Sid The Beagle Enjoys Posing With Food In His Mouth Without Ever Eating It

You know your dog is well trained when you can get them to sit still with a treat on their nose awaiting permission to gobble it up, but is a dog that holds food in his mouth without ever eating it well trained or just crazy?

Sid the beagle is extremely fond of people food, but he doesn’t enjoy eating people food, he’d rather just hold it in his mouth and pose for the most deliciously adorable pictures ever taken.

Crazy or not, Sid is one precious pooch, and his owner Alex Hopes loves sharing Sid's food modeling moments with the world via his Instagram account @myregalbeagle. Check it out and see all the different foods Sid has refused to eat! -Via Laughing Squid

(YouTube Link)

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Winter Crow - A Tale Of Snow And Cawing

Winter Crow by Steven Lefcourt

Jon never minded being called crow, because he knows those black birds to be two things- resilient and perceptive. The houses of Westeros are prone to using bold and masculine creatures as part of their sigil game, beasts such as dragons and dire wolves meant to chill their enemies to the bone. And yet Snow's own Night's Watch have chosen the crow as their sigil animal because they know there's more to might than an animal adornment, and easier ways to assume the iron throne...

Add some dark fantasy cool to your geeky wardrobe with this Winter Crow t-shirt by Steven Lefcourt, and let one of the sworn brothers of the wall do all the talking for you!

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Unfortunate Flight Occurrence Hannibal's Guide To The Human Mind 3 Wolf, No Moon Vitruvianspector

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Tiny Hamster's Tiny Tiki Party

Tiny Hamster and his friend Tiny Hedgehog get treated to a Tiki party! That means grass skirts, leis, fruit smoothie “cocktails,” and a tiny little Pu Pu platter. Oh, these little guys love the refreshments! In this video, we also get a glimpse into what’s involved in preparing the tiny treats.

(YouTube link)

But what I really want to know is, how does an outhouse ever become out of order? -Thanks, John Macunitan!

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25 Awesome Product Designs That Aren't Real Just Yet

Design Bump has assembled a group of 25 innovative and useful products that either are awaiting future production or are still in concept/planning stages. Check out some of these cool ideas. Like a memory foam chair that forms soft support against the contours of your body as you sit. Shown below, it’s called the Bounce Chair by Véronique Baer.

These are shoes that can go from hiking support for your feet to becoming your shelter for the night. Perfect for camping enthusiasts. The concept is from design collective Sibling.

This is a toy-eating monster for the kids. Not only can they feed it toys that have been left scattered around the house, but it has wheels, which makes it possible for them to make cleanup a game by riding around as they do it. A concept designed by Tzung-Yu Lu.

Here we have a cloud-shaped sofa that levitates over a giant magnet, for those in love with the idea of sitting on a cloud. How cool is that? Designed by David Koo and Zheng Yawei.

See 21 more great product ideas that need to become realities here.

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The Malvarossa Kite Festival

Jürgen Horn and Mike Powell are in Valencia, Spain, for 91 days. They were recently at the Festival Internacional del Viento (International Festival of Wind) at the beach in Malvarossa, Spain. They saw regular kites as you’d recognize them, but also kites from all over the world that defied the imagination in size, shapes, and performance, all dancing on the wind. I particularly like this aerial squid with the trailing tentacles.

There were also sharks, dragons, dinosaurs, and teddy bears, as well as synchronized kite flying and stunt kites. See plenty of pictures and a video of the festival at For 91 Days.

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There’s a Fish Hidden in This Video

(Video Link)

Can you see it? It’s right there in the still image of the video. This ninja of the sea is almost upon you, but it remains hidden. And it’s not limited to water, I’ll bet. Right now, it could be sneaking up on you, even in the alleged safety of your home. It’s right there next to you!

-via Geekologie

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R2D2 VW Bus

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we had microbuses instead of minivans. Some of those Volkswagens still exist, and they stand out in a crowd, but none stand out like the one mimaki cg60 modded to look like the Star Wars droid R2D2! It's like the '70s meeting, uh, the '70s.

How’d he do it? With computer design and a lot of vinyl. The design took about 50 hours, and the rest took even longer (he lost count). You can see the entire project unroll in photographs at Instructables. -via Boing Boing

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Fantastic Handpainted The Big Lebowski Nesting Dolls

Andy Stattmiller is a San Francisco-based artist who creates these wonderful, acrylic handpainted nesting dolls based on the characters of the Coen brother's cult classic The Big Lebowski. The finely detailed wooden dolls range in size from .75 inches to eight inches tall. 

Visit Stattmiller's website to get more information on these and other nesting doll sets he makes, including Batman, The Avengers, Breaking Bad and more. 

