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All interesting comments. Thank you all, particularly for the L.A. Times article.

While I will do practically anything to avoid going into a Walmart, I agree that a lot of the "WalHate" is arbitrary and could be appropriately applied elsewhere for the same "violations."
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You'll be happy to know that it wasn't a library book. That was why it was easily spotted during stock check. Someone had smuggled it in and left it there. :)
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You're both right. I meant the post to be a description of the study and the comments made in summary by those who conducted it. But my headline reads as if it's truth. (I was, however, careful to state "the researchers believe" in my original wording.)

Thanks for your corrections. I'm changing the headline and any wording in the text that needs clarity.
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Hi Aaron. Thanks for your comment. The sources I've checked say that it was the original Star Wars (Episode IV, A New Hope) that used Tikal as a shooting location.
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