Playing Jenga with a Whip

(Video Link)

When you want to meet a woman who knows how to use a whip, go to April Choi. I mean, she has an entire wall full of whips, some of which she uses while cosplaying as Catwoman. She makes them herself, so you know that you're dealing with an expert.

In this video, Choi demonstrates her remarkable skill. She plays Jenga by slapping one piece at a time out of the stack using just her whip.

-via Jeremy Barker

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Led Zeppelin-Beethoven Mashup

2CELLOS are back with a little number that blends Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony with “Whole Lotta Love” from Led Zeppelin. By the time they are finished, it’s four cellos.

(YouTube link)

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser were once rivals for the title of hottest best cello player in Croatia, and then teamed up to form 2CELLOS. Which was a great move. Hear more of their music in previous posts at Neatorama.

-via Buzzfeed

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Skateboarding Like You’ve Never Seen

Richie Jackson is a different kind of skateboarder. Rather than going faster, higher, or longer than the next guy, he looks at the possibilities of using his skills to do odd tricks that other skaters never think about.

(YouTube link)

Jackson’s tricks are not only impressive, but downright entertaining. How does he do it? With years of practice, risk-taking, and well-waxed shoe soles. -via the A.V. Club

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The Onion Ninja

(Image: unknown)

You're impressed, but the Master is just bored. This is nothing to him. In fact, he doesn't even need a knife to perform this feat. He can use just his mind. But he knows that makes the other cooks uncomfortable.

Teach me, Sensei.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

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Man Solves 3 Rubik's Cubes in 20 Seconds While Juggling Them

(Video Link)

YouTube user MarcoRubo created this video of him juggling 3 Rubik's Cubes and successfully solving all 3 puzzles in just 20 seconds! That's amazing!

But it doesn't impress everyone. The Telegraph notes that some people on the internet think that the video is fake:

"It's definitely being played in reverse," says Reddit user TarmacFFS. "The throws are too effortless and the catches have too much force. You don't just open your hand and something flies out of it, and you don't yank objects out of the air. […]

The theory that the video is played backwards appears to be the most popular – with other critics suggesting that the sound effects were dubbed in afterwards. One commenter even notes that viewers conveniently can't see the mouth of anybody speaking.

-via Geek Tyrant

UPDATE 3/24/16: It's fake.

Is this video real?

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Teen Pulls off Incredible Jenga Move

(Video Link)

The task of the game of Jenga is to remove blocks from the pile without collapsing the stack. 16-year old George Hirst of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, UK had the onerous task of removing the only block on the very bottom of the pile. This means that the entire stack would be completely distabilized.

Amazingly, when George pulled out the block, the stack neatly dropped down completely intact! You can read more at the Telegraph (auto-start video).

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First Tee-Off at New Course is a Hole-in-one

(YouTube link)

The Playgrounds is a new golf course designed for kids and families at the Bluejack National Country Club near Houston, Texas. Tiger Woods helped design the new course. He was there when it was inaugurated by the very first players. First up was11-year-old Junior PGA member Taylor Crozier, who scored a hole-in-one! A good time was had by all. -via Tastefully Offensive

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Japanese Split Racing

Step 1: get into a split position.

We'll get back to you once you've accomplished that task.

Now, step 2: move to the finish line 10 meters away before anyone else does.

(Video Link)

Kazumi Kawahara, who I think is the victor in the contest above, is also the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest 10-meter split mover. She completed it in 16.90 seconds and, as you can see in the video, does so with a bold swagger.

I'd like to think that in a better future, international disputes would be settled through split contests like this one.

-via Atlas Obscura

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Candide Thovex: One of Those Days 3

French professional skier Candide Thovex (previously at Neatorama) returns to give us a POV thrill as he does impossible, or at least illegal, things while sliding on snow at terrifying speeds.   

(YouTube link)

Watch out for that tree! And the pond! And the helicopter! Thovex really went out of his way to raise the wow factor from the previous installment in this series. The overall effect is that of a human Rube Goldberg device on snow. You have to wonder how many broken bones must one endure on the way to becoming this good. -via Digg  

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Incredible Trick Basketball Dunk

(Video Link)

S.O.A.R. Dunk is a ministry team at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The members perform amazing acrobatic feats with basketball equipment. Last week, the team demonstrated what they can do in a performance at Central Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Virginia.

In this phenomenal display of coordination and teamwork, seven members of the team jumped off a trampoline, handing off the basketball in midair, before dunking it at the end--and shattering the church's backboard.


-via reddit

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Swiss professional freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier has been experimenting with point-of-view photography. In this video, he swings his iPhone 6 on a string, around in circles over his head. While skiing. This excellent video came after almost two years of experimenting, so if you try it, the first result will not be as good.

