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I've known a couple of people with these conditions: Immunity to pain and eidetic memory. Both try to hide it so they fit in. Kind of like having a secret identity. Neither use it for anything super. For example, the guy with a perfect memory makes some money on the side buying undervalued motorcycles and reselling them.
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It's not just architectural masterpieces that can be useless. You should see what passes for a "home" round here these days. Ours ain't large, but at least there's room to do something other than sit in front of the telly all day. Modern "affordable" homes are only any good if you don't want space for a couple of kids' bikes, a pushchair and a life. If you want a hobby that you can't do on your lap - forget it.
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when any of the puppies leave the scene, she's clearly concentrating and figuring out if the pup will cause or get-into any trouble. Spends like 2 seconds analyzing, I know the drill!
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It's amazing that she's able to hop, skip, and twirl without tripping over/stepping on any of them. And too bad the hard floor limited her turn speed. A lot of nail-clicking. And she seems to be smiling at them, as in "come on, it's fun!"
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I mentioned boiled ham to a friend. She said something close to, "It's important to remove the flavor of food before you serve it."

In fairness to any Neatorama people in Maine, I should say I've never had boiled ham so I can't say I know what it's like. I am puzzled about how boiled ham is the most Googled recipe in Maine, but in Wyoming, it's lobster. Go figure.
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Nooooo! Guacamole is the one food I don't think I could ever tire of. Someday, after I die, I'm going to shake God's hand and personally thank him for creating avocados. They make our time on Earth worth living.
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