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There's another problem with this - the simulated runs are being guessed by a computer program. A computer will not guess in the same manner as a human would. (Of course, all humans would guess different, but what 'AI' we've made so far is horrible at thinking like a human.)
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"Arm-chair scientists" :) Are arm_chairs so mysterious that they need their special scientists? Can one major in arm-chair science in college? If there are so many of these arm-chair scientists, why don't we have better arm-chairs by now?!! :P
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I heard somewhere in the media blizt recently that a 'desire to NOT look like his father' is what motivated MJ to get so much plastic surgery.

So perhaps it was all Ebony's fault? Hmm..
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It's kind of funky that "How someone lost faith in their religion" is a 'Fun Fact!' o.O

Not saying religion is good or bad or whatever, but a loss of faith, especailly spurred by such a tradgedy like his daughter's death... no so fun IMHO.
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Suspend disbelief and assume this is true, then:

It would be kind of creepy that the guy died at an age that is a factor of 2, specifically 2^8. Does that mean the metaphoical counter on human life only goes up to 8 bits (think binary)?

That would quite interesting!
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