(YouTube link)

It didn’t even harm the phone! Vuignier promises a making-of video soon. -via Viral Viral Videos

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When Mutant Superpowers Manifest Themselves

Pursuant the Mutant Registration Act, Marisa Arriaga of Cedar Hill, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, must submit to government supervision. She might have avoided that fate, had she not recorded her amazing abilities last June. She tells Fox 4 News that it’s just a bat trick, but I think that it’s clearly superpowers at work:

"I just started messing around,” said Arriaga. “I'm like, ‘I'm gonna make a bat trick video.’ So I got my sister out here and she was recording me.” […]

LaTisha Griffin, Arriaga’s softball coach, says Arriaga has crazy good skills.

"The finish is something she does all the time in the game, sending the ball a yard or going outfield with the ball with that complete swing through the zone, that's something she does all the time,” said Griffin.

-via Matthew Caverhill

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A Man and His Cube Companion

(Video Link)

The good people of Kuma Films travel around the world, documenting the amazing physical abilities of people. They demonstrate that dance is not something limited to a formal choreography, but any bodily movement that is perfected with time and talent.

In the past, we’ve seen their videos of lightsaber training, contact juggling, yoyo tricks, and cardistry. Now they bring us a man who dances in, around, through, and with a steel cube.

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How to Make Self-Tying Shoelaces

(Video Link)

Have you ever seen someone show you self-tying shoelaces? It's not a great invention, but a clever bit of prestidigitation. Dave Hax shows you how this illusion is done so that you can fool other people. You'll need a bit of string, an extra shoelace, and a willingness to wear pants.

Hax is one of the best treasures of YouTube. He's filled with great household tricks and tips like this one, including how to burn a candle underwater, set up a pretty flower arrangement, and steal pizza without getting caught. Hax does not disappoint in his latest offering.

-via 22 Words

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How to Drink Your Coffee Like a Boss

If you're a foreigner, then Norway's winter weather right now is brutal. But if you're Norwegian, then it's just a bit breezy outside. Trym Nordgaard illustrates the Norwegian attitude as he casually sips his coffee in the morning.

(Video Link)

Content warning: foul language.

-via Boing Boing

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Watch This Hammer Trick Artist

(Video Link)

Give Justin Fiddler a hammer--specifically, a Stiletto brand hammer--and step back. He slings that hammer around like an acrobat. It flies through the air with ease, as though Fiddler is controlling it with his mind.

When he's done, Fiddler slides the hammer back into its holster in a single, smooth motion. Nailed it!

-via Laughing Squid

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Zapatou’s Best of the Web 2015

The concept of “Hey, y’all, watch this!” has been elevated to an art form. Luc Bergeron (Zapatou) gives us a 21-minute compilation of the best internet videos from 2015. It’s absolutely beautiful, and breathtaking.

(YouTube link)

The first seven minutes are extreme human stunts that may leave you dizzy. Starting at about seven minutes in, you may become verklempt. At 8:15, it become adorably cute. Then animals jump in. We also see some great special effects. At 12 minutes in, the stunts start again, with a fast-moving sequence of vehicle videos. At 15 minutes, we see the art of video. At 16:30, the dancing begins. At 18 minutes, we see the beauty of places. And more stunts. These videos would not be possible -or be as good- without GoPros, drones, high definition, and video stabilizing technology. And a bunch of fearless people.  -via Viral Viral Videos

See more of Zapatou's videos

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90-Year Old Great-Grandmother Has Better Soccer Skills Than You

(Video Link)

Ase Marie Nordhagen, 90, of Norway loves soccer, especially the task of "keep ups." This is keeping a ball in the air by bouncing it off one foot continuously. She's been practicing since she was a little girl, once performing 1,000 without dropping it.

Now she's good for about 50 keep ups at a time, thanks to up to an hour of practice per day. Nordhagen loves it so much that, she explained to a Norwegian newspaper, "I can't go past the ball in the hallway without picking it up and performing a few tricks."

Try to keep up with her.

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This Chef Can Dip His Hands in Boiling Hot Oil and Not Get Hurt

(Image: Gulf News)

Prem Kumar is, amazingly, still alive! His hands are in great condition, even though he regularly dips them in boiling oil.

Kumar, 65, is a chef in New Delhi. When he was young, he saw his father, from whom he inherited the restaurant, casually dip his hands in pots of boiling oil. Kumar tried it himself and found that he could do it, too.

Now people visit his shop not only for the fish, but for the amazing show he puts on. On request from his customers, he'll dip his hands in the oil.

(Video Link)

Are you worried about this practice being unhygenic? Don't! That oil is 200°C. It will kill any bacteria on his hands.

