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I liked the movie Sitting Pretty, actually. It certainly ages better than Mr. Belvedere, which was written for a juvenile audience.

The Stargate series was obviously better than the movie. The main series remained strong throughout its entire 10-year run.
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#1 on my list of dream travel destinations is New York City. I haven't been there, but I'd love to--if for no other reason than to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But from what I've heard about the prices, there's no way I'd want to live in New York City.
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To answer the question: where there is a librarian in action, there is a library. Books are optional.

Bookless libraries are actually fairly common. They're good. But I offer this note of caution: promoters should not confuse their own level of technological access and that of their patrons. E-books and other electronic resources are awesome, but if a large part of your patron base lacks substantial computer skills, let alone access to e-readers, then realize that you are leaving those people behind.
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