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It's funny, but I always saw the diner as a refuge against the outside loneliness of the street. The diner is inviting to the passer-by, even though there is no community or joy to be found inside it. You know that you can buy pie and coffee for just a little money, and so have a 'place' to be in the night. It's an anonymous kind of belonging, but comforting in its impersonality.
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They didn't mention my "Powerpoint Secret Weapon": the F5 key!
When you open a Powerpoint file, and you want to start the presentation, people usually go to View and then Start Presentation or some such.
Just press F5. This will start the presentation right up.
(This is the standard key for "refreshing" a screen or view. It will also work to re-load a web page on your browser)
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I've done this. My daughters were always much smaller than their peers growing up. That's nice in that their friends gave them outgrown clothing, but about ages 11-14, girls start wearing junior fashions and my kids were too small for the smallest of them. I did a lot of altering and refashioning. Now they are normal (still small) adults, and they think they can buy any size clothing at Goodwill and I will somehow make it work.
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Tom isn't a brainwashed cultist, he is a willing and abusive participant. He knows the scam of scientology, but is much too invested to leave. He has a lot of dirty secrets that the Church is aware of, since all members are "audited". And, he has much sway in the hierarchy, even equating his influence with that of church leader Dave Miscavige. Why rock the boat?
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a cute intern texted me an I love you message instead to her boyfriend. I'm glad that I found this wrongly adressed message before my wife!!! :D
she was quite embarrassed... in a (wrong) way, I was flattered ;)
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Agreed. Remove any other external stimuli from the photo and you have a similar image. My daughter has her nose buried in her Kindle, would we think twice if it was an actual book?
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Most of the pictures look about the same to me as if someone removed books or cameras from people's hands. But maybe that isn't what was intended, as people think very differently of a book and a smart phone. A family reading together would also be disconnected, but people would probably pick more positive descriptions for such an image.
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Zero tolerance is never necessary. Zero tolerance removes judgment, and therefore accountability, from bureaucrats to absolve them from liability from bad decisions. It is classic CYA tactic.
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When I started watching I thought for sure it was going to be the dog barking its head off a these bears. But, no, this dog decided to be all bad ass from the get-go and actually head butted the first bear he came to!
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