-via Oddity Central

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Juggling Gentlemen

The New Conformity is a trio of jugglers who perform with Cause & Effect Circus. They start off with synchronized juggling, which is nice to see. Then they start juggling each others’ balls. A nicer term for that would be tandem juggling.  

(YouTube link)

They also do contact juggling, ball balancing, a hand dance, and even a Three Stooges-type routine. After all that, they just start showing off. -via Digg

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Amazing Spinning Bowling Ball Trick Shot

(Video Link)

Michael Long sets up a bowling trick that is impossible--right up until the end when it works perfectly.

He sets two pins in the middle of the lane. Then he spins a bowling ball and sets it slowly moving forward. Meanwhile, he knocks over all but two pins with a second bowling ball.

The spinning ball slowly moves down the lane, weaving in between the pins set in the middle. Then it knocks over the two remaining pins at the end. Amazing!

-via Yababoon

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This Incredible Athlete Can Rollerblade on His Hands

He calls it handskating--no, extreme handskating. And it is. Mirko Hanßen possesses extraordinary coordination, balance, and upper body strength. While wearing rollerblades, he can flip over from hands to feet and back again, all while moving at high speed. He can perform jumps, use ramps, and weave through obstacles upside down with skates attached to his hands.

(Video Link)

-via Geekologie

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Hanging Out in Monte Piana

You think driving your RV to a state park is camping? Try hanging a hammock over a gorge in the Alps! These highliners set up 17 hammocks for 26 people to sleep in under the stars at Monte Piana, Italy, and over the scenic gorge in the Dolomites where 18,000 soldiers died in battle in World War I.

(vimeo link)

Highlinemeeting 2015 took place last week. The photographs are stunning, and you can see more videos here. A good time was had by all. -via Laughing Squid

See also: last year's meeting.

(Image credit: Sebastian Wahlhütter)

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Freestyle Slackline Competition

This sport appears to be a combination of trampoline and tightrope walking. The final competitors are Estonia and America. They give it their all as fast as they can to impress the crowd and the judges at the Globetrotter World Slackline Masters meet in Munich.  

(YouTube link)

Who should win? Why do they do this? These guys even fall off with style! -via Digg

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This is What Biking Down a Dam Wall Feels Like


Daredevil Primož Ravnik rode his bicycle down the nearly vertical wall of a Slovenian dam and captured the nearly 200 feet (60m) plunge on his GoPro camera. The stunt was part of a contest by GoPro and biking website Pinkbike to find the most outrageous stunt, with a top prize of $20,000.

If that's not extreme enough for you, here's a compilation cut of more death defying stunts from Pinkbike:

Continue reading

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Surfing in High Heels

Maud Le Car, a professional surfer, is currently ranked the 15th best in the world. She wanted to show that although her sport is physically demanding, it can be glamorous at the same time. So Le Car made a short video with Almo Film (auto-start video) showing her enjoying a gourmet meal with wine while wearing a formal dress, then immediately strapping on some high heeled shoes for an afternoon of surfing.

(Video Link)

-via Glenn Reynolds

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Bicycle Gymnastics Is Amazing!

(Video Link)

It's called artistic cycling. It's a sport invented in the 1950s and is currently most popular in Germany. The sport is similar to floor gymnastics, except that performers ride bicycles during the whole event. This woman, Nicole Frýbortová, is incredible at it. As the video progresses, her physical feats become only more amazing. It's like she can fly!

-via Twisted Sifter

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World Record Skydiving Formation

There were 164 skydivers jumping out of seven planes over Chicago. Plus photographers. They managed to latch onto each other to set a new record in aerial formation. Don't bother counting them, just enjoy the beauty of the video.  

(YouTube link)

The previous record was 138 skydivers in formation. These folks did it by linking up head down in the sky. Read about how it came about at Redbull. -via The Kid Should See This

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Two Gymnasts on One Surfboard

Surfing is difficult enough, but these folks had to go and add ballet and gymnastics to the sport!

(YouTube link)

Chuck Inman and Lauren Oiye are champion tandem surfers. I guess if you’ve developed the incredible balance necessary for surfing, you may as well harness that balance further. See several more of their videos at Daily Picks and Flicks.

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Unexpected Ballet

A pair of New York street dancers prepare to tumble and breakdance for the crowd at Washington Square Park. But when they turn the music on, instead of hip-hop, the strains of Tchaikovsky’s "Sleeping Beauty Waltz" came out! What to do? There was nothing to do but dance!

(YouTube link)

It soon became clear that these guys knew what they were doing. They are professional ballet dancers, as were the two women they pulled out of the crowd to dance with. This is the latest stunt from Improv Everywhere, which they performed several times for the changing crowds that afternoon. Read the details of the caper at their website. A good time was had by all. -via Buzzfeed

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