Alternate Versions Of Batman You'll Only Find In The Comics

You know what's the main problem with every single Batman movie adaptation ever?

Batman is never badass enough, because in order to create a faithful adaptation of the comic it would have to be Batman- The Movie starring Batman.

What's worse is we're constantly stuck with Batman reboots, where we get to watch Bruce begin his campaign against supervillainy all over again, which has been done to death.

But if you really want to see Batman become the god among superheroes he was meant to be you've gotta dig into the vaults and check out all the alternate versions of Batman found exclusively in the comics.

There you'll see Batman as a member of the Green Lantern Corps., a Victorian Batman hunting down Jack the Ripper, a few different versions of Vampire Batman, and the time Batman sat atop the Mobius Chair and actually became a god.

See 7 Badass Alternate Versions Of Batman You Can Only Find In Comics here

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Complicated Fox Rescue

Last Tuesday, the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service in England was called to free a fox that had gotten its head stuck under a fence in Eastbourne. When they arrived, the fox pulled his head in under the fence. That was weird. Was the fox not really stuck all that time? Looking around, the crew realized that the fox was in a tiny space where two fences met near a wall, and his leg was stuck under the other fence!

(YouTube link)

After trying several unsuccessful ideas, the rescue crew ended up cutting a bit of wood from the bottom of the second fence, just enough to free the stuck leg. But now the unstuck fox was confined in the tiny area, which was too small for a person to approach the wild and possibly injured animal safely. They eventually managed to extract the fox, and you can read the entire story at the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue website. -via Arbroath

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What Hogwarts House Does Your Dog Belong In?

Is your dog a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff? You might have some suspicions or you might have no idea at all, but thanks to Buzzfeed, now you can know for sure. Unlike many of the quizes on Buzzfeed, the answers actually seem pretty fitting -my two dogs ended up in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and it's beyond fitting. So does your dog's Hogwarts house seem suitable to their personality?

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Canadian Diver Finds Missing Nuclear Device

On February 14, 1950, a US Air Force Convair B-36B crashed while on a training mission to simulate a nuclear attack on San Francisco. The plane was traveling from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Ft. Worth, Texas, but ran into trouble over the Pacific, west of Canada. The crew jettisoned the Mark IV atomic bomb, then bailed out, then the plane crashed over the open ocean. Twelve of the 17 crewmen were rescued. The Mark IV nuclear bomb they were carrying resembled the Mark III "Fat Man" bomb dropped on Nagasaki five years earlier, but it was not armed with the necessary plutonium for a nuclear explosion. Instead, it carried lead, uranium, and TNT.

Fast forward to last weekend. Sean Smyrichinsky was diving for sea cucumbers off the coast of Pitt Island, British Columbia, when he encountered a large object, at least 12 feet across, that reminded him of a UFO.

"I came out from the dive and I came up and I started telling my crew, 'My god, I found a UFO. I found the strangest thing I'd ever seen'," Smyrichinsky told the CBC, a CNN partner broadcaster.

After friends told him of a B-36 bomber that crashed in 1950 with a Mark IV nuclear weapon on board, he looked up photos of the bomb online.

"It was a piece that looked very much like what I saw," he told the broadcaster. "The plane that was carrying the bomb, it crashed 50 miles south of where I found that object."

Smyrichinsky reported the find to the Department of National Defence, who thinks it is the missing Mark IV bomb. A ship will search the area and divers will go down to take pictures of it.  

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It's The End Of The World As We Know It, So Dress For The Occasion In A NeatoShop Shirt!

The End of the World as We Know It by Fuacka

Things are going crazy since the November 8th election- for some it feels like the end of the world as we know it, while others feel fine.

We must come together now more than ever, united in our passions and love for all people and all things geeky, and the best way to proclaim your love on your torso is with a NeatoShop t-shirt!

People are taking to the streets to protest the results of the election

Revolted by OPIPPI

And the battle has spilled over onto social media, where people are losing friends fast

Social media murder by Vitaliy Klimenko

Hate filled people have been exposed for who, or what, they are


But all we really need right now to beat those post-election blues is love!

Contagious Love by Pepetto

Continue reading

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Delusions of Grandeur

We know from scientific research that most mammals can empty their full bladder in about 21 seconds. If you've spent the evening drinking in a bar, your mileage may vary Also, if you've been drinking all night, you might not be able to judge the passage of time as well as you would sober. Humans can be so impressed with their own abilities that no one else cares about. The sad thing is, you can't claim a record unless it's a sanctioned competition or you have impartial witnesses. This is the latest comic from Deathbulge. There's an extra hover text punchline there.  

