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I always put the main link in bold text, but I'll try to make it more obvious. I initially wrote a final line after the quote that read "You can read the rest here" with an additional link to the main article. But I decided that it was redundant and deleted it.

Thanks for the feedback. It's helpful to know how easily readers can understand our format. It may not be intuitive.
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The key word in the poll question is "private". Private colleges should be able to do whatever they want. Prospective customers may choose to buy their product--or not. It's up to them.

Personally, I would find it annoying. I'd rather have a straightforward and simple transactional relationship with a college: I pay X amount of money for access to classes A, B and C. I'd see a requirement like this as a needless complication.

I didn't have internships during college. I worked at a big box retailer cleaning bathrooms and floors and stocking shelves. It was not beneath me--no honest labor is. I don't think that I missed any important opportunities. Instead, I learned how to do a job well and get along with people who were different from me.

As a middle class kid, the last part was really valuable because it was my first prolonged experience to people from a different social/economic class. It gave me a different perspective on how people lived their lives.

I once had a girlfriend who grew up rich and had never worked a day in her life. She was utterly shocked when I told her that most people in America didn't go to college. She could have benefited from a low-wage job.
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I spent a lot of time in the midden of the state in years past. I once spent a week in Elizabethtown when my car engine blew out there. It was a nice place.
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