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Tattooing in Slow Motion

[] (YouTube link)The vi... work, and then see a closeup of the process in slow motion . Our host Destin even gets a taste of the process...
Mousetrap Chain Reaction in Slow-Motion

[] (YouTube link)The Slo Mo Guys set up a chain of 150 mousetraps, and set them off manually. Dan doesn’t even have time to withdraw his hands an inch before they all go off! Luckily, onl...
Beatboxing in Slow Motion

[] (YouTube link)Flula...  ...n our eyes don't let us watch each other speak in slow motion
Water Balloons: Freddie Wong vs. the Slow Mo Guys

[] (YouTube link)Gav an...  ...z1hBxejg] (YouTube link)Gav and Dan, known as the Slow Mo Guys, start a water balloon fight with filmmak...  ...ew seconds, but of course, it is shown in extreme slow motion . -via Viral Viral Videos
Bubbles Popping in Super Slow Motion

[](Video...  ...when you view it at 18,000 frames per second. The Slow Mo Guys used their Phanton v1610 camera to captur...  ...s. What would you like to see them shoot in super slow motion next?-via It's Okay to Be Smart
Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep

[][Youtube Link]There's...  ...Not only do you get to see cute kittens flying in slow motion , but you also get to see cute kittens as the star...
Top 10 Ways To Smash A Pumpkin...

[] (YouTube link)One of...  ...recommend that you try the methods shown in this slow-motion
Gallagher in Slow Motion

[] (vimeo link)The proble...  ...ith the addition of glitter and fire, in glorious slow motion ! -via Buzzfeed
Smashing Pumpkins In Slow Motion

(YouTube Link)While we don't condone the smashing... the owner's consent, it sure is fun to watch a slow motion video full of jack-o-lanterns getting smashed to...
Fire Tennis...

(YouTube link) The SlowMo Guys took a tennis ball, soaked it in gasoline, a...  ...soline, and lit it on fire. Watching it served in slow-motion
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