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I'd love to visit Isle Royale. It looks like a fascinating and beautiful place.

Maybe it would be possible to hike in with a snap-together kayak and paddle through the interior lakes.
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I think that they way she handed him a sword indicates that she knew what was going to happen.

Unless he married a woman who casually hands him swords. In that case, I'm a bit jealous.
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I just watch TV on my computer. But I now watch TV differently. Instead of following multiple shows, I watch one show from start to finish.

I got on an anime kick over the summer and have been watching little but anime since then. That would not have been possible when I was a kid.
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I like John Updike's response that some authors clearly do write symbolism into their works. T.S. Eliot comes to mind immediately. I recently read "The Wasteland" for the first time and came away asking, "Why is this guy considered a genius?"

But there's no shame in writing symbolically. Authors should just be self-aware about it.
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Ruby Payne writes a lot of useful information about how decisions are made by different social classes. I remember she walked me (and a bunch of other people in a lecture hall) through a mental exercise that showed how middle class people might exhibit the same tendencies under the right circumstances.

But as much as it can be useful to understand how people in poverty often make bad decisions, the emphasis should always be on helping them make good decisions.
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