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Daylight Savings Made Each of These Twins the Older One

Daylight Savings Time makes for some weird situations -one particularly strange example took place this year, when Emily and Seth Peterson gave birth to twins on November 6. One twin, Samuel, was born at 1:39 AM, but the later born twin arrived after the time change -at 1:10 AM. So which one is older -the one born first or the one born at an earlier time?

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Friday I'm In Love - The 13th Cure For Loneliness

Jason Love by Vincent Trinidad

Jason don't care if Monday's whack, Tuesday Wednesday teen attack, Thursday stab someone in the back it's Friday and Jason's in love...wait, can that masked murderer actually feel love in his rotting heart? He loves Mama Voorhees, that much is certain, but could he actually develop an attraction to someone who isn't an immortal slasher? And would his Mama approve of him dating someone who doesn't share in their belief that all humans who visit Crystal Lake should die a miserable death?

Show the world the lovable side of your favorite slasher with this Jason Love t-shirt by Vincent Trinidad, and your fellow fans will scream with delight every time they see you wearing this fun shirt!

Visit Vincent Trinidad's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Noodle Swim Beetle Juice Moonlight Cats Kitty Kong

View more designs by Vincent Trinidad | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Champion Gravediggers

We have long held that any human activity will eventually be made into a competition. The International Exhibition of Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services was held recently in Trenčín, Slovakia. One event during the convention was a grave digging competition. Eleven teams of two men each from Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia dug in to see who could produce the fastest and neatest grave, using only hand shovels and pickaxes. Slovakian brothers Ladislav Skladan and Csaba Skladan won by digging a grave five feet deep in only 54 minutes.  

"We want to show and appreciate the hard work of grave diggers," said Ladislav Striz, who established the contest last year.

"Most Slovak graveyards are so crowded and spaces between graves so narrow that we need human diggers instead of machines," he said. "They work hard, come rain, come snow."

Read about the competition and see more pictures at Reuters.  -via mental_floss

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Mindset and Getting Old

The science of aging is going several directions. It appears that there isn't one secret of aging, although the study of telomeres, the knot at the ends of our chromosomes, may be a key factor in aging at the cellular level. But it's not the only factor. Psychologist Ellen Langer has been studying the effects of aging, particularly how one's mindset affects their biological health. In 1979, she set up an experiment in which elderly men were given a retreat back into the 1950s for a week.

Every day Langer and her students met with the men to discuss “current” events. They talked about the first United States satellite launch, Fidel Castro entering Havana after his march across Cuba, and the Baltimore Colts winning the NFL championship game. They discussed “current” books: Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger and Leon Uris’ Exodus. They watched Ed Sullivan and Jack Benny and Jackie Gleason on a black-and-white TV, listened to Nat King Cole on the radio, and saw Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot. Everything was transporting the men back to 1959.

When Langer studied the men after a week of such sensory and mindful immersion in the past, she found that their memory, vision, hearing, and even physical strength had improved. She compared the traits to those of a control group of men, who had also spent a week in a retreat. The control group, however, had been told the experiment was about reminiscing. They were not told to live as if it were 1959. The first group, in a very objective sense, seemed younger. The team took photographs of the men before and after the experiment, and people who knew nothing about the study said the men looked younger in the after-pictures, says Langer, who today is a professor of psychology at Harvard University.

So there may be something to the habit of lying about one's age -to oneself. Read about research on aging and the mind's effect on it at Nautilus. -via Digg

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A Modern Sisyphus

It's a windy day. The garbage can blew away, and mom and dad sent their son to get it and bring it home. But it's still windy, so that's not an easy job. But he keeps at it, no matter how difficult his task is made.

(YouTube link)

Sisyphus was condemned to roll a rock up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, for eternity. I hope this child is not still out there trying to bring the garbage can home. -via Metafilter

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There Are 5 Different Types Of Butts In The World

We like to think of our bodies as unique and totally different in shape than anyone else's body, especially in regards to our posteriors, but according to NYC plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman MD there are actually only 5 different types of butts out there.

And learning which type of butt we have can help us choose the right underwear and clothing that looks flattering on our fannies (the American usage, not the British).