Via Design Taxi | Images: Andy Stattmiller 

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Charlie Sheen and Jimmy Carter on an Unusual Day

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

 The day was April 19, 1996. It was to be one of the most unusual days in baseball history. The day was not unusual for anything that happened on the field, it was unusual for what happened in the stands- in two different stadiums.

Every baseball fan (at least the guy fans) dreams of catching a home run ball hit into the stands. But actor Charlie Sheen tried harder than most.

Charlie, a huge and devout baseball fan, actually spent $6,537.50 to help him achieve his goal. The Detroit Tigers were playing the California Angels and Charlie was there at Anaheim Stadium. He had spent the money to purchase 2,615 seats in the outfield to increase his chances of catching a home run ball.

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Carton of Eggs Contains Only Double Yolk Eggs

On rare occasions, while cooking with chicken eggs, you may encounter twins—two yolks in one egg. But Twitter user @Umeboshi had a far more astounding encounter: she claims that of the dozen eggs in a carton, every single one had two yolks. Casey Baseel of Rocket News 24 suggests how this could have happened:

Egg farmers can tell whether or not a hen has laid a double-yolk egg without cracking it open. The shells of double-yolk eggs tend to be longer and more pointed than those of single-yolks, and the two yolks can also be seen when using a light to inspect the contents of the egg without cracking it.

Double-yolk eggs taste just the same as single-yolks ones, and some people actually feel lucky to discover one. Not everyone is left with such a positive impression, though. Some shoppers find them kind of gross, and so to avoid shocking their more sensitive customers, egg farmers generally remove them from any batches before they’re shipped to market, as pointed out by Mitsuko.

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The Dog Whisperer

YouTube Link

In this footage, Brody the dog demonstrates that he knows the difference between his indoor and outdoor voice, and also what tone is best to use when he's telling secrets. Being the classy and discreet canine that he is, Brody limits all secret exchanges to whispers. Good dog. -Via Uproxx

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Tarot Cards in Real Life

Photographer Alice Smeets explores the intersections of the occult and the mundane. In the past, we’ve seen her pictures of modern practitioners of witchcraft. More recently, she’s been recreating the iconic images on tarot cards using ordinary people on the streets of Haiti. She calls the project Ghetto Tarot. You can see more photos in the series at Design Boom.

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Anatomy Of A Grumpy Cat - The Medical Term Is NO

Anatomy Of A Grumpy Cat by Sophie Corrigan

In order to get to the bottom of what makes the internet's most famous cat tick you must study her unique anatomy. Take a closer look at the cat of many scowls and you'll see she is powered by NOs, constructed with the grumpiest feline limbs, and has a heart full of gray hairballs. She was born a curmudgeon, but if you could look at the world through Grumpy's eyes you would see she's not such a sourpuss after all, she just never learned how to turn her frown upside down!

Share some silly science with the world, wear this Anatomy Of A Grumpy Cat by Sophie Corrigan and your day will be full of yeses!

Visit Sophie Corrigan's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

Rocking Horse Black Forest Cateau Elephant Totem Cutecumber

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Shalin Shah's Perfect Life

Shalin Shah and Frances Chen were married on April 24th, after five years together that included their high school senior year and four years at USC -and traveling all over Europe. You can see their story in pictures at their wedding site. After graduation, Shalin joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Peru. Doctors there found that Shalin had a tumor. Despite surgery and chemotherapy, cancer invaded his lungs, bones, and spinal cord, and in 2015, he was given a prognosis of six months. Since then, Shalin and Frances have worked on his bucket list. Among other things, he met his musical idol, Usher, became a fully-fledged Peace Corps volunteer, and married Frances. As his health wanes, Shalin wrote a message to leave behind:

No room for hatred in my heart

Stay positive, no time for negativity, no complaints or regrets

Life is perfect. I would not change one thing about Life or about myself or anyone or anything I know, everyone in the world is perfect in their own ways and serves a specific role in the universe

That’s just the beginning. You can read the rest of the message, and more of Shalin’s story, at HuffPo. -via reddit 

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BMX Biker Performs Bike-to-Bike Transfer Jump

While in Shanghai, BMX champion Pat Laughlin performed an incredible stunt. He jumped a bike and, while in midair, jumped off that bike, landed on another, and kept going without interruption.

(Video Link)

I hope that he wore a protective cup.

Laughlin didn’t succeed on his first try. No, he had to hit the ramp hard several times before he finally made the jump successfully. You can see his other attempts here.

-via Geekologie

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World's First Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant

Businessman Man Kwong is launching a Hello Kitty restaurant in Hong Kong on June 1, 2015. According to Kwong, Hello Kitty is even more popular in Hong Kong than in Japan. Kwong had been negotiating with Sanrio since 2013 in order to get approval to use the Hello Kitty name and likeness. Eventually he won them over after years of experimentation with dim sum dishes. Kwong's menu consists of 37 items, including stir-fried beef, noodles and shrimp buns. The colors used to create the Hello Kitty likenesses on foods are all natural; for example, her bow is colored with beetroot juice and her eyes are dotted with squid ink.

