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The Chemistry of Lighting a Match...

The process takes merely tenths of a second. But within that tiny amount of time, there's a lot going on. The American Chemical Society used a high-speed camera operating a 4,000 frames a second to illustrate the sequenc...
What Gargling Looks Like in Slow Motion

Nature is amazing.Your uvula performs this ballet...](Video Link)The Slow -Mo Guys record unusual events with a slow motion camera, then display the results on YouTube. In t... video, Dan gargles water while Gav records the motion
How to Use a Drone as a Blender...

The first step is to borrow a friend's quadcopter...](Video Link)Speed Motion Films used a $60,000 Phantom Micro high speed cam...  ...pture this horrendous abuse of an aerial drone in slow motion . The crew sends through the blades eggs, fruits,...
Super Slow Motion, Close-Up Video of Milling Steel

This beautiful video shows drill bits milling into...  ...ill bits milling into steel plates, chipping away slowly and methodically. It's a mesmerizing look at a pr...
Tattooing in Slow Motion

[] (YouTube link)The vi... work, and then see a closeup of the process in slow motion . Our host Destin even gets a taste of the process...
Mousetrap Chain Reaction in Slow-Motion

[] (YouTube link)The Slow Mo Guys set up a chain of 150 mousetraps, and set...
Beatboxing in Slow Motion

[] (YouTube link)Flula...  ...n our eyes don't let us watch each other speak in slow motion
Water Balloons: Freddie Wong vs. the Slow Mo Guys

[] (YouTube link)Gav an...  ...z1hBxejg] (YouTube link)Gav and Dan, known as the Slow Mo Guys, start a water balloon fight with filmmak...  ...ew seconds, but of course, it is shown in extreme slow motion . -via Viral Viral Videos
Bubbles Popping in Super Slow Motion

[](Video...  ...when you view it at 18,000 frames per second. The Slow Mo Guys used their Phanton v1610 camera to captur...  ...s. What would you like to see them shoot in super slow motion next?-via It's Okay to Be Smart
Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep

[][Youtube Link]There's...  ...Not only do you get to see cute kittens flying in slow motion , but you also get to see cute kittens as the star...

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