The five basic booty shapes are square, round, V-shape, A-shape and upside-down heart, a list which Schulman MD formulated after examining "an estimated 50,000 butts from 35 countries and almost every U.S. state":

Dr. Schulman says your butt shape is determined by the placement of your pelvis and hip bones, the amount of fat you have and its distribution, the size of your underlying gluteal muscles, and the way your butt muscles attach to the thigh bone. The outcome is a butt that fits into one of five categories.

See There Are 5 Different Types Of Butts In The World here

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Meet Sandyra's Cat

Neatoramanaut Sandyra has mentioned her Maine coon cat a few times, and I finally requested a picture. This is C.R.

I had a Maine Coon cat a long time ago. He was huge, bigger than a full grown Pekinese. His paws were enormous and his head was wider than a human's head. He weighed 30 pounds and was the sweetest cat I've ever had the privilege to serve. I still miss him and his motorboat purr...

And here C.R. is indulging in his hobby of eating cat food directly out of the canister. -Thanks, Sandyra!

Everyone else, feel free to post pictures of your favorite cat (or any other pet) in the comments.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Ned Flanders-Inspired Heavy Metal Band Drops Their First Music Video

Ned Flanders hasn't inspired churchies to hit the gym and get ripped or to grow cool moustaches, but he has inspired one heavy metal band to trade in their leather jackets for sensible sweaters.

They're called Okilly Dokilly, and despite the evil sound of their songs they worship at the altar of Nedal, meaning you would mistake those guys for bible salesmen if you saw them on the street.

And even though they're from Phoenix, Arizona instead of Springfield, USA their first music video "White Wine Spritzer" will give you a taste of what it's like to live next door to The Simpsons!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Rolling Stone

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Star Wars Rogue One Snowflake Designs

Anthony Herrera (previously at Neatorama) makes a set of Star Wars snowflake patterns every year. Now he has released his 2016 Star Wars snowflake patterns! This set is based on the new movie Rogue One, which will be in theaters next month. There are 11 downloadable patterns if you want to make your own snowflakes, or you can buy window clings in these patterns at his Etsy store. There's also a video tutorial at Herrera's site if you need help folding and cutting snowflakes. -via Geeks Are Sexy 

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Wonderful Is A Wonderfully Absurd Music Video About Jealous Pubic Hair

People are constantly trimming off their pubic hair without a second thought, throwing it away like a pile of curly garbage even though all it wanted to do was please us and keep us warm.

We watch it fall away, toss it in the trash or flush it down the toilet, all so we look more appealing to a potential partner, but what if our ideal date was growing right under our belly buttons?

(YouTube Link)

This wonderfully absurd music video for Francobollo's Wonderful EP somehow manages to turn a ball of unwanted pubic hair into an interesting character. Oh, and the song is really good too!

-Via DesignTAXI

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Honoring Our Veterans

On Veterans Day 2016, you can honor a veteran by adding them to a website with a map. You'll find pictures, histories, tributes, and locations for quite a few veterans already, from both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the conflicts in between. Add a veteran you know from any US conflict; they don't have to be a relative.    

Meanwhile, if you are a veteran or active military, many restaurants are offering free food today. You may need an ID or uniform.

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How To Be Productive In The Morning

Are you a morning person? Well, good for you sunshine, because most normal people can't stand mornings.

We wake up with a head full of cobwebs, trying to squeeze that first cup of coffee in before something we see or hear makes us blow our top.

Sometimes we manage to survive the morning like true heroes, other times we do like the guy in this comic by Andy Kluthe- and sleep through our alarm because our dream life is so much better than the real one!

-Via CollegeHumor

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Saving Money - You Put Your Change In The Wrong Piggy!

Saving Money by Naolito

Farmer Wilson should have known his daughter Samantha was too young to understand the difference between literal and figurative language, so naturally when he told her to feed the piggy with her spare change she did just that- to an actual pig. The poor little porker had no idea what an ordeal it would be to get a buck fifty in nickles, dimes and quarters out of his stomach, but at least he's back in his sty instead of being served up on a platter for Sunday dinner!

You don't have to save up very much to buy this Saving Money t-shirt by Naolito, and it's the kind of clothing purchase that will keep on giving as it helps you spread smiles wherever you go!

Visit Naolito's NeatoShop for more ridiculously geeky designs:

The Little Wizard I'm not a monster Empty Jar Fire Road

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What Do You Do With a Dozen Cats?

