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If they can make it work, good for them. It wouldn't work for my family. The heat and the rain make a car necessary for us. We need to move gear as well as kids. And a car gives us more protection from accidents and criminals.
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That's true. I remember citing Tolkien in a Beowulf paper in college. And I didn't do so because of his fame, but because him literary criticism was good.
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This is totally unacceptable. They should have been ejected from the restaurant.

Having twin toddlers might drive you insane. But you have to keep the insanity contained.
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I teach APA and MLA documentation to college students a lot and this essay reminded me of why. Documentation and style standards are complex sets of instructions. You may not have to write in one after college, but you will have to follow complex instructions. Writing in a standard documentation style is good practice for people who haven't developed the mental habit of reading and following directions.
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