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Moire of lines against lines is also how the car headlights were put on the roads in this old vector-based cg animated intro to 'Night Flight' (if anyone remembers that show)
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If you imagine the moire between white radiating lines on black and other white radiating lines on black -- where white becomes clear and black opaque on film -- that's how the glints radiating from the torch were done on the old Columbia logo.
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I really don't know what to think about all this stuff. When it is criticized I take it personally because I like it and I even create art that is sexually charged. My initial reaction to the complaint about a lack of objectified males is a degree of irritation, and I ask, "is there a demand? If we make some do you promise to at least make an effort to consume it?" Or, "if you want to see other kinds of games and comics then by all means make some." But if I try to see it from the other side, then I guess the fear is that comics that are never seen or read by woman are nevertheless going to impact their lives because people raised on them will take those women less seriously as equally qualified men. that raises some questions, such as "is that actually what is happening?" and "if so then what -- if anything -- can we or should we do about it?"
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"What do you think- can a macaque own the rights to a photo, or does David retain all rights because it was his camera?"

If you're asking me? Neither. He had no deal with the macaque, nor would he be able to enter into one. And he was unaware the photos even existed until later.

503.03(a) Works-not originated by a human author.

In order to be entitled to copyright registration, a work must be the product of human authorship. Works produced by mechanical processes or random selection without any contribution by a human author are not registrable. Thus, a linoleum floor covering featuring a multicolored pebble design which was produced by a mechanical process in unrepeatable, random patterns, is not registrable. Similarly, a work owing its form to the forces of nature and lacking human authorship is not registrable; thus, for example, a piece of driftwood even if polished and mounted is not registrable.
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