Brilliant Excavator Driver Loads onto a Truck without a Ramp

(Video Link)

A top excavator driver is a surgeon with his equipment. A complex machine like a digger becomes an extension of his own body. With it, he can push a truck, paddle a boat, or light a cigarette.

In this video, a driver in Omalloor, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India loads his excavator into the back of a truck. A ramp? No, only amateurs use ramps. Experts do this.

-via Jalopnik

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This Man Can Pour a Beer with Just His Head

(Video Link)

Andrew takes a can of beer, opens it, and sticks it to his head. Then he pours it neatly into a glass (at an angle, of course). Can you do this? Please try, then report the results in the comments.

There's no indication that Andrew is a bartender. If he is, then he has a great talent--especially if he can wiggle a cocktail shaker in this position.

-via 22 Words

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100 Famous Bass Lines Played In One Awesome Medley

Bass lines are the bridge between the guitar and the drum, "anchoring the harmonic framework and establishing the beat", to quote Wikipedia.

Behind many of the most famous songs of all time lies a strong, catchy bass line that drives that groove and brings the song's distinctive sound home, even if you don't notice it as much as the singer or lead guitar.

Badass bass player Davie504 put together an incredibly comprehensive thirteen-minute-long medley that incorporates a whopping 100 famous bass lines from songs like YYZ, Disco Inferno and oh so many Red Hot Chili Pepper tracks, just to name a few:

(Video Link)

It's a rather long video to watch in its entirety, but if you're a budding bass player, or someone who appreciates the power of a solid bass groove, then you gotta watch Davie do his thang 'cause this guy's got talent to spare!

-Via Sploid

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How to Park a Go Kart

(YouTube link)

Watch this young boy park a go kart like a boss, using his momentum to roll backwards down a corridor, precisely into the spot he aimed for. Then he walks away like a boss.

According to a comment at reddit, this is Marielyst Gokart & Paintball Center in Marielyst, Denmark. This kid grew up here, as his father is the racetrack owner. So he came by his skills honestly.  -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Amazing Video: A Master Lumberjack Drops a Tree Precisely Where He Wants To

(Video Link)

Any idiot can cut a tree down. A skilled woodcutter can choose the general direction in which it falls. But a master lumberjack can move a tree with surgical precision.

Scott of Scott's Tree Service in Randle, Washington is such a lumberjack.

The roofs of the two buildings were about 4 feet apart. The tree had to fall through the middle of this narrow channel. Arranging this drop required precise planning:

This is not a "Lucky Shot". This had been planned and the ground prepared out there in the distance so the tree would not fish tail or twist when it hit the ground. The tree was perfectly straight and limb balanced. The falling cuts were gunned to the exact spot half way between the buildings. An appropriate face cut was used.

It worked perfectly:

No, the buildings were not slated for demo. I have insurance. The Service line was down and coiled on the deck to make room for the trees that were behind the location of the camera.

The deck was rotten and replaced by owner after we logged the lot. I talked to him about that ahead of time and he gave us the go ahead to dent the deck if we had to. The steps were the only damage.

I hung plumb bobs from the eaves of each roof line to the ground and drove stakes there. Then I measured between the stakes and drove a third stake half way between the two.

From this stake, I measured to each corner of my falling cut on the stump the exact same distance to each corner.

I used a birdsmouth cut on the face so as to keep the tree on the hinge and stump all the way to the ground.

The most important factor was that the tree was the straightest tree on the lot and the limbs were well balanced. By that I mean the limbs were the same size and weight all the way around the tree top, so when the tree began to fall, they didn't influence the cast or drift of the tree.

The owner took the money from the log sale and remodeled with a new nicer deck, and the most awesome living room I have ever seen in an old mobile home.

Watching a skilled craftsman at work is a wonderful experience.

In the above video, the tree starts to fall at about 1:05. Be sure to watch Scott's reaction at 1:20.

