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I get annoyed when people insist on giving me directions orally. I need to look at a map. Just hearing directions is useless, especially after about three turns.
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What do you think hunters do with the deer meat--throw it away? No, hunters take deer to deer processors, who give them the meat for a fee and keep the hides. Some animals are hunted just for their hides, but deer aren't among them.
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Some people over hear at Neatorama think that we have a duty to write about subjects our audience is interested in.

Stop listening to Alex. Somehow he got the impression that he's in charge.

Last night, I dreamed that I was Psy's bodyguard. Really. He insisted on going into some dark, cyberpunk-looking underground neighborhood in order to buy chocolate ice cream. Then he disappeared, leaving me in a panic.

I say let the meme continue.
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I spend about 35 minutes a week ironing my work clothes. It's a chore that I can live with and a necessity if I want to look professional at my workplace.
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Ah, but he's clearly under two years of age, which is why he's using a walker. And it wouldn't be Nazareth because Luke 2: 39-52 establishes that Jesus didn't arrive there until he was much older.
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