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Hackers Can Guess Your Cell Phone Security PIN Just by Watching the Phone's Tilt As You Type

Think your cell phone's security PIN is secure? He...'s security PIN is secure? Here's a new worry: hackers can guess your mobile phone's security PIN with a...
Hacker Fight

Joey and Kyle are trying to hack each other’... watched too many movies that featured computer hackers . Their battle of one-upmanship involves every ste...  ...tle of one-upmanship involves every stereotypical hacker cliche in the book. Or the movies, as the case ma...] (YouTu...
Whodunit: The FBI and the Hacker

The following is a Whodunit by Hy Conrad featuring...  ...I's Computer Fraud Division was on the trail of a hacker who was releasing computer viruses through the Be...  ...through the Beaverton College e-mail system. The hacker had stayed one step ahead of them, changing compu...  ...ook him aside to answer ques...
How Hackers Stole $45 Million from ATMs in Just 10 Hours

ATM fraud schemes are not uncommon, but... perpetrated by a global network of hackers stood out for its sheer size: thieves drained $45...  ...New York. Here's how it worked: Hackers got into bank databases, eliminated withdrawal li...
Hackers Can Turn Laser Printers Into Bombs

Columbia researcher Ang Cui expl...  ...laws in laser printers can let malcious hackers hijack them, and turn them into a copy machine fo...  ...sed as fire starters, giving computer hackers a dangerous new tool that could allow...
Hollywood's Hackers are Horribly Hilarious

In this week's Cinematical Seven, Alison Nasta...  ...hose figments of screenwriters imaginations - the hackers . From the ridiculous to the implausibly miscast,...  ...costumes. Every movie with a character who is a hacker is touted as being the world's uberest of all ube...  ...s touted as being the world's u...
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