw a shoe. So he walked it to a blacksmith shop. The blacksmith ignored him and continued his work.

This made the aristocrat angry. He demanded, "You there! Who is your master?!"

The American glared at the aristocrat, spat tobacco juice on his fancy shoes and said, "That sumbitch ain't been born."
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No, actually I'm a native born Texan. I usually use the term sprinkles, but I used jimmies because I had already used the verb "sprinkled" in the sentence.

I think that I heard of the word jimmies only a few years ago.
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