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Clearly more than 2 cellos? Sorry, only 2 cellos and a loop/delay pedal. The only part that is looped is the ostinato (ie. fast, repetitive) part. Source: I'm an orchestra director and experiment with this kind of performance.
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The black ooze from Prometheus. Spawns new conversations every time you open the box, and opens up the possibility of a Spider-Man/ALIEN crossover.

Powered by Caffeine XL, please.
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I'm pretty sure they use these to drill precise holes in coconuts in order to make them look like bowling balls- you see them in all the cartoons.

Powered by Caffeine, XL please.
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Here is the senior editor's email if anyone else would like to send their thoughts. Mine were pointed but respectful, I hope.

[email deleted by admin - while it's public info, we don't want to incite mob mentality here at Neatorama]
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As a single father, I find this offensive, devoid of fact, and unrepresentative of both my own situation, and that of my married friends. These "statistics" may have held for a father in the early 1960s, but is irrelevant today, as the breadth of experience is too wide to pinpoint a meaningful mean.
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Why is Bakula there? Surely not for that stupid little show that threw out canon, good storytelling, and decent visual effects just to call itself a Star Trek show, right?
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That's an electric bass. Please don't diminish the bass world by calling it a guitar. The bass has been around a lot longer. A guitar should be called a piccolo bass.
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I was mesmerized by this. I grew up with Show Biz Pizza (before the rat bought it out) and loved the characters. I am worried at how fascinated I am with this video. Maybe I know my retirement job now...
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