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Checkers, IMO, has the perfect combo of condiments on their Big Buford but if it comes to sliders? There is a hole in the wall restaurant (more take-out than dine-in, but you can) in Livonia, Michigan. If you ever get there go to the crossroads of Farmington and 5 mile and you'll find Bate's hamburger restaurant. It's tiny, impossible to park but the food is wonderful. I am not a big fan of most french fries but they make crinkle cut fries that are perfectly cooked. So crisp (but not burnt) on the outside, soft, fluffy potatoes on the inside and a great taste. A bit of ketchup to finish it off and you will be in heaven. Their burgers are handmade. No fillers, nothing frozen. You will know and taste the difference. *sigh* Now I want to back there right now! Come July I will be!
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When you have a lot of food stored, you're going to have one of three things:
1. mice and rats
2. lots of pesticide
3. a cat
I think I prefer the cat. Of course I do, I have four of them. And no rats.
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I remember listening to an interview in which Richard Adams (Watership Down) said that if he hadn't read Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he never would have written anything.
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You registered an account today to leave this comment, and I still don't know what you are trying to say. All I could get out of it is that you don't like this post. We've all read plenty about climate change. Are you saying that you don't believe in it?
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It's funny, but I always saw the diner as a refuge against the outside loneliness of the street. The diner is inviting to the passer-by, even though there is no community or joy to be found inside it. You know that you can buy pie and coffee for just a little money, and so have a 'place' to be in the night. It's an anonymous kind of belonging, but comforting in its impersonality.
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They didn't mention my "Powerpoint Secret Weapon": the F5 key!
When you open a Powerpoint file, and you want to start the presentation, people usually go to View and then Start Presentation or some such.
Just press F5. This will start the presentation right up.
(This is the standard key for "refreshing" a screen or view. It will also work to re-load a web page on your browser)
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