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Tick Bite Can Trigger Allergy to Red Meat

The Lone Star tick is called that because it was found in Texas -and...  ...n, or rabbit. And it’s spreading- Lone Star ticks have been found all the way up the eastern seaboa...  ...most 200 cases of reactions to meat caused by the tick .The bugs harbor a sugar that human...
If The Booger Moved, You May Have ... Nostril Tick!

Image: Gabriel L. Hamer Unive...  ...hairs in the process. There it was: an adolescent tick . At that point, Goldberg knew, it had likely been...  ...r several days. Goldberg's nostril tick is nothing to sneeze at: after sequencing its DNA...  ...realized that it could be a whole new...
Tick Says Hello from Inside a Scanning Electron Microscope

Tick : it takes a licking, and keeps on ... w... takes a licking, and keeps on ... well, ticking , I suppose. A Japanese researcher found o...  ...panese researcher found out by accident how hardy ticks can be: they survive being stuffe...
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