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26 Interesting Facts about the Movie Alien

The 1979 movie Alien broke new ground in science fiction and hor...  ...d weird things going on off-camera.Read lots more trivia about the production of Alien at TVOM.
19 Interesting Facts About the Movie Casino

Based on a non-fiction account, the 1995 mob movie Casino reeked of danger and violence in every sce...  ...iolence in every scene. The actual filming of the movie was difficult in several ways, not the least of w...  ...ere were so many details that 22 years later, the movie...
12 Interesting Facts About the Movie Inception

The 2010 Christopher Nolan film Inception has peop...  ...cept seven years later. And like many complicated movies , there are a lot of facts behind it that only com...  ...some things you didn't know about Inception in a trivia list at TVOM.
19 Awesome Facts About the Movie Pulp Fiction

It hardly seems possible that the Quentin Tarantin...  ...hardly seems possible that the Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction is 23 years old. The complicated and...  ...d there's always something new to learn about the movie .See quite a few more bits of trivia about Pulp Fic...
70 Intricate Details You Never Knew About the Harry Potter Movies

The seven movies in the Harry Potter franchise had to be very deta...  ...the producers were pretty sure that more than one movie would be made, so sets and props could be re-used... of 70 Intricate Details About the Harry Potter Movies at TVOM.
15 Weird Facts About Classic Sci-Fi Movies

Movie fans and fans of a particular franchise love to d...  ...nd fans of a particular franchise love to dig out trivia behind the movies they love, and science fiction is full of it. Whe...  ...torming session where the most obscure fact about mov...
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...

In 1938, Walt Disney produced an audacious film th...  ...was an experiment. Lets have a little Snow White trivia .There are several “hidden Mickeys” in...  ...rds while peeking at Snow White.There's lots more movie trivia
Why Do So Many Characters Drink Milk In Movies?

In the movie A Clockwork Orange Alex and the boys drink glasse...  ...s reasons why characters drink milk more often in movies than whiskey or Coke, and once you've seen all th...  ...s drinking milk you'll be looking for it in every movie you watch!-Via Sploid
13 Interesting Facts About The Ocean’s 11 Films...

Ocean's 11 was a 1960 Rat Pack film that was popul...  ...e, which spawned two sequels with another related movie now in development. Whether you're already a fan...  ...h them all someday, you'll want to check out some trivia about those three films. The cast had to accep...  ...e cast had to accept a lower...
11 Filibusterous Facts About Mr. Smith Goes to Washington...

Frank Capra's 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washingt... Washington is a dark but eventually triumphant movie starring Jimmy Stewart -just like It's a Wonderfu...  ...s of the time didn't like it, for many people the movie was a simplistic yet dramatic introduction to the...  ...e are some other things you d...

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