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They also used headrests at some point simply because the exposure times were really long, and people tend to make micro-movements with their heads involuntarily. So the fact that you can see some sort of support (like in the last picture) is by no means definite proof that you're looking at a dead person. At least not at the time the photo was taken.
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Were those really the emotions the various models were feeling when they were photographed or is this just a test to try to guess the puzzlemaker's opinion of the models' emotions?
Pesky humans.
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Seiches can be produced sometimes up to thousands of miles away from an earthquake, far beyond where the shaking would be felt by a person. It comes down to the size of the body of water, and if a person is likely to notice large wavelength waves on it, but swimming pools seem to be about the right size to respond to earthquakes.
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The seven-branch menorah is the one used in the ancient temple, and has become symbolic if Judaism. The nine-branch menorah is for Hanukkah, symbolic of the eight days of miracle oil, plus one to light them all with.
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