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My wife and I were head-over-heels in love when I met her parents. They are very reserved people. My wife and I were apparently too affectionate in their presence.

Other than that, it went quite well. They think that I'm a bit odd (or perhaps more than a bit), but they've always been welcoming.
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Every time I go into my local library (not that I have time for books, but they have a printer), there’s someone behind the desk in costume, and usually at least a couple of people dancing.

That's pretty much nationwide these days.
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I cannot understand all the hate for Enterprise. Far from being riddled with plot holes, it solved plot holes made by previous Star Trek series, such as the Klingon human-like bodies from TOS.

Nasty Vulcan characters? The series clearly depicted a social revolution on Vulcan that included a direct analogy of the gay rights movement in the 20th and 21st Century West. It was very clear that the social direction of Vulcan was moving toward what appeared in TOS. There's no inconsistency at all. The Enterprise writers told the backstory of Vulcan to viewers in the 2000s in a way that fit neatly into its predecessor made in the 1960s.

Yes, the last episode was a holodeck episode from TNG. A fan theory that the entire series was a holonovel is feasible. But dismissing the entire series as poorly-written . . . well, Trekkies are missing out on some great stories if they don't watch Enterprise, particularly in the final 2 seasons.
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