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"Which nation contributed the most to the defeat of Germany?" and "Which nation suffered the highest number of casualties against Germany?" are two different questions.

But, yes: more than any other nation, the USSR was responsible for bleeding Germany dry.
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I keep a folder at home of step-by-step instructions for myself to follow immediately upon losing employment. It has an updated resume and all of the information that would normally go a job application. The first step is that I am not allowed to go to bed that night until I have applied for a job at the local grocery store.
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Cat catch a fish
in the river, in the foam.
Cat catch a fish
and she got to get it home.
Run cat, run cat.
Drag it through the mire.
Take it to the pretty girl
that's sitting by the fire!
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Ah, yes: the professor who says that you're not allowed to use the internet--even subscription library databases. Usually the student has misunderstood the professor, but sometimes the professor has actually expressed print only. That can be a troublesome situation.
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Excellent find, Lisa. I really like the idea of a creek running beneath my house. Or even just a creek on my property. Or, right now, just property.

It would be nice to have my own home office with a personal treadmill. That way, I could close the door, yell at myself to keep going, and not look foolish to people around me.
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