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Exactly! It's like what Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed out: it's not worth Bill Gates's time to pick up any amount of money that he finds on the ground below $45,000.

For some people, it's not worth their time to pack luggage. There's nothing wrong with it.

If you encounter a person like this, you can say, "You're a fool." But I would prefer to say, "I see that you're in the market for a luggage packer. Perhaps we can do business together."
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Yep. We assume that every group of aliens are invaders. Kill 'em all.

Shoot, maybe we should start making movies in which this message is more direct: just friendly aliens paying us a visit. We respond by torturing and eating them. Add a laugh track, then broadcast.
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Really, it could be.

I remember reading marriage advice from a very elderly married couple who said that one of the secrets to their success was that they each had parts of their lives that were separate.
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They really like it! They've watched me build lots of things, so they've some to see me as handy around the home. Probably more than I really am.

They're just 3 and 5, so they haven't yet figured out that their daddy is odd.

The drawings in the photos are theirs.
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Cat catch a fish
in the river, in the foam.
Cat catch a fish
and he got to get it home.
Run, cat, run, cat.
Drag it through the mire.
Take it to the pretty girl
who's sitting by the fire!
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