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My name is misspelled so often (and mis-pronounced even more so, thanks to my husband's Creole heritage) that I don't even bother correcting. I really don't mind. The best Starbucks misspelling I ever got was "Andrew". Nearly every time I go it's "Adrian", but Andrew made me giggle. Are there women named Andrew? I feel like it's an untapped market.
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@Thaxted: I wanted to! But then I thought maybe the lack of Batman in this post would make people say something about the lack of Batman in this post. Next time, I promise.
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I once bought a dozen eggs, four of which had double yolks. I've never had another since, though. I blame the Margaret Atwoodesque nature of chicken farming on this one.
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I'm thinking it's mostly meant to showcase the schtick of being fully holographic. The clothes aren't anything special, really--and who would write posts about solid-colored shift dresses? I'm sort of curious as to how his sales went after this.
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I imagine that some day same-sex marriage's detractors will have grandchildren embarrassed by their opinions, just as I'm mortified by my grandmother who isn't afraid of dropping the n-word from time to time.

You can argue until you turn blue, but at some point (probably not in the too-distant future), same-sex marriage will be uniformly legalized just as interracial marriage was in 1967, and the people who vote it into law will be the kids you've raised. Conversely, I don't believe the children raised by gay couples would vote to take away your rights to marry as you see fit, which is maybe something to think about.
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On top of seeming bizarre, there is a hint of implausibility about it. I don't know what the Russians do, but by the time a body is ready for interment here, there's not a chance the person is still alive. Anyone got the info on Russian body prep??
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