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That's a really tidy sheep barn. I'm impressed with the all-wooden walls and gates. Barns that I have seen have chewed-up pens and lots of welded wire instead of solid wood.
It's also interesting that none of the sheep have their tails docked, even the adults.
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I hate to think that you are right, but you probably are. The only reason Blockbuster would have purchased Netflix would be to kill it, so it would not compete with its core business.
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In that case, I suppose it (becoming an orphan) is more palatable than the loss of parental care by deliberate abandonment that we see in Hansel and Gretel (although that may have been a 'stepmother' scenario. I can't remember.).
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The urinal is so poorly designed. Having a hard vertical surface perpendicular to the urine stream is almost a guarantee for spashback. A better design should provide some surface that is almost parallel to the stream, allowing the liquid stream to merge with the porcelain surface and lose momentum. A projecting ridge in the center of the urinal's back wall should be provided to act as a 'landing spot' for the urine stream.
Simply saying "pee sitting down" or "stand closer" is insufficient. A good engineering solution is called for here.
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Never try to rob that store.
By the way, do you maybe have the wording wrong?
"That may be a bit easier if you’re wearing one of Garrison Bespoke’s bulletproof suits."
That may be a bit easier if you’re wearing one of Garrison’s bespoke bulletproof suits.
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Watching the stream, the sheep appears to be pretty clean, and the wool is being taken and spun directly by hand spinning wheels. Hand shears, too. No electricity at all. Pretty docile sheep.
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I don't know how anyone under the age of 40 can appreciate how significant the release of "Star Wars" was at the time. The last really amazing science fiction feature was "2001: A Space Odyssey" with its incredible models, sets and effects. Nobody without a degree in philosophy could understand it, but it was a visual treat. After that were decades of very occasional 'sci-fi' features that were really bad in one way or another. When I saw the television ad for "Star Wars", I was stunned by the level of detail and realism it displayed. It was a space-faring society, but one that was not made of powerful overlords and otherworldliness. It was in space . . . but still kinda ordinary. Time Magazine called it a "well-worn" universe with its dinged-up landspeeders and dented robots. A very unique vision.

It was also an incomparable visual and audio treat, with the surround sound and amazing visual effects and modeling. Industrial Light and Magic created a whole new world of modeling and simulation that had never been seen before.

I never waited in a long line for a movie, but I was willing to stand and wait for "Star Wars"
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It's a fax machine template from telegraph days. A document was inserted between the perforated plates, and then a stream of dots and dashes was transmitted in which a dark perforation was indicated by a "dot" and a white perforation was indicated by a "dash". The receiving station would then use a pencil to poke a hole through paper in the designated perforations of the plates, creating a 'negative' and very low-resolution image of the original document.
"There's No Place Like" XL
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Why are chicken feet called "paws" but pigs feet are called . . . 'feet'?
I like 'em, but when I suggest cooking them, people look at me like I just proposed eating the family dog.
The feet have very little fat, but their rich flavor comes from the gelatin that's packed in the thick skin and the many, many bones. They are ideal for cooking with beans.
When I can get away with it, I will soak pinto beans and put them in jars, add a half a pig-foot, a couple cloves of garlic and a slice of onion. Close and pressure-cook at 15 psi for 30 minutes. The skin will become soft and chewy, while the beans have a very rich taste and texture.
After processing, complete the seals and then hide the jars where nobody else in the family will have to see them.
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