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Adding more original content is a good idea. Actually, I'm working on a piece right now. But as Alex says, that takes a lot of money.

Honestly, I don't understand the criticism. As I look at the front page of reddit right now, there's only one item there that has been posted on Neatorama recently. There's significant overlap between reddit and Neatorama, but only if you take the truly massive reddit as a whole. And who wants to try to keep up with, say, more than 50 subreddits?

I've long taken pride in the quality of the work that we do here for the resources that we have available. There are a lot of sites like ours that just grab content and publish it without attribution or a hat tip. But we're very conscientious hat tippers and make a substantial effort to credit content creators. I could name a few websites that don't habitually do so.

Like Miss Cellania says, we're a link blog. We try to find neat things that have not been widely circulated on sites similar to ours and post them before they do. We also operate an online store in which we sell physical products. We advertise our product lines when possible. We're a commercial enterprise, so we try to make money.

What I'm trying to understand, Coconutbrah, is what you think that we should do that would be commercially viable. We're glad to get feedback. But I'm not sure what to do with your critique.
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As well we should.

There's a story that shortly after the American Revolution, a British aristocrat visited the US. While traveling through the country, his horse threw a shoe. So he walked it to a blacksmith shop. The blacksmith ignored him and continued his work.

This made the aristocrat angry. He demanded, "You there! Who is your master?!"

The American glared at the aristocrat, spat tobacco juice on his fancy shoes and said, "That sumbitch ain't been born."
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No, actually I'm a native born Texan. I usually use the term sprinkles, but I used jimmies because I had already used the verb "sprinkled" in the sentence.

I think that I heard of the word jimmies only a few years ago.
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The Founding Fathers also believed that slavery would die out on its own--and they were terribly wrong. Although the economic value of slavery was degrading in the 1850s, it wasn't collapsing and importance of slavery to Southern society was becoming more entrenched with every passing year.

It was a cancer that had to be burned out. I don't see any other way. And as a Southerner and descendant of Confederate veterans, I am so very glad that the South lost. The worst possible outcome for the South in the Civil War would have been victory.
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Well, thank you!

I engage in very little readers' advisory. But a readers' advisory reference interview conducted a librarian who really knows that specialty is a sight to behold.
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That's true, but since she's already openly brags of engaging in paternity fraud, only the most short-sighted of men would be interested in her for casual sex.

I did some online dating twelve years ago, when I was single. I found it a productive experience, even in those early days of the internet.
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