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Poor Miss C. We Trekkies can be hard bunch to work with.

Kirk didn't have the first interracial kiss, but he did snag the first interspecies kiss during that bedroom scene in "Devil in the Dark."
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Crawfish are properly eaten with a jug of sweet milk and a newspaper. Just spread the crawfish on the newspaper and start eating. Take a swig of milk now and then to put out the fire. And if your mouth doesn't start to burn, the crawfish haven't been sufficiently spiced.
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Doing extra chores is one way I tell my wife I love her. Sometimes, after she goes to bed, I'll clean the kitchen without telling her so that when she wakes up, she's pleasantly surprised.
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you can fight them without alienating large segments of your audience.

This. There's a marketplace reason why the Red Dawn; remake poses North Korea as the invader. Even though it's a ridiculous premise, there's no loss of sales as a result.
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From the article:

Being permissive and nice hadn't worked with my children. Begging, bartering, harassing and even politely asking hadn't worked either. But perhaps a pragmatic, tough-minded Machiavellian strategy would. With "The Prince" in hand, I set out to become a full-fledged Machiavellian mom.

There are options other being permissive and being an emotional manipulator.

Some of the things she did, as Miss C points out, are normal parenting. But intentionally pitting family members against each other? No. That's messed up.

My wife and I use 1-2-3 Magic. It works well for us.
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