12catslady is a social media user who has 12 cats. Go figure. You can see them at Instagram, where the effect of seeing a dozen cats all staring at you in picture after picture is a bit unsettling. But they do more than pose. In this video, they investigate a toy. Only one cat is brave enough to touch it.

(Facebook link

Now, that's how we like our cats! -via reddit

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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You Gotta Catch All of These Simpsons/Pokemon Mashup Pins

Are you ready to Go get the coolest new fashion accessory on the market? Then you'll want to head over to ThumbsDesign, where you can get your hands on these amazing Pokemon/Simpsons mashup pins.

The artist, Nick Thompson, put a lot of thought into which characters would mashup well together, so you get fun creations like this Abe/Drowzee (Abzee) that has the powers of Cloud Yelling and Story to Nowhere.

Best of all, each pin comes with a matching sticker, and a matching trading card complete with the character's name, powers and type.

If you're wondering how you catch a Simpmon, the answer is simple -with a Pokenut or a Pizza Ball. Those are sure to catch some Homertoises and Pikabarts in no time.

Via Fashionably Geek

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This Orphaned Rhino and His Best Friend Will Make Your Day Better

(Video Link)

This precious ball of baby hippo was abandoned by his family when he was only a few days old and he almost didn't survive. But the plucky little guy was loved on by his rescuers and when he made a best friend, things really turned around for him. Sure hippos and rhinos might not hang out in the outside world, but when the two baby orphans met, it didn't matter that they were different species, it just mattered that they could help each other move on from their hardships and have fun together. And isn't that the cornerstone of a real friendship no matter what species are involved?

Via Pets Lady

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The First Food Writer

(Image credit: Byron Eggenschwiler)

With a name like Clementine Paddleford, she should have been unforgettable. So why don’t you know who she is?

In the Long Island Sound, the world’s fastest nuclear submarine was cruising 200 feet beneath the waves. Sirens and horns whined as the crew tested the submarine’s alarms. As usual, the USS Skipjack hummed with activity. Sailors walked purposefully through tight passageways, their buzz cuts skimming the ceilings. That wasn’t the only buzz in the air: Word on the ship was that Clementine Paddleford was touring the galley.  

It was March 26, 1960, and after a year of wrangling, the U.S. Navy had finally given the 61-year-old journalist permission to board the Skipjack. Now she was in the submarine’s capsule kitchen, a cape around her shoulders and a notebook in hand, scoping out the 54-square-foot room where cooks prepared nearly 300 meals a day for the crew. They flurried about, making strawberry shortcake, prime rib, and endless pots of coffee from ingredients compressed to save space. Though she was no stranger to unusual kitchens, the endeavor was nerve-racking. Paddleford would later write that as she boarded the ship loaded with torpedoes, she’d been “clothed in gooseflesh.” 

But she hadn’t worked so hard just to walk away empty-handed—she’d get her story, along with a brownie recipe that could feed 80. Whether Paddleford was inspecting a kitchen at the bottom of the ocean or piloting a plane across the country in search of new delicacies, she was a fearless pioneer, intent on uncovering tales that would resonate with the American public.

Continue reading
We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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So, you are sound asleep enjoying your usual nightmare when it suddenly takes a left turn into something equally frightening, just not as familiar. That's when you wake up with a "GAH!" according to Alex Culang and Reynato Castro at Buttersafe. Honestly, I'm not sure if we should consider each line a separate comic or put them all together to get a super meta dream-within-a-dream sequence. Such an experience will make you want to shout "GAH!" and wake up from the bad parts of reality.

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Fat Kangaroo Rat Rescued from Wall Socket

(YouTube link)

A kangaroo rat tried to squeeze out of the wall through a TV socket, but he was too fat to fit! Gazza Vegan found him and freed him by breaking the plastic wall plate. He said the only thing hurt was his pride. Since the guy goes by the name vegan, you can trust that he didn't harm the little fella. -via reddit

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Behind the Scenes With Janis Joplin and Big Brother, Rehearsing for the Summer of Love

Bob Seidemann took photographs that graced the covers of some of the 1960s and '70s most iconic record albums. But when he was hanging with Janis Joplin and the rest of Big Brother and the Holding Company in San Francisco, he was just a friend of theirs, so the pictures he took were mostly candid shots. His fame as a photographer would come later. Now, we get to take a peek at the pictures he took during their rehearsals in 1967, some for the very first time.  

