Breaking Into A Russian Military Base To See An Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle

Breaking into a Russian military base is a bad idea no matter who you are or what you're after, but urban explorer group Exploring The Unbeaten Path felt it was worth the risk to see some Soviet-era Buran programme space shuttles.

And although the group had a few scares their efforts actually paid off, and they were able to spend some time checking out the shuttles despite a threat of being discovered:

Located at the Baikonur Cosmodrome spaceport in Kazakhstan, the hanger that the group would have to infiltrate is abandoned but the base is still active.

The world’s first and largest space launch facility, Baikonur is leased by the Russian government and all crewed Russian missions still launch from there. Commercial and military missions are also staged at the spaceport, and soldiers patrol the area.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Sploid

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The Ornate Bird Palaces of Ottoman-Era Turkey

The huge public buildings the Ottomans built in Turkey were designed to last. And so were the decorative bird houses attached to the outside walls. These birdhouses were works of art as well as sturdy homes for wildlife.  

The birdhouses were not simple concrete structures, but rather elaborate feats of miniature architecture that ranged from one-story homes to multiple-story bird mansions. Each was designed with a similar design aesthetic to the country’s larger buildings, simultaneously providing shelter to sparrows, swallows, and pigeons while preventing bird droppings from corroding the walls of the surrounding architecture.

In addition to providing shelter, the birdhouses fulfilled a religious vision. They were thought to grant good deeds to those that built the tiny homes.

The few surviving Ottoman birdhouses are hundreds of years old. See a gallery of the concrete birdhouses of Turkey at Colossal. -via Nag on the Lake

(Image credit: Caner Cangül)

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The 'Voodoo' Murders of Clementine Barnabet

Over several years, across several towns in Louisiana, there were multiple cases of entire families found murdered in their sleep by someone wielding an axe. The horrific murders began around 1909 and continued through 1912. A man was arrested, but another murder occurred while he was in jail. Police turned their attention to his 19-year-old daughter, Clementine Barnabet. A few months later, Barnabet confessed to 17 murders.  

The El Paso Gazette was one of many to run with the Voodoo angle. After their story hit newsstands, several local papers also printed the possibility that the murders were connected to Voodoo. Around the same time, rumors were swirling that Clementine was the leader of some kind of cult called the "Church of Sacrifice," which was supposedly led by one Reverend King Harris, a Pentecostal revival preacher with a small congregation connected to the Christ Sanctified Holy Church. Police took Harris in for interrogation after rumors of religious involvement ran rampant, but the reverend had never heard of a "Church of Sacrifice," and was visibly shaken to think that his sermons could have possibly inspired a series of bloody ax murders.

There are problems with Barnabet's confession. Her story changed constantly, possibly reflecting the publicity and moral panic surrounding the murders. And the murders did not stop when she was arrested. There was also scant evidence that the sacrificial Voodoo cult even existed. But there was physical evidence, such as Barnabet's blood-soaked clothing. Read the mysterious story of Clementine Barnabet at Mental Floss.

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The Best and Worst Ways to Interact With Wild Animals While Traveling

Seeing amazing wild animals can be a highlight of any vacation -especially if you actually get to interact with the creatures in a meaningful way. But some animal encounters benefit the local wildlife while others harm it. That's why you should do your research before participating in such an activity. Fortunately, Travel and Leisure rounded up some of the most popular animal encounters from around the world so you know what's good for the animals and what's not. For exmaple, while visiting Kenya's Giraffe Manor is a great idea, swimming with dolphins isn't.

So check out the full list at Travel and Leisure
Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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13 Things You May Not Know About Bob Dylan

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

(Image credit: Stoned59)

Bob Dylan is a legend of legends in the music world. He is rock music's greatest poet. He's sold millions of records and albums and his live concerts have been unforgettable events since the sixties. In 2008, Bob was awarded a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation. Now, as if his career hadn't been incredible enough already, he won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. Okay, let's take a look at a few other interesting facts about Mr. Bob Dylan.             

1. Robert Allen Zimmerman briefly used the alias "Elston Gunn" before he adopted the first name of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas to become "Bob Dylan."

2. Dylan was so grief-stricken over the death of Elvis Presley that he didn't speak to anyone for a week.

3. He turned 76 in May, he has 11 grandchildren, and he drives a van with the bumper sticker: "World's Greatest Grandpa."