-via American Digest

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Busker in Korea Has Everyone Singing Along

(YouTube link)

South African musician Aancod Abe Zaccarelli sings at the Seoul National University subway station in South Korea. The crowd must really like this song, because they all sing along! A good time was had by all... but now I wonder how many languages Zaccarelli sings in. The song is “One Candle” by g.o.d., you can hear the pop version here. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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This Amazing Performer Can Swallow a Snake Whole

(Video Link)

And that's just his warm up! Liu Yuanfei, 52, has lived with snakes for 30 years. He can place snakes inside his body in truly surprising ways. For example, he can shove a snake up each nostril and out of his mouth all while the snakes, which are hopefully non-venomous, lunge at his face. Yuanfei can also a swallow a snake that is about 3 feet long while holding on to just the tip of its tail. Don't let go, Mr. Yuanfei!

I'd like to experiment with these kinds of stunts, but Alex says that I'm no longer allowed to give orders to the intern.

-via Dave Barry

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Hula Hoop Groove

YouTube Link

What's harder than flawlessly pulling off all of the hula hoop tricks that Rachael performs in this video? I imagine it would be thinking of any additional hula hoop tricks that Rachael doesn't perform in this video. Short of lighting the hoop on fire and making it disappear, I think she has it covered. If you've been waiting all of your life for a hula hoop guru, Rachael gives lessons via Skype and teaches workshops. 

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Amazingly Detailed Miniature Paintings On Food

Paintings don’t come much smaller than the micro paintings created by artist Hasan Kale. Hasan has painted delicate scenes on the side of cactus spines, butterfly wings and seashells, but this time around he's adding his oh-so precise strokework to itty-bitty bits of food.

Hasan paints stormy seascapes on dried banana slices, fits the pyramids and sphinx on the side of a coffee bean, and even finds room for a painting of a fish on the side of a grain of rice.

His paintings are incredibly bold, and minutely detailed, despite the fact that many of his works are painted on an edible canvas less than an inch high!

-Via Bored Panda

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NYC Subway Dancers Versus the Law

Vimeo Link

In this artistically shot video, London-based, Irish director and photographer Scott Carthy aims his lens at an issue related to Section 1050.6(c) of the New York City Transit Rules of Conduct. Section 1050.6(c) says that, under certain circumstances, performers may work in subway stations, but they cannot operate within subway cars.

After years of looking the other way, in 2014, the NYPD began to arrest these performers in much larger numbers. Some people claim this different pattern of enforcement is the result of a new police commissioner, Bill Bratton. According to an article in Business Insider, 

"Forty-six subway dancers have been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment since January, an NYPD spokesman said in April. Another 50 dancers with less flashy tricks (essentially those who keep their feet on the ground), have been charged with the lesser count of disorderly conduct.

In total, subway panhandling and peddling arrests are up 271% year over year with 371 arrests in 2014, compared to 100 by this period in 2013, according to NBC.

The sharp increase appears to be rooted in a quality of life campaign helmed by newly minted Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Bratton, who cut his teeth in New York City tackling subway crime, was brought up on the broken-windows theory of policing: Crack down on small but highly visible crimes of disorder such as turnstile jumping, prostitution, and vandalism, and rates of more serious crimes will fall as well. Panhandling falls into this low-level crime category." 

Read more of this article here. 

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One Woman, Seventeen Different British Accents

(Video Link)

The United Kingdom has a very diverse populace, home to a wealth of very distinct regional accents, and a well seasoned ear can tell a lot about from whence you hail simply by hearing you speak.

Siobhan Thompson of Anglophenia is a gal who is quite familiar with the diversity of accents available for your listening pleasure in the U.K., and she’s mastered seventeen different British accents so she'll fit right in no matter where in the Kingdom she may roam.

Listen as she takes you on a tour of her beloved Brittania, you might just learn how to make your bad imitation of a British accent into a smashing success!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Isaac Hou's Incredible Ring Acrobatics

Isaac Hou is a street performer, acrobat, and juggler in Taiwan. His signature work uses a Cyr wheel--a steel and PVC ring that weighs 15 kg. Hou is also a master of contact and torch juggling.

(Video Link)

Here's a video showing him busking in Taipei. It's all amazing, but I'm especially impressed with his performance beginning at the 2:30 mark. Hou is contantly in motion and mesmerizes the crowd.

