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The "barn=born" is quite common in rural Utah, not just in the south. I don't know anyone who says "born" rather than "barn", except as a joke though. Maybe I need to spend more time talking to farmers about their out-buildings.
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I was always bringing the spiders and snakes and lizards that I caught in the fields around my house to show and tell when I was a little girl. The teacher didn't mind, but the bus driver certainly did--especially when the critters inevitably escaped on the ride home!

My sister took a litter of puppies for show and tell when she was in kindergarten. My mom taught at the same school, and her teacher called her up in a panic when Sis's eyes swelled shut because she was (and still is) so allergic to dogs.--or possibly 5 pups plus 15 5 year olds was just a bad combination. Either way, I never got to take dogs or cats to school.
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