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Incredible GoPro Capture of a Great White Shark

Elementary school art teacher Amanda Brewer shot t...  ...-in-a-lifetime closeup while she was an intern at White Shark Africa, a conservation organization. Her photo wa...
What "Superpredator" Made a Meal of This Great White Shark?

[] YouT...  ...ry revolving around the death of a nine-foot-long great white shark off the coast of Western Australia is the subject...  ...d 26th on The Smithsonian Channel. Remains of the great white washed up on shore months after...
Nic Cage's Encounters With The Animal Kingdom...

(Video Link)Nicolas Cage has a reputation for bein...  ...rom an ankle biting bandicoot to a meeting with a great white shark .-Via Gossip Cop
Hand-Feeding a Great White Shark

(Video Link) In this anxiety-inducing video,...  ...k) In this anxiety-inducing video, you can see shark expert Valerie Taylor feeding a Great White Shark hand! And the end, she actually pets the shark on the head. As one YouTube commenter puts it "ho...
The Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught

If you think that's a big shark , that's because it was the biggest great white shark ever caught by man:The two-ton Apache put up a fi... him—you could tell he was just a bad-ass shark
Swimming With Sharks

(YouTube Link) Just a little late for Shark Week, but this amazing footage of a great white was taken by Chuck Patterson in Southern Californ...
10-foot Shark Nearly Bitten in Half by 20-foot Shark

A 10-foot Great White Shark had been hooked already by a baited drum line off...  ...ks, the attacker is presumed to be a 20-foot long Great White shark . Swimmers were warned away from the area of Strad...  ...Stradbroke Island. "That cannibal thing is what great *strong c...
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