Learn more and see additional pictures at the restaurant’s Facebook page. 

Via Design Taxi | Images: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine


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People Are Awesome: Kids Edition

We’ve seen quite a few videos from People Are Awesome, and they’re back with a new compilation, this time featuring children doing awesome things. Watch young boys and girls excelling at gymnastics, skateboarding, dance, parkour, martial arts, and more. These kids are amazing!

(YouTube link)

-Thanks, Dan Rice!

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Medieval Reaction Images

It’s Friday night and it’s time to hit the clubs. Bring your cash, a strong liver, and an eye for the ladies. What’s the experience like? You can Snapchat it or just use Medieval manuscript illustrations and Renaissance art. The twitter account @MedievalReacts shows people from a millennium ago getting trashed at bars and waking up to the consequences.

Content warning: occasionally, some surprisingly obscene manuscript illustrations.

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Obese YouTuber Addresses the Internet's Fat Hatred

YouTube Link

YouTuber boogie2988 is a man struggling with his obesity. In this video, he addresses the movement of fat acceptance and how, in his opinion, it has created an internet backlash of fat hatred more pervasive than ever. Agree or disagree, like him or otherwise, he seems sincere and thoughtful in his approach. -Via Digg

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Police Ask That You Not Chase Bears through the Woods with a Hatchet

(Photo: Barb Ignatius)

In rather blunt terms, the police of North Adams, Massachusetts ask that you not get drunk, then chase bears through the woods while waving a dull hatchet:

**Chasing bears through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet is strongly not advised**

The North Adams Police Department is urging everyone to NOT chase bears through the woods with a dull hatchet, drunk. Yes that really did happen tonight. We understand there are bears in the area. If you see a bear, LEAVE IT ALONE and call us. We certainly don’t need anyone going all Davy Crockett chasing it through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet. It is just a bad idea and not going to end well. It will however, certainly end you up in jail…which it did. The hatchet man was taken into protective custody due to his incapacitation from the consumption of alcoholic beverage. We are still trying to figure out what his end game was. Any thoughts on what he was going to do if he did locate it? We would certainly like to hear because we have no idea.

In recent weeks, residents have spotted bears in the vicinity of town. Most people heeded police warnings to leave them alone. One chemically enhanced gentleman decided on another course of action. He apparently survived the encounter.

-via @Lachlan Markay

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The New Muppet Show

(YouTube link)

Many of us fondly recall The Muppet Show, Jim Henson’s primetime comedy for adults that ran from 1976 to 1981. Those wacky characters are coming back this fall! The new show is called The Muppets, starring Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, the Swedish Chef, and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, along with so many other favorites. The first trailer for the show debuted today. If you are outside the U.S. and can’t see the above video, try it here. The Muppets will air on Tuesday nights starting this fall. -via Metafilter

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German Names For Animals Literally Translated Into English

German seems like a difficult language to learn, but when you discover how easy it is to create names for things in German by simply stringing words together it doesn't seem so hard to learn after all.

For instance, which two words would you put together to describe a sloth?

If your answer was "lazy animal" you nailed it!

Now a hippopotamus may seem harder to describe in two words, but if you combine their favorite river with a similar animal type you've got a rather apt description of a hippo (although I would have added "pig" in there somewhere)

And then there's the virtually inexplicable platypus- a strange hybrid creature that could be described as an otter duck or a duck billed beaver or simply a plate full of platy, but the German language streamlines the description quite a bit

See more of these amazingly accurate English translations of German names for animals here

-Via Pleated Jeans

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America’s Oldest Working Nurse Turns 90

(YouTube link)

Florence SeeSee Rigney celebrated her 90th birthday in the hospital last week. Oh, she’s in good health. In fact, she was working! Rigney is the oldest working registered nurse in the United States, putting two days a week at Tacoma General Hospital in Washington state. After 60 years of taking care of other people, you’d think she’d be ready to retire, but Rigney loves what she does. -via Viral Viral Videos

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Amazing Photo: A Tornado in a Rainbow

Basehunters is a storm chasing club. While tracking tornadoes near the town of Eads on Saturday, a few members spotted this lovely scene of a tornado crossing a rainbow.

It’s completely real. The tornado chasers recorded video footage of their thrill ride that day. You can see the tornado rainbow at the 3:00 mark in this video. Basehunters member Benjamin Jurkovich told ABC News that he’s never experienced anything else like it:

"This was just remarkable," Jurkovich told ABC News today when asked about Saturday's storm. "There's not many things that blow my mind, but this was truly wowing." […]

Jurkovich also said that chasing tornadoes and severe storms make him a feel a reverent kind of nervousness, which he described as "adrenaline mixed with a little bit of butterflies."

