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Meet the Movie Billboard Chicken Coops

These chicks are getting a good start in life, bei...  ...rd sheets are used to cover lightweight, moveable chicken coops , keeping baby chicks out of the rain. Considering...
Dodecahedron Chicken Coop

In response to the earlier item on chicken coops , Neatoramanaut NickDanger3dEye let us know about...  ...ut NickDanger3dEye let us know about the 12-sided coop he and his son built. I got the basic idea for a...  ...hook and eye at the top, so we could lock up the chickens...
Chicken Coop for Hipster Chicken

If the eggs of free range chicken taste better, what about those of hipster chicken ? Well, while you ponder that, take a look at this...  ...while you ponder that, take a look at this modern chicken coop called nogg by Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan.St...
Clothes Dryer Chicken Coop

Why buy new lumber to make a house for chickens when you can use the front of an industrial cloth...  ...ete Betchik of Madison on the Lake, WI built this chicken coop using materials he found lying around.Link - via...
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