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We're on the same wavelength tonight. Discarded one I wrote that duplicated the cave's "eye", and I was just fixing to write this. You know what they say about great minds: they think alike, except about food, in which case they're total opposites! :)
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I was thinking along similar lines, Edward. Most of the day I've been watching the debate over whether or not Lee was exploited. The skepticism is understandable. "It shall never be known" -- well said, and likely true.
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Katherine, I've updated the story with more information about Andrew Shannon, including the circumstances at the museum and the comments he made there and afterward. He never gave a reason for committing the crime because he denied defacing the painting on purpose. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading.
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That video is ridiculously cute! I love how he throws it out of his little house!
(So if I had your family over for dinner, you wouldn't eat my roasted broccoli with lemon/garlic/butter but you'd eat some fat, hairy tarantula I slapped on a plate? Grrr. :))
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Dion Chan, I agree that Mental Floss including #10 with #4 is confusing. My interpretation of the point they're trying to drive home is that above all, the virus causes the cold. Whether the immune system is strong or weak, no cold happens without a person being infected. Yet some people walk around as carriers, infected but not showing symptoms. Whether they will show symptoms depends on more factors than one. One factor is the immune system, but it is not the only factor. When you add in #10, "You MUST have a weak immune system if you catch a cold," that is false because one can show symptoms of a cold simply by being infected with the virus. So that's how I understood it; perhaps someone more knowledgeable will read this and stop by to provide their take on it. I agree with you, they muddied the waters a bit there.

With regard to what rcxb said, it's true that the two videos cite conflicting studies. The study this video cites for number four is here. In fact, that study agrees with a brand new one conducted at Yale University that was just published last week, which is here.. So perhaps that line of thought currently has the edge? I don't know. I do know that our readers are intelligent and they know that nothing posted here is intended as a medical directive, and that it pays to be skeptical concerning just about everything.
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I agree. The outcome could have been horrifying. At least the child has a chance to be raised by someone caring and capable of showing him love and a good life.
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The use of the word "shocker" couldn't be more sarcastic. I thought from what I wrote, that was fairly obvious. Secondly, I wasn't envisioning some vicious, all-male yearbook staff tying each female student to the proverbial whipping post. Whether the staff was mostly comprised of males, females or it was even — a fact that you can't possibly know by comparing "yearbook staffs around that same era" — the captions are a product of the times, representative of the attitudes of the age.
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