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It would have been smarter of him to go with a giant SECURITIES FRAUD tattoo in order to throw off any suspicion that he might commit a violent crime.
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They really like it! They've watched me build lots of things, so they've some to see me as handy around the home. Probably more than I really am.

They're just 3 and 5, so they haven't yet figured out that their daddy is odd.

The drawings in the photos are theirs.
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Cat catch a fish
in the river, in the foam.
Cat catch a fish
and he got to get it home.
Run, cat, run, cat.
Drag it through the mire.
Take it to the pretty girl
who's sitting by the fire!
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It started when a honeybee flew up Michael Smith’s shorts and stung him in the testicles.

This sentence could be a good prompt for a creative writing exercise. Now choose a genre:
1. western
2. science fiction
3. romance
4. alternate history
5. legal thriller
6. horror
7. zombie apocalypse
8. inspirational
9. mystery
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It's also useful to put aside a piece of writing for a long time so that it falls out of your short-term memory.

I spent 5 years trying to write, rewrite and publish a scholarly journal article. At one point, I left the text aside for a full year. When I came back, I found a major stylistic error in the first sentence.

I had read that document so many times, but missed that error because I was so used to my own text.
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