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Mobbed by Lemurs

Reporter Alex Dunlop of the BBC was at Banham Zoo...  ...bit difficult for him to stick to the script when lemurs began to show intense interest in the visitor.[ht...  ...of professionalism when Dunlop called the leaping lemurs "little nippers" instead of something that would...
Leaping Lemur

[]YouTube LinkThere is...  ...rom point A to B, affectionately named Parkour Le Lemur by a video commenter? Via Arbroath
A Ring of Ring Tailed Lemurs

(Photo: Reuters/China Daily)It’s lunchtime a...  ...dao, Shandong province, China. In accordance with lemur etiquette, the ring tailed lemurs
Baby Lemur and Kid Goat

[] (YouTube link)The li...  ...goat gets a bottle of milk and Charlie the brown lemur wants his share! Nope, the goat drinks ALL the mi...
Alabama Lemur Held for Ransom

Gizmo, a ringtail lemur kept as a family pet, was taken from his home in...  ...izmo's owner offered a cash reward for the stolen lemur , investigators got a tip from someone who had see...  ...stigators got a tip from someone who had seen the lemur in Welborn's possession. Inve...
A Wild Game of Soccer...

[youtube HqOESMg8cHw] (YouTube link)It's the muntj...  ...muntjac deer and the kangaroo vs. the team of two lemurs ! Will Mojo the soccer star deer get the ball past...  ...l Mojo the soccer star deer get the ball past the lemur guard and onto the porch goal? The crowd is on th...  ...oal? The crowd is on the ed...
King of the Lemurs

This little lemur appears to be showing off his biceps for the ladi...  ...redditors have dubbed this particular ring-tailed lemur King Julien, the lemur from the 2005 film Madagascar. They are re... Madagascar. They are referring to the *strong cl...
Baby Madagascar Lemur

This little critter is just too cute. Just look at her sitting there with her teddy bear mama. The best part is how exciting her birth is -she's one of only 17 of her species in captivity. More pics are available whe...
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