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Thanks, happycrab. It can be so much fun to decorate in precise personal detail.

I'm trying to learn Blender and TinkerCad so that I can do some 3d designs of my own. I just downloaded Sketchup 2015 today so that I can manipulate files for Blender. Progress is slow, but I am making progress.

My first project will be to take this electoral college map of the US and resection it. If I can print different pieces in red and blue filament, then I can create maps of recent Presidential elections.
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I don't disagree, but that portion of the text is a direct quotation. I usually alter quoted text (and always with a notation) only if (1) it is needless and avoidable profanity or (2) it states the name of a criminal defendant prior to conviction.
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#1 and #3 seem overly optimistic about the ability of sheer cash to enact positive social change.

The best way to improve Gotham would be to leave. It's a rotten society. Gothamites would do better to, individually, move away from the city and start elsewhere where the social and political environment is less toxic. Bruce Wayne could set a personal example.
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There are so many stories of him being unexpectedly nice to people.

One thing that I noticed from reading a book about him: Rogers was very good at setting boundaries. He had a professional life, a private family life, and a line between them that he enforced politely and effectively.
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You may be able to hire the monkey as a consultant who can adapt his teaching methods for your individual needs.

There might be a MOOC on leaf crushing available somewhere. It's probably worth a look around.
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