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Your Enemy: Emotions...

Are you a sports fan? Then you will experience the full range of human emotional experience. No good will come from it for, as Doghouse Diaries explains, "Being a sports fan is like living in a universe designed by Georg...
Venn Diagram of Influenza

If you don't know your H5N1 from your H7N9... Thomas came up with this handy dandy Venn Diagram
11-Set Venn Diagram

You've never seen the Venn Diagram like this before: a flowery diagram for 11 sets of objects, made by Khalegh...  ...rose" in English, reflecting the diagram 's flowery appearance. To find the rose-l...  ...lowery appearance. To find the rose-...
Venn Diagram of Yoda It Is

Now imagine Luke training on Dagobah under the Incredible Hulk. Or Kermit the frog. Or, worst of all, Gary Coleman. Scratch that last one. I suspect that Gary Coleman would have been strong in the Force. Link -...
Art and Personality Venn Diagram

Where do you fall in this Art and...  ...Where do you fall in this Art and Personality Venn Diagram
Variations of "Europe" Expressed in a Venn Diagram

I'm glad that someone has done this, though I...  ...le at the Strange Maps blog at Big Think.* This diagram is a particularly instructive map, too: it neatly...  ...ions of the same goal: European integration. The diagram also includes one statelet whose euros are much s...  .... Previously on Neatorama:Â...
Timely Venn Diagram

Considering the earlier story of Falcon Heene...  ...nt by Ebru strikes home. She named it "The Truest Venn Diagram I Have Ever Made." Link -via Buzzfeed

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