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Excellent find, Lisa. I really like the idea of a creek running beneath my house. Or even just a creek on my property. Or, right now, just property.

It would be nice to have my own home office with a personal treadmill. That way, I could close the door, yell at myself to keep going, and not look foolish to people around me.
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That's one of my Neatorama posting regrets. I follow Mel Brooks on Twitter and saw his tweet. But I didn't see the sixth finger and ignored it. I could have scooped the entire blogosphere if I had been paying closer attention.
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I remember my Latin American history prof in college telling me that the Aztec human sacrifice system worked.

If there's a famine, then the gods are angry. Start engaging in human sacrifice. This reduces the population and thus raises the per capita food available. Also, since cannibalism is part of the practice, there's more meat to go around.
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