Continue reading

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The Man Who Saved London From Itself

In the 1850’s, the River Thames in London was an open sewer, responsible for thousands of deaths annually from cholera, typhoid, and dysentery, this because London’s drinking water was largely drawn from the River Thames. In 1858, the public outcry against the event that came to be known as ‘The Great Stink' was so severe that the British government decided that something had to be done about the ongoing pollution of the river, and it was.

A civil engineer named Joseph Bazalgette was tasked with finding an effective and economical solution to the enormous problem of cleaning up the River Thames, which ran through a mature city of nearly three million people. London was crisscrossed with roads, buildings, subway tunnels, drainage pipes, and the other infrastructure components, both above ground and below ground, that are found in major cities. He had his work cut out for him, but, luckily for London, he was more than up to the task.

The solution proposed by Bazalgette was to construct 1,100 miles of street sewers with 82 miles of underground brick sewers to intercept the raw sewage which until then had freely flowed through the streets of London. These intercepting sewers were to divert the sewage from the street sewers to far downstream where it could be collected and dumped, untreated, into the Thames to be carried away at high tide.

Bazalgette’s proposals met with fierce resistance and were rejected time and time again, but all this changed in 1858. That year the stench from the Thames was so overpowering that Parliament was unable to function and this became known as the year of the “Great Stink.” It  prompted  politicians into action and the Government gave approval and financial backing to  the intercepting sewers proposals, amounting to 3 million pounds.

Read the intriguing (and profusely illustrated) story of Joseph Bazalgette and his ingenious intercepting sewer system at the Heritage Group.

Thanks to Neatoramanaut WTM, who wrote this item.

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Affectionate Fish

Fish aren't known for showing affection. Most fish do not want to be touched by humans at all. But Bon Shaw has a Blood Parrot Cichlid that craves human interaction. That fish really loves being petted!

(YouTube link)

This little guy just loves to watch me wherever I am in the room, he'll do anything to get my attention. And when I look at him he flares out his gills and dances from side to side just hoping that I'll come over to play. If I drop food in the aquarium he'll ignore it and hope to play. I have to walk away to get him to go find the food which has floated away by then. That said, in another tank I have a second Blood Parrot Cichlid that loves me but doesn't want to be touched. It's like having one dog and one cat. You just have to love the differences.

 -via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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How To Explain Net Neutrality To Your Grandparents

Net neutrality is a hot button issue that is hard to explain to people who barely understand how the internet works much less how a change in the internet status quo will affect them.

So it's a good thing Andrew Bridgman and  illustrator George Rottkamp created this illustrated guide which spells out How To Explain Net Neutrality To Your Grandparents, so we can get them to join the fight.

It seems the easiest way to explain the issue to them is to weigh the differences between the "good old fashioned internet" and that annoying "Millennial internet", which should capture their attention.

"You know how LAZY those darn Millennials are, right? So lazy! They don't know how to work hard or efficiently - not like their parents did. This whole generation is so SLOW and DISORGANIZED - and if we don't have Net Neutrality, the same thing will happen to the internet.

That's right - FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and internet service providers from across the country are conspiring to turn your internet into...MILLENNIAL INTERNET."

Then you move in with a bunch of stuff about snowflakes ruining the internet and a crack about how the Millennial Internet hates Mickey Rooney and you'll soon see a fire light in their eyes.

That fire means they're beginning to understand how important it is to preserve net neutrality, either that or they've decided to write you out of their will...hopefully it's the former!

See How To Explain Net Neutrality To Your Grandparents here

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The End Is Neigh - Sounds Like A Pile Of Horse Pucky To Me!

The End Is Neigh by Hillary White

People have all kinds of different ideas about how the end of the world will be ushered in, but nobody could foresee the connection between the apocalypse and everyone's favorite magical beasts- unicorns. Turns out they weren't good luck at all, and those shiny horses with the stabby things on their heads were actually ticking timebombs waiting to wipe humanity off the map. We worshipped them, adored them and dreamed of capturing them, and all the while they had a dark secret hidden behind their horsey eyes- and a nuclear fire in their hearts. No wonder Hitler had a huge unicorn figurine collection!

