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Yes, but subsequent research showed that even anonymity is optional to create a GIF. This phenomenon became clear when sites began requiring people to log in with Facebook to leave nasty comments.
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a group known for its ability to "parachute" from tree to tree thanks to special aerodynamic adaptations, such as webbed feet, Rowley said

We've got opposable thumbs and a large brain, but sometimes I think that humanity got short-changed by evolution.
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Thank you for your feedback.

I often post offbeat works of art, frequently with great success. This piece, for example, did pretty well. Can you offer any specific criteria for distinguishing between the artistic and the banal?
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I can imagine that happening, too. When I decided to propose to my wife, I planned a grand, complex and romantic scene at a particular spot in a particular garden that was special to her. But I couldn't get our schedules to mesh and actually annoyed her in my efforts to do so.

Finally I said to myself, "Enough! I'm going to do this today!" So I drove to her workplace as she was closing up. We sat by the alligator pond nearby and ate cheesecake that I had purchased from Starbucks. Then I popped the question. It wasn't a movie-worthy gesture, but it was successful.
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Yes and that's one reason why this video is so good. The MLP=Plato essay is, of course, nonsense. But this interpretation of MLP is completely reasonable. If he were alive, I'm pretty sure that Joseph Campbell would agree with the video maker's premise.

You can see the hero's journey almost everywhere. Most recently, I read it in Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, a picture book for young children.
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