"I have a bible verse I use for storm chasing, Nahum 1:3, which says that God is the god of the whirlwind, and the clouds are the dust of his feet," he said. "When I'm looking at these massive, ridiculous storms and tornados that scare the crap out of me, it's just like, wow, this is the dust of God's feet. It puts me in a state of awestruckness and makes me feel small, which is a good place to be."

This event gives me hope that someday, we could actually see a real sonic rainboom.

-via Incredible Things

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Office Party - The Coolest Kind Of Overtime

Office Party by tomburns

Employees who are forced to spend their days trapped in cubicles, staring at screens and hitting their heads with phones, generally don't want to stick around for a party after work, but those who do are nothing but trouble! They're so comfortable spending time at the office that they have no need for house parties and kegstands, because they'd rather kick it with their fellow wage slaves and suck down some ice cold water- coolerstand style!

Have fun with your geeky life, bring home this Office Party t-shirt and celebrate the work week or, more importantly, the quality time spent with friends outside the workplace.

Visit tomburns's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Spaghetti Western Space Battles WWDJJD? That's No Spoon

View more designs by tomburns | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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We're Not The Only Ones Batty For Bats

(Video Link)

As I've previously stated, we at Neatorama are big fan of bats and their adorable little fox faces. It's hard not to fall in love when you see them munching down snacks with those big emotional eyes and puffed out cheeks. While I've always known that we're not alone in our love of flying foxes, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that one of our favorite actors is also a big fan of bats.

So which celebrity am I talking about? Well, would it help if I told you this little baby's name is Jackie Sparrow? That's right -Johnny Depp sponsored this orphaned little babe after she was rescued by the Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center in the same area where Depp was filming his newest movie and one of Depp's vocal coaches also works at the sanctuary. It didn't take much to convince him to symbolically adopt the cute little one.

Video via Pets Lady

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Old PlayStation Turned into a Clock

The original PlayStation--Generation 1, not 4--debuted in 1994. If yours is no longer playable, then Twitter user @Rurue0111 has a great idea for what you can do with it: turn it into a clock. He removed the electronic components from the case and added a clock motor into the interior. The disc cover was already the shape of a clock face. All he had to do is add numbers using a drill.

Pressing the power button turns on lights:

Continue reading

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Lawrence of Arabia and the Crash Helmet

T.E. Lawrence was a British archaeologist and war hero who became known as Lawrence of Arabia. But his life was cut short only two months after retiring from the military. Lawrence was riding his motorcycle in Dorset and crashed while trying to avoid a collision with some children on bicycles. He died of brain injuries six days later in May of 1935. He was only 46.

However, Lawrence’s death set off a chain of events that saved many other lives. One of the physicians that attended him during those six days was Hugh Cairns, who wondered if a crash helmet might have saved his life. It seems obvious now, but in 1935, there were no statistics to back up that theory. So Cairns went to work finding them. He published his first findings in 1941. In one 21-month period, 1884 motorcyclist were killed on British roads, and two-thirds of them suffered head injuries.

"There can be little doubt that many patients in this series would have lived if their heads had been adequately protected," he wrote.

His biggest problem, he conceded, was finding enough riders who did wear helmets voluntarily to show it made a difference. Cairns could only gather evidence from seven riders wearing helmets who were involved in accidents. All survived.

"In all of them the head injury was mild, though in four there had been considerable damage to the crash helmet," he wrote.

The British military took Cairns’ findings seriously, and were the first to require riders to wear helmets. That set the stage for Cairns to collect more data. You can read the rest of the story, and the astounding difference helmets have made since then, at BBC magazine. -via Digg

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Russia's Rather Unique Version Of The Navy Seals

Russia has always had a wild side, but the Putin era is puttin’ the “R U serious?!” in the former Russian Empire, and LOL worthy content keeps rolling out by the truckload.

The latest raucous laughter-inducing Russian video footage comes to us courtesy of the Baikal Seal Aquarium, who shared this squee worthy seal performance in honor of the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

(YouTube Link)

These well trained seal soldiers don't want to go to war, but now that they've been trained to kill with cuteness their human handlers at the Baikal Aquarium had better keep their bellies full of fish...

-Via The Daily What

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Pot Hole Mosaics

Jim Bachor is a mosaic artist in Chicago. He works against the city's pothole problem by filling in and tiling over potholes, giving them a beautiful appearance that helps protect cars. Ugly voids in city pavement become lovely images in glass and marble. Lately, he's been filling them in images of ice cream treats. You can see more in the series at Junkculture.

You can also see other mosaic works at his gallery. Bachor has a novel and fresh approach to this ancient art. He chooses unusual subjects for the medium, including children's breakfast cereals and Twinkies.

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