Warn people about the impending pony-pocalypse with this The End Is Neigh t-shirt by Hillary White, it's magically ridiculous!

Visit Hillary White's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more fantastic designs:

Rawrk Me Amadeus Dandelions Avokuato Big Deal

View more designs by Hillary White | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Employees of the Week

Josephsen Hardwood Floor Company has a Facebook page on which they post the Employee of the Week every week. The "employee" is always a supervisor. They are the pets of the homes where they install floors. Above, you see Sophie, who made the list in April.

There are plenty of dogs, and also cats, and once a donkey made the cut. -via Metafilter

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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These Strange Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog Panels Will Live On Forever

For the past 24 years SEGA has been partnered with Archie Comics to bring gamers the Sonic the Hedgehog comics they didn't know they wanted, comics which had their share of strange and awkward moments.

But after two decades together SEGA and Archie have decided to go their separate ways, leaving Sonic comic readers without an bizarre and surreal side story for their favorite game.

As zany and bizarre as the Sonic the Hedgehog series could be at times it also introduced some really cool characters that will probably never make it into the games, like Sir Connery the horse knight. Remind you of anyone?

See 25 WTF Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Panels That Will Live On FOREVER here

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31 Facts about National Parks

(YouTube link)

The U.S.National Park system is a treasure that everyone should take advantage of, while you have the chance. A summertime road trip to a park you've never been to before can give you a lifetime of memories. Learn something new about national parks from John Green in the latest episode of the Mental Floss List Show, and maybe you'll become interested in visiting a park you've never heard of before.  

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These Pics Prove Cows Are Basically Just Really Big Dogs

(Image Link)

Most city slickers see cows as those critters you moo at while you're driving down the highway in cattle country, but anybody with farm experience knows a thing or two about cows.

And one thing you find out real fast- some cows act just like giant dogs, wanting to play, get pets and go on long walks. Some cows even have fur that looks similar to a dog's coat, like the ridiculously photogenic Scottish Highland cow above.

(Image Link)

They'll even curl up with you (or should I say around you) when they're feeling tuckered out, which seems like a pretty normal thing for a dog to do but strange for a cow. And speaking of strange- this herd seems to be sweet on that cute canine, and he's loving every minute of it!

(Image Link)

See 21 Reasons Why Cows Are Basically Just Really Big Dogs here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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When You Feel Worthless

Mrs. Lunarbaboon is a wise woman. When someone you love doesn't feel good about themselves, the best thing you can do is give them a reason to feel good about themselves. Even if that means manufacturing a way to do it. If that ends up giving you what you wanted in the first place, hey, bonus! Now you can both feel good about being good to each other. This is the latest comic from Lunarbaboon.

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Guy Splits Giant Boulder Using Nothing But Chisels And A Two-Pound Hammer

Plenty of machines have the power to pulverize boulders, but who needs heavy machinery or a jackhammer when you've got a two-pound hammer and a chisel?

Sometimes the old ways are just as good if not better at doing things like bisecting boulders than the new ways, as Dennis Carter proves in this video shot at the Deer Isle Hostel in Maine:

The technique creates many small cracks that combine to eventually split the rock.

Dennis Carter, founder and owner of Deer Isle Hostel in Maine uses a 2-pound hammer to cut a 26,000 pound block of lovely Deer Isle granite into two equal parts. This is the first of many cuts. When finished, the resulting smaller blocks will be used to make the foundation of a workshop that he is building at the Hostel.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Five Awesome Prison Escape Scenes in Movies

What's the difference between prison escapes in the movies and in real life? In the movies, we usually root for the escapee. If the prisoner isn't the main character, the film wouldn't spend time following their prison break attempt, successful or not. In real life, we may admire the escape plot, but we really don't want those guys on the loose.

But in movies the prison breaks are usually  made by those that are simply smarter than the people guarding them or are somehow innocent of the charges and were locked away out of convenience rather than to serve justice. The point is that in movies, jail breaks are just awesome to watch and almost too ingenious to believe.

Relive escape scene clips from five of the best prison movies ever at TVOM.

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The Crazy Cool Cartoon Creations Of Felix Colgrave

Felix Colgrave is an Australian animator who creates some truly tripped out 'toons that reach right through your eyeballs and tickle your brain, and if you're a connoisseur of strange cartoons you'll love the feeling.

