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My first librarian job was at an urban public library a couple blocks from the homeless shelters. I often met colorful people as a result.

“What I heard a lot of was, ‘How do we serve our homeless patrons better?’” said Dowd. “That surprised me. It was not about minimizing the disruptiveness or destructiveness of homeless patrons.

I've got to admit that I'm guilty of this, especially when I've been very busy.
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I learned how to drive on an 80s Chevy Caprice station wagon and a 1940 Ford 9N tractor. The latter of those was scary to drive because the center of gravity was so high and there were so many different controls (clutch, choke, throttle, and 2 brakes).
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Why would anyone call her out? What would anyone call her out for?

I don't understand the venom that she's getting on reddit. Yes, she dresses in skimpy outfits. She likes the attention. But she's also creating original 3d designs and printing and implementing them.

I can understand why they might find her clothing distracting. I don't understand why they're getting angry at her. And I don't see her accusing anyone of sexual harassment.
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I wanted Ulpio Minucci's Robotech theme played at my wedding. But we ended up with a very traditional Protestant wedding with just Mendelssohn's wedding march. This was a bit scandalous, as the tune originally had pagan references.

We didn't have music at the reception. If we did, I might have picked this song from the Macross II soundtrack.

It was a simple, cheap, and brief wedding that introduced a long and vibrant marriage, so I don't mind a bit.
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When Richard Adams, the author of Watership Down, was a little boy, he saw a Punch and Judy puppet show. In it, Punch brutally murdered a baby. Adams fled in horror. He grew up but, he recollects in his memoir, "I still remained unable to deal with Mr Punch, in whatever guise he came."

Punch is the brutal monster looming in his fiction. General Woundwort and Genshed and masked versions of Punch.
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