Wombat Poops Cubic Poo

We don't usually post infographics on Neatorama. For one, their quality varies widely and we've been harrassed enough by unscrupulous SEO people who want us to post their infographics that we've placed a sitewide ban on them, but let me make a brief exception for this one I found at David Eaves' Infographic Directory blog (it's a pretty neat blog, if you like infographics).

I mean, how could I not? This infographic by the Australian beermaker Bondi tells us that wombat poops out a cube-shaped poo. Just think about it. A cubic poop.

So, how does a wombat poo a square poop? With difficulty, you might want to say, but no. They poop with delight:

After a bit of googling, we found this video clip by Robyn Lawrence that shines some light upon this mind-boggling question (go science!):

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