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I didn't know about Ben-Hur. Messala's anger toward Judah never struck me as contrived. Messala had, while in Rome, become a fervent nationalist and authoritarian and expected this childhood chum to follow along. He was outraged when Judah wouldn't.
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As well we should.

There's a story that shortly after the American Revolution, a British aristocrat visited the US. While traveling through the country, his horse threw a shoe. So he walked it to a blacksmith shop. The blacksmith ignored him and continued his work.

This made the aristocrat angry. He demanded, "You there! Who is your master?!"

The American glared at the aristocrat, spat tobacco juice on his fancy shoes and said, "That sumbitch ain't been born."
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No, actually I'm a native born Texan. I usually use the term sprinkles, but I used jimmies because I had already used the verb "sprinkled" in the sentence.

I think that I heard of the word jimmies only a few years ago.
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Not everyone.

We try to make references explicit. That's actually in our authoring guidelines. We can't assume that readers know all of our favorite shows. Tragically, some people lack an even passing familiarity with Star Trek.
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That's true. I recently made a set of jigs to turn my hand router into a table router. But it adds more time to a project. Sometimes I'd rather have the real tool available.
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I'm curious about the walls, too. They'd be too massive a construction project for a society fighting a losing war.

Alas, I haven't figured out their origin. I'll wait to be surprised.
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