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Hi, thanks for the correction. I was thinking of the (area related) a/k/a name for Jack the Ripper, which was the Whitechapel Murderer. As you observed, I got it wrong from memory.
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Wow. I guess I'm lucky to have sweet men in my area. I still have men hold the door for me often and open the car door as well. I will hold the door open for anyone, male or female, though. I think it's just good manners.
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Foiled again! Just when I was about to perpetuate the most delicious, carefully planned pizza post ambiguity fraud in modern times, I get the correction I've dreaded my entire career. Now I'll never know how sweet the payoff would have been.
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Obviously these items are not a bunch of bachelor apartment basics for $29.99 at Home Depot or in the Ace Hardware catalog. Do you know how many clocks without some or all of their numbers are for sale right now all over the world, and how many more are hanging on the walls of museums, restaurants, salons and spas, modern hotels and homes, etc.? There are a number of people who are always looking for household and other items that are stylish and modernized. You may not be who they're marketing to, but that doesn't mean there isn't a (relatively large) market.
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