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I hope they can break into the market. It's ridiculous that you have to get a funeral director's license to sell just caskets.
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Fluffernutters are made with the addition of bananas here. I like to add bacon to mine.

Tennessee's sandwich should be PB&J with bananas to commemorate Elvis since it was his favorite. Even if he wasn't born there he built Graceland there. Or maybe pulled pork with Memphis style bbq sauce on a hamburger bun.
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I love Chuck! He is my favorite cartoonist. His rendition of the Looney Tunes characters were the best and he created one of my favorites, PePe Le Pew! :)
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I love-love-loved this movie when I was as a kid. It's right up there with Animal Farm as far as neat mind opening (for a kid) stories. The social dynamics were so cool. Of course, I had no idea what social dynamic meant at the time, but I knew there was drama.
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What is the term for legally cutting ties with your family and becoming financially responsible for yourself? You can do that at 16 where I live. I wish I could remember the term... Either way, when I was a teenager I preferred to stay in the car rather than going grocery shopping or whatever boring chore my parents needed to do. If you can drive a car on your own at 16, you should be allowed to sit in it without adult supervision.
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In response to comment 49- This had nothing to do with what the girl thought she could or could not do. The team that forfeited wasn't forcing her to stop playing. Their team leader decided it was not in the best interest of the boys based on their beliefs. They were not asking her to get kicked out of the league. I agree with comment #2.

And Craig... You got quite the beating, but your argument style was solid. I may not agree with everything you said, but you're no idiot.
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Tennessee is right to work, and yes, part of that means you can choose to join a union or not, it also gives companies the ability to fire workers for no reason at all. So, no, if she worked in TN she wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

On a separate note, a lot of my family works for a religious institution and if you are caught smoking, drinking, patronizing a business on Sabbath or any number of other things you will (depending on the severity of the act) be put on probation or ultimately fired. This is understood at signing on. Given the atmosphere described in the article, I would be really surprised if she was out of that loop.
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People send their kids outside to play, or maybe used to since kids stay inside all day now, without sunscreen. Big deal.
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On a different note there are arguements from the actual article that say the buildup from crumbs and stuck on food get caught in some filter/tubing, but with a little bit of help from google and elbow grease, these are usually easy to fix on your own. However, I have had this particular dishwasher for 9 years and there have not been any malfunctions despite my lack of pre-rinsing. The one previous to this had issues with the filter that were easy enough to fix once we got the part.
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