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I agree about the shoes. I wonder -- in the shots in which people actually were looking at her and their disgust showed in their expression -- how things might have been different if she had on a nice, tailored suit or classy outfit, a beautiful bag and nice shoes, and her hair was done nicely. To me, the experiment doesn't work as well when the clothes, shoes and hair are bad.
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Neither, I'm sure. I'm the opposite. I'll get on a food kick and crave whatever it is daily. Sometimes I'll eat it for days, too, if it's not too fattening or bad for me.
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Yes, the unshowered! And what's worse than an unshowered/unwashed gym clothes slob? One who has bathed in perfume/cologne in a horrifying attempt to compensate.
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I like Bloody Marys, lemon drop shots, Bellinis, mimosas, sweet wines like Moscatos and beers like Samuel Adams cherry wheat. Girly, fruity stuff, basically. (Oops, should have hit "reply.")
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I respect that. Everyone has their own idea of paradise. :)

I have to say though, that with regard to New Yorkers, I've had so many experiences there in which native New Yorkers have shown me such compassion and kindness. I think for the most part they are wonderful, down-to-Earth people.
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I choose to see no irony nor any other message o' doom in my firepits, thanks. Thus, I see pretty. Knock yourself out if you want to see it as some dire pit of destruction.
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