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Oh, yes. Among other schemes, there were plans to annex Maine and rename it New Ireland. They were almost successful during the War of 1812. There were also plans to annex Vermont and northern New York. And a Native American state consisting of the American Northwest north of the Greenville Treaty line would have administratively been part of Canada.
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Buster Brown, I've read, made several trips around the northern US in disguise in order to gain concrete intelligence about American assets.

The only scenario that I can envision for War Plan Red and Defense Scheme No. 1 being implemented would be if the British Empire decided to completely shut down neutral shipping to the Central Powers during World War I. In the highly unlikely event of the Royal Navy blowing up neutral American merchant ships, the US could have entered the war on the side of the Central Powers.
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Oops! Thanks, fixed now.

As a general rule, when I see a news story claiming that a disease has been cured or a widely-accepted principle of modern science has been proven wrong, I assume that the story is wrong.
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Would you be afraid that the homeless man might be crazy and try to hurt you if you tried to help?

Honestly, yes. This would be a possibility to consider.
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1. My wife would think less of me if cared about fashion beyond looking neat, clean and professional. So would I.

2. I'm a middle-aged brony, so obviously I have no problems with staying cool.

3. Yes, physical health is important--far more than any concept of appearance.
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The book exists to educate readers, not to be preserved for its own sake. The teacher found a good use for the book in order to educate her students. Apparently her action left a lasting impression on at least one person of influence.
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I find it annoying when people inject profanity into content that doesn't need it at all.

I remember one very funny sketch comedy video that came through my RSS reader a couple of years ago. I would definitely have posted it. But at the end, for no reason whatsoever, a person in the video screamed a swear word.
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