But Hou isn't limited to work on the street. He's increasingly in demand to perform before live audiences across the globe. It's been a long journey that began in New Jersey, where his parents raised him. They wanted him to be an engineer or work in some other conventionally professional career. But Hou wasn't satisfied with that lifestyle. A 2010 article in the Taipei Times reports:

But Hou was ambivalent about following in his parents’ footsteps because “they just worked themselves to death.” After finishing high school, he traveled around the world instead of heading straight to university, supporting himself with a variety of odd jobs. Before settling in Taiwan, Hou cleaned rooms at a hotel in London, ran errands on a tourist boat in Israel, studied kung fu at Shaolin Temple and lived in Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Egypt and Greece.

Eventually, Hou worked as a juggler's assistant in London. He figured that he could do that work well, so he studied at circus schools in Denmark and Russia and learned his trade.

You can watch more videos of Hou in action at Kotaku.

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Who Needs Paper When You've Got Stones And Skulls To Draw On?

When art lovers feast their eyes upon the artwork of French illustrator DZO Olivier one main question comes to mind- "why skulls and stones?"

DZO claims to have turned to skulls and stones in a time when he was out of paper and looking for something new to draw on, but regardless of how he began illustrating upon these unusual canvases there's something so right about the way they look when they're all inked up.

Like a flat ink version of scrimshaw, DZO's solid linework stands out bold and compellingly illustrative against the flat color of the skulls and stones that make up his appropriately entitled series "Stones and Bones", and your eyes get lost while trying to take in every dreamy detail drawn on the very earthy surfaces.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Pole Vaulting Antics

YouTube Link

Have you ever thought you could perform a stunt that's worthy of Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks? How about performing the same stunt using a pole vault for an added layer of complexity?

Australian athlete and pole vaulting title holder Joel Pocklington has pieced together this entertaining video of pole vaulting tricks that are amusing as well as impressive. Via Unique Daily.

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Motorcycle Jumps Over Plane

(Image source: Cody Elkins at Instagram)

See this guy on the motorcycle? That’s stunt rider Cody Elkins at the Cameron Air Show in Cameron, Missouri, this past weekend. See the plane he’s jumping over? That’s not a prop. That biplane was piloted by Skip Stewart. Watch the stunt in slow motion.

(vimeo link)

Notice Elkins added a twist to a jump that didn’t need anything else to impress us. Don’t try this at home -these guys are professionals. Duh. You can see additional views of the stunt at Buzzfeed.

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The Marathon Inspired by a Prison Break

Vimeo Link

The races known as the Barkley Marathons are considered to be some of the toughest in the United States, if not the world. There are 60-mile and 100-mile versions of the Barkley. Participants of the 100-mile race climb over 59,200 feet of rugged, mountainous terrain in Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee.

In its 28-year history, only 14 runners out of approximately 800 have finished the Barkley within the 60-hour time limit. Barkley Marathons registration is limited to only 35 runners, openings which generally are taken within one day. 

This video by Denver-based filmmaker Brendan Young informs viewers about the race. Founder Gary Cantrell came up with the idea for the race after watching a news item on a failed prison escape by James Earl Ray, assassinator of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Via Laughing Squid. 


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Clever Girl Bails out a Capsized Boat

(Video Link)

This video allegedly shows children of the Bajau people of southeast Asia. This ethnic group which ranges across Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines is sometimes known as the "Sea Gypsies" for their waterborne lifestyle. At a young age, a Bajau child may acquire remarkable skills in the water, as we've seen previously.

In this video, a canoe has capsized and filled with water. A young girl with impressive agility rolls it under her feet until she has bailed out the water.

-via The Presurfer

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Indiana Jones ...ROCKS!

(YouTube link)

Last month, TheHumanTim (previously at Neatorama) said his next project was Indiana Jones. And here he is, back with a rocking version of the theme from the Indiana Jones movies! He’s playing all the instruments, just not at the same time. I think he's trying to work his way through the entire John Williams discography. Keep up with TheHumanTim at his Facebook page. -Thanks, Tim!