The black-and-white, Kodak Tri X Pan photographs Seidemann took of the band rehearsing in the warehouse appear to be from two different days, identifiable because of the change in clothes worn by band members. Joplin’s garb is easiest to describe. In one group of photographs, she’s wearing a T-shirt with the JOB cigarette-papers woman on it. This was probably not a random choice on her part—the image had been popularized by artists Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse on a poster for a Big Brother show dated October, 7, 1966, at the Avalon Ballroom.

The rest of Joplin’s attire—pin-striped jeans tied at the waist by a braided belt, a pair of kitten-heeled sandals beneath her feet—is defiantly casual, which is surprising since these photographs were definitely taken after Big Brother’s triumphant performances at the Monterey Pop Festival in June of 1967, which means Joplin was on her way to being a full-fledged rock star, and all the wretched excess that implies.

Big Brother and the Holding Company performed 135 shows in 1967. That's a lot of work. Read about the band and see dozens of Bob Seidemann's photographs at Collectors Weekly.

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Chewbacca Speaks English

Something you never thought about before, but it makes perfect sense: Chewbacca had his own lines in Star Wars. While filming, Peter Mayhew spoke those lines in English to give flow to his conversations with Han Solo. But since they spoke in different languages, Chewbacca was overdubbed in Wookiee. When Mayhew posted this Tweet, the first comment was

there's something wonderful about a narked off Wookie with a Yorkshire accent, i'd have loved that in the final cut

-via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Greatest Differences Between The Walking Dead Characters On TV And In The Comics

The Walking Dead began as a faithful adaptation of the comic book series but soon went in a completely different direction thanks to budget restrictions, fan input and the logistics of creating realistic zombie hordes.

One way in which the show differs greatly from the comic is the cast of characters, and many of the most popular figures in the comic aren't featured on the show and vice versa.

Most people know the Dixon Brothers Daryl and Merle aren't even in the comics, but many of the other significant differences between the comic and TV versions will surprise you.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, but if you enjoy the TV show and/or comic and don't care about spoilers you should check out this Ranker list of The Greatest Walking Dead TV Vs Comics Differences.

It's interesting to see the differences spelled out in such a clear cut way, but it will straight up spoil some major character events.

And if you're on the fence about all things The Walking Dead I would suggest reading the comic book series before (or instead of) watching the show, because in my opinion it really is much more enjoyable overall.

See The Greatest Walking Dead TV vs Comics Differences here

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How the Rise of Mirrors Shaped Our Idea of the Individual

People have been looking at their own images in pools of water since there have been people, but you don't get a really good view that way. Polished metal was an improvement, then glass, but a really clear look at oneself requires a mirror. These came about at around 1300 CE, and proved to be a game changer as they spread through the world in the 15th century. Before mirrors, people identified themselves as part of a group, because their experience of self was mainly in relation to those around them.  

This is why the medieval punishments of banishment and exile were so severe. A tradesman thrown out of his hometown would lose everything that gave him his identity. He would be unable to make a living, borrow money, or trade goods. He would lose the trust of those who could stand up for him and protect him physically, socially, and economically. He would have no one to plead his innocence or previous good behavior in court, and he would lose the spiritual protection of any church guild or fraternity to which he belonged. What happened in the fifteenth century was not so much that this community identity broke down, but rather that people started to become aware of their unique qualities irrespective of their loyalty to their community. That old sense of collective identity was overlaid with a new sense of personal self-worth.

But the transition was not for everyone at once. Mirrors were expensive, and only the wealthy had the means to perceive themselves as individuals at the time. Royalty, artists, philosophers, and scientists led the way, with common people following over time, as you'll read in an article at Lapham's Quarterly. -via Digg

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iPoison - Taste The Evil

iPoison by daletheskater

People thought they were buying the cutting edge in computer technology when they brought home their new SnowApple laptop computers, but they were actually paying outrageous prices for a taste of digital poison. Rebecca White was the first victim followed by her seven cousins, who'd bought the SnowApple on Rebecca's recommendation, and before the scourge could be stopped dead the forensics team discovered the poison was spread through word of mouth. Soon people all over the world were lining up for hours to buy the equivalent of digital cyanide just so they could go online and spread the word about their shiny new purchase...

Grab this tasty iPoison t-shirt by daletheskater and warn the world about the danger of gobbling up every shiny new piece of fruit someone offers you!

Visit daletheskater's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Pizza Planet Freddy Claws Mob Mentality The Foot Clan

View more designs by daletheskater | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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