(YouTube Link)

You may already be familiar with Felix Colgrave's creations, since we've featured his works here on Neatorama, or you may have his stuff on the Comedy Central show TripTank. Yeah, he's that guy.

So if you had a taste of Felix's visual drug and you're already hooked check out the music video he made for Fever The Ghost's song SOURCE, and this goofy short about a demon salesman called Tainted Goods. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

And let's finish you off with a heaping plate of Man Spaghetti, a short that showcases Felix's ability to combine slapstick comedy, gruesome gore and mysterious themes to leave you wanting more.

(YouTube Link)

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The 2017 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Winners

A winner has been crowned in the annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (the "Lyttoniad"), held by the the English Department of San Jose State University. The contest seeks to find the very worst possiible opening sentence for a novel, although the novel itself doesn't exist. The winning sentence was submitted by Kat Russo of Loveland, Colorado.  

The elven city of Losstii faced towering sea cliffs and abutted rolling hills that in the summer were covered with blankets of flowers and in the winter were covered with blankets, because the elves wanted to keep the flowers warm and didn’t know much at all about gardening.

The contest, running 35 years now, was named in honor of Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton, who in 1830 began a novel with the phrase "It was a dark and stormy night" which has been parodied endlessly ever since. Read about the contest, and see the entries from runners-up, honorable mentions, and winners in such categories as children's literature, crime/detective, historical fiction, and more. -via Metafilter

See also: Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners in previous years.

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Go Back To School In Style With A NeatoShop T-Shirt

Mom says.. by Raffiti

Back to school time means a new year or semester or quarter or whatever full of new stuff to learn and a whole new schedule, which means it's a great time to add some new stylish tees to your old wardrobe.

So now through August 7th the NeatoShop is having a Back To School sale where you can get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all tees in the NeatoShop, so you can get the tees you love for less!

A love of learning is something we never outgrow

Science Rocks by JRBERGER

And the more excited you are to learn new stuff the more you look forward to going back to school

The Wolfman Ate My Homework by Steven Rhodes

Because learning is always cool, even if you're old enough to remember the cartoon from the 80s these characters were on!

Space School by SimplePeteDoodles

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Triple Baby Sitter - Paint The Poppins Inside You

Triple baby sitter by trheewood

Yondu had a hard time wrapping his hear around this whole Mary Poppins thing, so he spent some time reflecting on who he was and how his Poppins side had been guiding his actions and helping him become the hero he never wanted to believe he could be. He had declared "I'm Mary Poppins Y'all!" without even thinking about what that actually meant, an oversight which he found troubling, so he used an old trick Quill taught him as a child to work through his problem- art therapy. That's right- Yondu has an artsy side, and he loves to paint! Just don't interrupt him while he's in his studio or he might send one of his psychic arrow thingies after you!

Explore the many sides of Yondu with this Triple Baby Sitter t-shirt by Trheewood, it's a geeky mashup masterpiece that will save your life from the forces of boring fashion.

Visit trheewood's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more intergalactically geeky designs:

Climate change Golden Pink panther Melmac first

View more designs by trheewood | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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An Honest Trailer for Point Break

Point Break came out in 1991, but we can't forget it because when a gang of surfers robs banks in masks of presidents, well, you don't forget that.

(YouTube link)

Screen Junkies gives us an Honest Trailer that has the advantage of hindsight, 26 years later. Point Break will never be recreated, but parts of it survive in other films. And it makes you wonder whether Keanu Reeves has an aging portrait up in his attic.

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The Best Regional Hot Dog Styles in America

Just like the Reese's slogan, there's no wrong way to eat a hot dog, and this list at Thrillist proves just how true this expression is. Over on Thrillist, you can learn about some of the most popular styles of hot dogs from around the US -and there are a whole lot of them. One strange example, the Philly Combo:

A grilled all-beef hot dog, split down the middle and laid upon a wide steamed or toasted bun, layered with sweet, vinegar-based coleslaw and a stripe of spicy mustard, and completed -- curiously enough -- with a fish cake.

Or maybe you'd prefer Maryland's crab mac n' cheese dog:

An all-beef hot dog, grilled and nestled into a soft, chewy bun, then loaded with lump crab meat, hot, gooey macaroni & cheese, and a generous dusting of Maryland’s all-time favorite sodium source: Old Bay.