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Mariusz Goli's Street Improvisation

(YouTube link)

Guitarist Mariusz Goli plays on the streets of Katowice, Poland. According to his biography, Goli plays in clubs and does concerts, but prefers busking because he gets the greatest satisfaction by direct contact with the audience. You can see plenty more videos of Goli’s music at his Facebook page or his YouTube channel. -via Viral Viral Videos

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World's Number One Bowler Pulls Off Some Amazing Trick Shots

(Video Link)

You may not consider bowling a valid sport, you may hate hitting the lanes alongside all those people wearing matching shoes, but once you’ve watched this video you’ll appreciate how cool bowling trick shots can be!

Dude Perfect teamed up with the world’s number one ranked bowler Jason Belmonte to crush some pins the hard way, and if ever there was a guy who deserved the title Big Daddy, it’s Jason.

Watch as he wows the Dude Perfect crew with wicked spins, bouncing ball pin-quakes and many fine examples of alley lane wizardry, but before you watch you may want to mute the sound, because the soundtrack is utterly annoying!

-Via 22 Words

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The Company Dances

(YouTube link)

This is the dance crew called The Company performing at the Vibe XIX 2014 dance contest in January. The routine may be different from what you’re used to, but you gotta hand it to them, the precision and timing these dancers show is impressive! They came in second to this performance by Academy of Villains. However, the internet has embraced the more relatable second-place routine. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Miniature Disaster Scene Dioramas By Lori Nix

There are those who would run as far away from a disaster scene as possible, those who would run in to see who they can help, and then there’s Lori Nix, who creates disaster scenes that spring straight from her imagination then she takes pictures of the destruction.

Her super detailed dioramas look like sets from an apocalyptic Rankin-Bass stop motion movie they never got around to making, and her photos of each piece really make you feel like you’re right in the heart of the destruction, a survivor waiting to see what happens when you venture outside.

Those who are curious about Lori's creation process should visit her blog My 8X10 Life, where she demystifies her process and shares some helpful tips with budding diorama builders.

-Via Hi-Fructose

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Adam Savage Shares His 10 Commandments Of DIY

(Video Link)

DIY fanatics like myself consider Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) to be one of the gods of DIY.

The man can build really cool stuff out of a pile of random stuff, and his diverse skillset, knowledge of materials, and boundless imagination make him an inspiration for crafty folks the world over, so when he shared his 10 Commandments For Makers at the 2014 Maker Faire in San Francisco people paid attention.

Among Adam’s shining bits of advice are these two gems:

4. Use a project to learn a skill. I don't know about you but I need a goal to learn a skill. I can't deconstruct and just learn welding for welding's sake. I need to have something that only welding will bring me. Look around and find something you need to build. Something you can't help but build.

7. Discouragement and failure are intrinsic to the process. Don't hide from these. Talk about them. They're not enemies to be avoided, they're friends, designed to teach your humility. Go easy on yourself. Don't compare yourself to others; go ahead and be envious of others' skills, because frequently you can't not. Use that.

The video clocks in at a whopping 43 minutes, but if you’re only interested in hearing Adam’s sage advice you’re in luck, because you only have to watch the first ten minutes of the video to have your DIY life changed forever!

-Via Lifehacker

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Difficult Ballet Moves Shown in Slow Motion

YouTube link

In this video by the Washington Post, dancers from The Washington Ballet are filmed as they execute their most difficult dance moves, which the dancers explain in voiceover. The viewer is shown the moves in slow motion, which is a great way to better illustrate the impressive athletic feats that ballet dancers perform regularly.
Via Laughing Squid.

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The Rise And Fall Of Courtroom Sketch Artist Gary Myrick

(Video Link)

Courtroom sketch artist is one of the most niche jobs you can find in the field of creative art, but their illustrative skills are unmatched, and the way they capture the mood of the courtroom and the personalities of those involved in a court case makes you feel like you’re in the room watching the case unfold.

Gary Myrick is one of these extremely talented courtroom artists, and after working in Texas for over 38 years he, like many other court sketch artists, can’t seem to find much work these days, as the illustrators of the past are being replaced by video cameras.

Gary is the focus of a documentary produced by Ramtid Nikzad for The New York Times, and he hopes that the op-doc will reveal how important the human element is to courtroom reporting, because as he puts it:

I’m trying to draw to communicate to those that aren’t there, what it was like to be there. And maybe some of that has been getting lost.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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