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@Zeon Santos: if you read the comment it was clear, to me anyway, that I was expressing disappointment that I couldn't read it because your link doesn't work in Australia, for me anyway. It was a reference to a lad who wrote a fable a few thousand years ago....something about sour grapes. An attempt, perhaps poor, to be light hearted about what looked like an interesting link. Zeon, if you are this easily arse hurt then you better not post a link about guns or gays or politics or you will be kept busy being 'positive and constructive' till the cows leave home again in the morning.
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I did read an article a wee while back where they speculated on using wolf, lion, panda stem cells to grow and sell meat from ie panda steaks. The article closed with why not one died and it is 'ethical', perhaps even your own stem cells.
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In my experience the ability to see things that others can't ie holes in the market counts for a lot and then the ability to find decent staff to assist in that vision. And of course, self belief in that vision and yourself.

Note: No I am not one of those sorts of people.
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Hmmm...I don't believe I posted my opinions on drugs either way ie weed, booze or bacco etc

I was channelling Maxwell Smart re: their ingenious schemes these lads get up to eg drug smuggling submarines anyone?
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Co-incidentally I read this before coming to Neatoland

TLDR: Make it easier for tourists to visit the states and maybe you won't have to bring in these sorts of plans.
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As a guess, dinnertime? Or maybe they didn't want a whack on the back like Ping
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