I personally recommend trying a Tijuana/danger dog if you ever get the chance:

A hot dog made of unidentified meat, wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, then tossed into a soft bun and topped with any number of condiments, including (but not limited to) fried onions, mayo, mustard, ketchup, and grilled jalapeños.

Don't miss some of the many other hot dog styles available over on Thrillist.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Deadliest Natural Disaster in US History

Neatorama is proud to bring you a guest post from history buff and Neatoramanaut WTM, who wishes to remain otherwise anonymous.

By September of 1900, the city of Galveston, Texas, was the center of maritime shipping on the Texas Gulf Coast and held a virtual monopoly on commerce of all kinds. One of its main streets, the Strand (Avenue B), was known as the Wall Street of the Southwest. Many millionaires lived in Galveston, having made their fortunes there. Life was good for practically everyone, wealthy or no, but that was about to change.

Pre-1900 Storm, Downtown Galveston, looking East (Image source: Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas, Pre-1900 Storm Collection, Accession Number G-25.4, FF 1-8)

The morning of Saturday, September 8, 1900, was little different from any other late summer day in Galveston; it was hot and it was humid. The one significant difference was that the surf was unusually rough. Only a couple of men in the city of 36,000 realized from experience that the large breakers weren’t just waves, they were deep-ocean swells – the harbinger of an approaching hurricane.

One of these men was Dr. Isaac Cline, the Local Forecast Official (LFO) and head of what was then known as the Weather Bureau in Galveston. Though a competent and experienced meteorologist, Cline was convinced that he ‘knew’ natural science better than anyone, and this mindset was soon to have the severest of consequences for Galveston and its residents.

A Time of Hubris

The United States was, in 1900, a young giant of a nation flexing its muscles. It had just won the Spanish-American War and was suppressing the Boxer Rebellion in China.  Its technologies and infrastructure were growing at an exponential rate. Since 1876, eight states had been added to the Union, and so rapid and so pronounced were increases in its industrial and military might that many Canadian politicians admitted they “lived in fear and trembling” of the US. Basking in the glory of its having become a world superpower, the federal government felt that even nature itself posed no great obstacle.

As such, Isaac Cline, who relished being a very big frog in a small pond, had in 1891 delivered a public lecture in Galveston, wherein he stated, "It would be impossible for any cyclone to create a storm wave which could materially injure the city." Since Cline worked for the federal government and was also a medical doctor, the people of Galveston accepted his opinions as fact.

Continue reading

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Sesame Street Characters Perform The Most Famous Quotes In Movie History

Sesame Street is a show for kids starring characters that appeal to adults and children alike, and every characters has such a distinct look and personality they make great guest stars.

However, their limited acting range and somewhat static facial expressions seem like they'd make it hard for Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster to play iconic roles like Dorothy, the Evil Queen or Frankenstein's monster.

But as you can see in this video by Vanity Fair, those talented puppets are always ready to prove they're better actors than some Hollywood celebrities!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Huffpost

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When Restaurants Had Personality

The concept of Great American Road Trip flourished during the mid-20th century, when prosperity allowed for vacations, highways crisscrossed the US, and the interstate had yet to bypass towns. The hospitality industry ballooned in small towns, and local Mom and Pop restaurants were everywhere. Each put their best food forward in their own way, while offering non-specialized menus full of familiar recipes everyone knew.  

Once upon a time, American roads were dotted with individually owned diners offering a wonderful diversity of eating choices – nearly always proclaiming the food is “baked on premises”.  Then two things happened which spelled the end: (1) the arrival of super cheap, super quick fast food franchises and (2) the arrival of interstate highways.  The diners lined up along roads actually within the towns and provinces; whereas, the new breed of fast food conglomerated around interstate exits – often not tied to the towns at all.

Although, the friendly roadside diner is largely a thing of the past, we still have the pictures and postcards of their heyday.  Here is a look at the tip of the iceberg, just a small sampling (13) of the many great roadside diners of yesteryear.  (Note: I didn’t choose the most crazy and outlandish, but rather a sampling of the average, to get you in the zone of what they were really like, not just their extreme examples.)  Enjoy.

Take a look at, and read about, some distinctive restaurants of the 1940s-'60s at Flashbak.  -Thanks, Tim!

