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Excellent find, Lisa. I really like the idea of a creek running beneath my house. Or even just a creek on my property. Or, right now, just property.

It would be nice to have my own home office with a personal treadmill. That way, I could close the door, yell at myself to keep going, and not look foolish to people around me.
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I must also note that, due to the fact that Mr. Pibb is the Coca-Cola Company's semi-copy of Dr. Pepper AND the Southern California Coca-Cola BOTTLING Company has a long-running contract to also bottle Dr. Pepper (long before it merged with 7-Up, so all the 7-Up brands - including Sunkist - are bottled by somebody else here), you rarely see any Mr. Pibb around L.A., so a lot of people here wouldn't get the soft drink connection, just that Mr. Pibb is a cute name. (I know way too much about corporate conglomerates)
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He had to be Mr. Pibb, he doesn't have the credentials yet to be Dr. Pepper. I once considered naming a dog "Mountain Dewey". Sprite, RC, Shasta, Fanta and Faygo are also good names for something cute and furry... PepsiBlue, notsomuch.
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I am a real estate investor. I see this sort of stuff daily...

In the process of buying a house that was turned into a biker bar. Flat black everywhere. Mannequin heads hanging from the ceiling. Shotgun shell christmas lights. Toilet seat on the wall for the $#!T#3AD of the month! Cheat codes for most games written on a scrap piece of paper(my favorite). Could probably produce a chapter just on this one house...

I went into another house, and they had a stripper pole in the living room, and a book on the mantle "7 habits of highly effective people"....

LIVE THE DREAM! Become a real estate investor.
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I'm gonna try this myself, but I feel it's worth noting that I'll have a couple disadvantages to overcome that the person in the video gets to bypass.

1. My gifts are all different sizes, unlike the uniform size-and-shape boxes in the video.
2. My gift wrapping paper is in long rolls that must be custom cut for each gift, unlike the pre-cut uniform shape gift wrap sheets shown here.

If I can get past those hurdles, maybe I can make this work. If only they gave us a cheat sheet for the geometry tricks used to figure out how to match up the 2D size of the cut sheet relative with the 3D dimensions of the box to be wrapped.
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While I really like the original movie/made for tv version because of the excellent cast, I never liked how they portrayed 'It' as just some sort of an evil spider. I hope this new version will be truer to the original book's version.
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I got a plastic glitter covered pad of paper (for taking phone call messages. It was very old, the paper had gone yellow and brittle and 4 or 5 pages had been ripped out. My mother bought it at a garage sale. Thanks, mom! Also, same Christmas, my Dad bought me an art set with magic markers, colored pencils, crayons and water colors - "for ages 3 and up". I was 56 at the time. WTF??
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Growing up, we always wrote letters to Santa and then sent them to the north pole by way of the fireplace. I wanted to continue this tradition with my kids but I live where fireplaces aren't necessary so I haven't had a working chimney to do it. It's just not the same putting a letter to Santa on the barbecue. Though the rib roast I got in my stocking that year was fantastic.
The last several years we have had the Doctor Who Christmas invasion as part of our tradition so we have sat through the Queen's speech as well.
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I never knew that the British Christmas pudding was that close to an American fruitcake. We just leave out the awful parts, like boiling it and burning it.

Last year, my SIL brought crackers to the family gathering. POP, confetti, funny hats -it was almost like New Years Eve.
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"Like the knowledge of your own being, the sietch forms a firm base from which
you move out into the world and into the universe." -- Fremen of Arrakis
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Now, that's one of the best 'pranks' I have ever seen. What a blessing for those dogs and their human helpers. Thanks, Neatorama for posting this video.
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