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Barry Sadler also wrote the Casca novels. They're about Cassius Longinus, the legendary Roman soldier who killed Christ with his spear at Golgotha. He's cursed with immortality and lives from that time until the present, always working as a soldier.
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Back in college, I was a library circulation clerk. One semester, I worked a weekend closing shift. Besides another student worker, I was the only staff person in the library.

That other student worker was not fond of working. Once the librarians left for the day, he would bed down for a long nap on a couch. I had to do all of the work myself.

One evening, I decided not to wake him up before closing the library. He woke up on his own in the middle of the night. Figuring that the alarm had been set and he could not leave the building without setting it off, he had to call the campus police to get out.

The next week, the circulation manager quietly promulgated a new rule: wake up your co-workers before you leave.
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I think there's an SMBC comic somewhere which posits that as Hitler was constantly fighting off time travelers bent on killing him, he became the best personal combatant in human history. It was necessary to resurrect him to fight alien invaders.
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I think that it's important because a perfectly valid reason for not killing Hitler would be "No, because then World War II would still happen and be worse." I'm deeply skeptical that a world without Hitler would have avoided World War II. Here's an alternate history scenario on that subject.

But that gets away from the ethical dilemma. The dilemma assumes that killing Hitler in 1920 prevents World War II. It's important to phrase it that way so that survey respondents don't get into historical speculation instead of ethical formulation.
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