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I love this post! Especially since the people who make the Action Trackchair (which is what this one is) are good friends. Sending them a link to the video!!
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I doubt it's harder than I think. However, having looked at this and seeing the pic of Green Boots and reading the accompanying bit there, I'm now nearly physically ill. I like living too much to think about doing something like this! And I have a pretty decent, happy, eventful, interesting- keep picking nice adjectives, they'll work- life without Everest. I will keep smiling and loving my life ThankYouVeryMuch!!! ;)
Interesting article, by the way!
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Well we had a student parking lot (back in the 80's in Indiana) but no reserved spots. Lot was always full. And I have almost no other memories of that parking lot! I guess it was pretty straight forward and unremarkable!
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And I'm just glad that, for once, the person posting the video didn't cover up all the sweet sounds with some soundtrack. I love that you can hear the cat sounds in the background!!
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Loved this!

Except for Neatorama (and my other favorite fun site) I don't read the comments. Anywhere. Ever. They truly will make you despair for humanity.
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I mostly don't use it because text seems simpler and cleaner to me without it.
I am, however, all in favor of going back and rereading what's been written!
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Not really- I live in Ternopil- a city SW of Kyiv. I was in Kyiv after it got violent but stayed out of the center of town. Our city government (and probably 95% of the pop here) is composed of people who are in one of the opposition parties (well- they're not the opposition now in the new coalition government) so there never was much danger here as there was no dissent, to speak of. All rallies here (while huge) were peaceful. Right up until last Wed night when the police headquarters, prosecutor's office were torched and generally destroyed. Lots of damage done then but I stayed inside.
Roads are still controlled by the self defense league who protected the demonstrators for months- we came through a checkpoint last night in a bus. That was a bit unsettling (although the young man who got on our bus to look us over was very quiet and polite). They do this to help keep the traffic police in line and to try to snag any of the former government still in the country- there's a long list of 'wanteds'.
Guess the comment got long!
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I don't think so- I read it more as it 'would be a great icebreaker video for a Hazmat class'.
The thing is- in Eastern Europe we see canisters of (who knows what) being hauled around, some buses and cars run on propane- or some such thing (I've seen buses with 5 or 6 pressure tanks strapped to them; when that kind of bus has to refuel en route, passengers have to get off and walk a distance away until the refueling is done); roads are often bad; drivers are maniacs- traffic lane demarcations mean very little, neither do speed limit restrictions. And nothing is maintained (vehicles, cylinders) like it should be. The amazing thing is that this doesn't happen more often.
The pairing of this song with the video was brilliant. But the whole thing gave me the shudders. Yikes.
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I floss it out.
And- from a close friend who is a cancer survivor- apparently being a good flosser can help you if you ever face radiation. Something about overall dental care and radiation's negative affects on teeth. (Public service message for the day!) ;)
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Some good ones here! ;)
How about that 'May the bird of paradise fly up your nose; may your wife be plagued with runs in her hose; may an elephant caress you with its toes.' Always sort of liked that song! ;)
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That's just the most delicious thing yet today!
Like that question that went around Facebook recently: When you walk in the rain, do you get wet or do you feel the rain?
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Cheers! Fun to see this.
I think Philippines in Rus'n, though, is actually plural unless you're going to say the Republic of the Philippines- which would make it feminine (Республика Филиппины). That's the only way I can make it feminine- that ы is plural.
It's just a fuss budget thing.
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Well wow. Let's just whip up a batch.

A long time before meth became a household word, I thought my heart and body were exploding and found out it was from sudafed. That stuff, although effective as a decongestant, is downright scary to begin with. At least to some of us.
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