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Are You Turning Your Nose Up At Me? Well, At Least It's Cute

Nose-vember is almost at its end, but we still have a good week left to enjoy adorable animal noses before they're all gone, so with that in mind, it's time for another fun critter poll. So who has the cutest nose in the animal kingdom?

The Pinocchio Lizard

Image Via Cute Overload


Image Via Ianchongzi [Flickr]

Pig Nose Turtle

Image Via Rachid H [Flickr]

Guinea Pigs

Image Via photon_de [Flickr]


Image Via 4Neus [Flickr]

Elephant Shrews

Image Via morgangilnes [Flickr]


Image Via Astrid Kopp [Flickr]

Pugs (or Just Dogs in General)

Image Via *Claudie [Flickr]


Image Via synx508 [Flickr]


Image Via Gustavo Duran [Flickr]

Of course, if there are any you think I left off the list, please share your opinion in the comments.

Which Animal Has The Cutest Nose?

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