Even More Proof That Platypuses Are The Best Of All Animals

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Yes, platypuses combine mammal features and bird features, but did you know that they are also only one of two mammals that has no stomach (the other is the echnidna, which also happens to share the distinction with the platypus of being the only two mammals who lay eggs). You know what other type of animals often have no stomachs? Fish -meaning playpuses are not only a mash up of birds and mammals, but also fish.

So how do platypuses, echnidna and 25% of fish survive with their gullet attached directly to their intestines? Find out at National Geographic.

The video, by the way, might not have anything to do with platypus stomachs, but it does remind us just how adorable they are.

Via BoingBoing

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"Even More Proof That Platypuses Are The Best Of All Animals"

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