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I don't like non-gun things that look like guns. They could impair trigger discipline. My habit is to keep my trigger finger outside of the trigger housing of my rifle. I don't want anything to alter that habit.
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I think that Trek is best viewed chronologically by whole series.

Star Trek
Star Trek films 1-6
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Nemesis

The Animated Series should be put off until never.

I disagree with Olson's counsel on Deep Space Nine. The Dominion War story arc--the greatest long story arc in all of Trek--should not be broken up.
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We own a couple Spheros in my makerspace and they are very impressive. The programming app is very suitable for elementary age students.

One of my colleagues owns the BB-8 Sphero. It is a true wonder. It really does move exactly like BB-8 from the movie.
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This is one of the better D&D alignment chart adaptations that I've seen. They really make sense, particularly Lawful Evil.

I try to be Lawful Neutral, but sometimes drift into Chaotic Neutral.
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They keep an eye on the minibar when tending to Americans in their thirties and forties—they’re considered the partiers of the hotel, likeliest to plow through the booze.

I believe it.
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