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I like Bloody Marys, lemon drop shots, Bellinis, mimosas, sweet wines like Moscatos and beers like Samuel Adams cherry wheat. Girly, fruity stuff, basically. (Oops, should have hit "reply.")
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I respect that. Everyone has their own idea of paradise. :)

I have to say though, that with regard to New Yorkers, I've had so many experiences there in which native New Yorkers have shown me such compassion and kindness. I think for the most part they are wonderful, down-to-Earth people.
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I choose to see no irony nor any other message o' doom in my firepits, thanks. Thus, I see pretty. Knock yourself out if you want to see it as some dire pit of destruction.
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Information was taken from an early news article, which stated evacuation was made due to argon gas. Later articles explained that an evacuation was made when it was learned there was a gas leak; once it was discovered to be argon, people in immediate vicinity were allowed to return home.

Thank you for your comment.
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While several online sources advise not to give a bunny a bath unless its behind is dirty, at which time you should give it a quick "butt bath," in my opinion it doesn't look as if this bunny is seriously frightened or "fighting for survival."
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I had two bunnies when I was little, one after the other. They lived outdoors in an elaborate hutch my father made. Neither of them ever had a bath; they kept themselves clean as well.
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Interesting post. Good stuff.

I liked Session 9 a lot. Scared the crap out of me! The building really added to the creep factor. Can't believe you went inside. Yikes!
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That has to be the most hilarious dog costume I've ever seen. It looks so funny when the dog runs! I want one for my brown pup (won't work with the white dog)!
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I'm only commenting so that I'm considered "thoughtful, wise, insightful, and good-looking" all at the same time. (But seriously, this was funny. Loved it.)
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