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George Clooney Talks About His Crazy Uncle Chick

George Clooney is a famous actor who comes from a family of storytellers, and the characters in his family must have helped George develop his character acting skills- because they sound like characters straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Take his kooky uncle Chick and equally nutty uncle George for instance- those two characters loved to swap war stories and scare young George and his sister Adelia by deconstructing uncle Chick.

(YouTube Link)

George talked candidly about his wacky uncles in a 2011 interview that was turned into an animated short by Blank On Blank, watch and see where Clooney learned to play kooky characters.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Private Island Complete with an Abandoned “Nazi” Castle For Sale

Got $39 million? You could be the new owners of Darby Island in the Bahamas. It comes with 554 acres, 14 beaches, an air strip, and a fairly odd backstory. Oh yeah, and a castle.

Before and during WWII, Darby Island was owned by a rumoured Nazi sympathiser and British hotelier, Sir Guy Baxter. King George of England gifted the island to Baxter upon his knighthood and it served as a lucrative plantation for him with livestock, cotton, palm oil, and more.

In 1938, he built an 8,000 square foot “castle” on the highest point of the island. According to some elderly locals, they remember seeing strange flashing lights during the war coming from the rooftop of the castle. Allegedly, it was discovered that Baxter was guiding German submarines prowling the Atlantic Oceans, allowing them to take refuge in Darby Island’s “exotic network of caves.”

There are other rumors, such as ports for submarines and a radio transmitting station, but the historical record is strangely short on any information about Sir Guy Baxter. The castle and the island are real, though, and on the market. See plenty of pictures at Messy Messy Chic.

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A Magical Animated Short About A Cat Who Gets Lost In The Dark Woods

A curious cat chasing butterflies in the woods on a sunny afternoon, could there possibly be a more idyllic scene?

Unfortunately the sun also casts shadows, and the woods can be a pretty dangerous place for a little kitty, especially when they have their head in the clouds and forget to watch for trouble on the ground.

(YouTube Link)

Nine is an animated short film by The Monk Studios that will take you on a magical journey deep into the dark woods, where magic can really mess with a young kitty's life.

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The Socialite Who Hid in a Dingy Hotel Room for 24 Years

Ida Wood was thought to be a millionaire socialite from New Orleans who married well after she came to New York as a teenager. She married well, alright, but most of her story was untrue. After her husband died and a business venture failed, she moved into a hotel suite in Herald Square with her two sisters and lived there without going out in public for the next 24 years. Then in 1931, she had to get help for her ailing sister, and her reclusive lifestyle was uncovered.

In the days after first reaching out for help, a parade of lawyers, undertakers, purported relatives and hotel staff filtered through suites 551-552. They discovered that the millionairess, once touted in the papers for her fragile beauty, was now stooped and withered, and sported a wild bramble of gray matted hair. She had been living there with her sisters Mary and Emma in near isolation for more than two decades. The rooms were almost entirely filled with refuse; the doctor who came to examine Mary could barely find a place to stand amid piles of old magazines, boxes, suitcases, strange collections of newspaper clippings and bits of cloth.

The sisters didn’t just hoard objects — hidden among the junk was Ida’s entire fortune. Roughly 1 million dollars in cash and jewelry were found in cardboard boxes, trunks and Cracker Jack boxes, and $500,000 was found in an oilskin bag that Ida hid under her skirt.

Ida Wood died the next year, and it came out that her life was even stranger than that of a hoarding recluse. Wood's story is told at Ozy.

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Your Blackheads Might Not Be Blackheads (And Other Skin Science)

My wife likes to pop my zits, and I like to see them gone despite the pain, but some blackheads keep coming back no matter how many times they're dug out, which makes me wonder- should we be messing with those invincible blackheads?

As it turns out what we think of as blackheads are sometimes just "tiny hair follicles doing what they're supposed to do" so we should just leave them alone, as explained by Hank Green on SciShow:

...if blackheads are caused by a buildup of oil debris, what’s going on with those tiny little spots on your nose that you should not be concerned about? Those spots are different and totally normal features of your skin that are called sebaceous filaments. And these filaments are just collections of oil and dead skin that build up around tiny hair follicles...unlike blackheads, which are clogged pores, these filaments are natural products of sebum production, not an infection.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Lifehacker

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