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I love wisteria. Here in the South, some folks have beautiful arbors like these, and there's an old custom of beating them. Yes, wisteria reacts to stress by blooming. If there's a wedding coming up, the family will take chains and whip the woody stems a couple of weeks before the date, to stimulate blooms.
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Except dealing (in my experience) with the disbelief and puzzlement whjen you return something of value that you've found.
"Aren't you honest?" seems a common question.
No - just normal, or so I'd like to think.
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The problem with the electric "fuel effect" fires available in the UK is that they all appear to be convection heaters. If I just wanted the room warm I'd turn up the thermostatic valve on the radiator.
What I actually want is a radiant heater in front of which I can bask in a lizardly fashion.
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"Read the full story, including what drove the two to return the cash..."
That's a little disheartening... what "drove" them to return the cash? (insert obligatory "their car" joke here... but I digress)
How about that it was the correct, ethical, integrity-based thing to do? Sad to think we would need someone to explain why people would be motivated to do the right thing. Even sadder that they had to contemplate it first.
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Wow! These bring back memories. My ex was a big fan of scents. We would shop for them together so that ours would not clash. I think the last pair was Polo and Lauren about 1983.
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As the owner of 20 years of corks, I am thankful for these suggestions. The fire starter will be tested this weekend.

Right now I start fires with the paper towels that wrap bacon in the microwave. Works very well, but not fun to handle.
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Sorry, but I totally disagree with the morphing timeline of personalities we seem to think are cutting edge today. With the prevalence of different plastic surgery aids available to people nowadays I doubt that these 'future pictures' are realistic.
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