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A creature that can terrify you just by scowling is not "cute." But I can understand how her attitude changed completely when she saw the babies. It's empathy for a critter who's just trying to keep her family together and safe. Still, I can't stand possums. I've been surprised by too many big ones in my attic or basement or trees that were way too close and I didn't see until they moved. That's unnerving.
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I can honestly say that I do not recall watching one minute of any of those shows. One show that really disappointed me was Bob Newhart's follow up to the hilarious "Newhart" innkeeper show. It was Bob as a cartoonist or something like that. Put it into the "what were they thinking" category.
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Etiquette question: Is it acceptable to tuck dollar bills in g-strings at funerals?

Another question: Does the clergy at the funeral act as MC? "Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. But first....MITZY AND HER TRAINED FERRET!!!"

I was going to ask something about the deceased receiving a lap dance. However, unlike the other things I've posted here, it would be in poor taste.
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Instead of building a mini-house, most people just buy a cheap old trailer and put it in the back yard of a friend or family member's house. Not usually allowed by zoning, but incredibly common. Only costs $50 to rent a truck to move the trailer once, if you don't already have a vehicle.

I just went on craigslist and found an older 20' travel trailer going for $800, which is just about the same sqft'age as this mini-house. Seller says it's in good condition, but even if not, there are LOTS of other choices out there, and they're not difficult to repair.
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I'm so glad we were lucky enough not to have that with either of ours. The closest they came was our daughter who wouldn't eat smooth yoghurt. Smooth anything, actually. If it didn't have lumps in it, she'd spit it out, even from four months. She'd just gum along merrily...
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Ah, new parents, who know more than the generation who raised them about how to take care of babies!

Plus, they're repeating the urban legend that names on clothing is why children get abducted, when in fact the vast majority are abducted by people who know them (and their name) already.
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When I see clips like this, I hear the voice of my high school football coach saying, "KEEP PLAYING UNTIL YOU HEAR THE WHISTLE BLOW!"

His is one of a number of voices I hear. Perhaps I need to talk to someone about that.
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