I'll Murder Everything You Love - A Cat-Astrophic Plot To Rule The World

I'll Murder Everything You Love Cat by Tobe Fonseca

Cats act all cute and harmless as they rub themselves against our legs and purr with happiness while sitting on our laps, but if the internet has taught us anything it's that cats are great actors- and they want to rule the world. They figure the best way to do that is by murdering everything we humans love, so whenever we bring great new furniture, new curtains, or awesome new pets into the house the cats set their plan into action. And as they destroy our stuff and kill our other pets they sit back and watch their humans melt down, knowing those hairless apes are one step closer to being ruled by the kittehs...

Show the world what your cat is really up to while you're at work with this I'll Murder Everything You Love Cat t-shirt by Tobe Fonseca, it's sure to make your fellow cat fans smile and nod in agreement!

Visit Tobe Fonseca's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more cat-tastic designs:

The Best Vacation Reading Book Camping I Love To Kill Cat Traveler Tourist Tower of Pisa Bear Italy Ill Never Let You Go Bear Love Cat

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Houdini Dog Escapes Hospital

His name is General, and he's a Great Pyrenees. He escaped from the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia, Monday morning by opening the latch to his kennel and then three other doors to get outside! His movements were caught on surveillance cameras.

(Facebook link)

It's a good thing General wasn't in need of medical care; he was being boarded while his family was out of town. The dog was found later that day in a yard near the animal hospital. His owner, Travis Campbell, was surprised at the scope of the caper, but knew General was a smart dog. -via Digg

(Image credit: Travis Campbell)

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Some Of The Most WTF Things People Have Seen At College

(Image Link)

Going away to college is exciting, terrifying and earth shattering all at the same time, and as teens turn into young adults they sow their wild oats like never before, resulting in epic memories both good and bad:

“In the first week of December, I saw a man dressed as Santa Claus sprinting across campus while being chased by a man in a green morph suit wearing a Grinch mask. They were both yelling and screaming about Christmas as they ran. It was so close to finals week, literally no one even turned their heads.”

“The BDSM club – Bible Discussion and Study Meeting. I literally had to go back to make sure I read that correctly. I go to a Christian university and yes, people are THAT innocent. After that, we now have to send all flyers to be reviewed.”
—Ariana Coyne, Facebook

(Image Link)

College days are chock full of surprises- pop quizzes, instant crushes, parties in the middle of the week, spontaneous makeout sessions and sudden breakups that leaves the dumpee feeling desperate:

“I once woke up to a drunk bagpiper, in his full uniform (kilt and all) playing a medley of Lady Gaga hits in my apartment complex’s parking lot. It was around 4am. He was trying to win back a girl who dumped him.”
—Katie Copley, Facebook

And more often than not college craziness is fueled by alcohol and a sense of freedom most students have never felt before:

“Some friends and I were apartment hunting, and this guy was showing us his place. He moved this giant cardboard beer advertisement cutout and showed us a giant hole in the living room wall. We all looked at him simultaneously and he just shrugged and explained ‘battle axe’.

(Image Link)

But the memories that really stick out for most college students are those moments when being free meant letting your freak flag fly high, knowing no one would judge you for nerding out:

“I was walking in the quad and I saw a tightrope strung between some trees. Then a big group of furries in full fursuits congregated around it, taking turns trying to walk the tightrope.

(Image Link)

See 23 Of The Most WTF Things People Have Witnessed At University here (NSFW)

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Revenge of the Tree

(YouTube link)

They're trying to pull a tree stump out of the ground with an SUV. They should have tried digging, even a little bit, because that tree has been there since way before any of these guys were born. It's not giving up easily. Okay, spend the first 30 seconds of the video trying to imagine what will happen. And then be surprised. -via Jalopnik  

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Existential Craigslist Furniture Ads

Millions of ads go up on Craigslist every day, but most of them aren't worth reading, even if you are interested in what they are selling. One Craigslist user tried a different solution though -writing hilarious, existential ads that question the nature of life itself. While she may not have actually sold her furniture yet, at least she's entertaining the general public with listings like this:

The shower caddy stared at me, abject, its suction-cup eyes glowering with contempt, from the open cabinet in which I'd immediately placed it (and then, from which I'd never removed it) after buying it at Target months ago.

"I am worth something," its wire grill hissed, wordlessly. "I'm an object with value and purpose. With utility. And you treat me like THIS???"

See more of her listings over at LAist

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19 Awesome Facts About the Movie Pulp Fiction

It hardly seems possible that the Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction is 23 years old. The complicated and sometimes incomprehensible film still captures the imagination of its fans old and new. And there's always something new to learn about the movie.

See quite a few more bits of trivia about Pulp Fiction at TVOM.

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This Cat Crashed An MLB Game

The Florida Marlins played their opening game yesterday against the Atlanta Braves. The game was pretty standard -up until the sixth inning, when delay was called on account of a cat appearing on the field. It then proceeded to avoid capture and it climbed an advertisement until it reached the Marlin's home run statue where it hid out for quite a while. The team disabled the statue (which normally goes off if a home run is scored) while the cat was hiding and eventually the kitty was removed safely from the field. 

Read more about the incident on ABC News

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Beatles' First #1 Song

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

The Beatles' first record "Love Me Do" was released on October 5, 1962. It was a moderate success, peaking at #17 on the national music charts. Now, the band needed a good, strong follow-up song. "Please Please Me" was written entirely by John Lennon.

Early on in their co-writing careers, John and Paul had decided that every song, even if only written individually, would be officially credited to Lennon-McCartney. And so it was with "Please Please Me." Interestingly, on the song's original release in England, on the Beatles' first album, it was credited as a "McCartney-Lennon" composition. After this, every co-written or individually-written song by John and Paul was credited to the now-familiar "Lennon-McCartney".

Written at his childhood home at 251 Menlove Avenue in Liverpool (his aunt Mimi's home), John was to vividly remember composing the number. He remembered "The pink eiderdown over the bed, sitting in one of the bedrooms."

John said he had just heard a Roy Orbison song "Only the Lonely," which influenced him to write the song as a slow-paced ballad. He was also strongly influenced by a 1932 Bing Crosby song called "Please." In it, Crosby sings the line "please lend a little ear to my pleas." A natural wordsmith, John was always fascinated by this double use of the word "please."

Continue reading

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LEGO Macintosh Classic

What do you get when you mix LEGO, Raspberry Pi Zero mini-computer, e-paper display and nostalgia for Apple's 1990 Macintosh Classic? This awesome LEGO Macintosh Classic by programmer Jannis Hermanns.

Take a look at the build pics over at Hermanns' blog. Very cool!

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An Honest Trailer for Rogue One

You knew it was coming, and now it's here. Screen Junkies turns a jaundiced eye toward the latest film of the Star Wars universe, even though it's not quite an episode in the saga. Rogue One is also not quite a prequel, because even though it occurs before another well-known episode, the word "prequel" has an extra meaning when combined with the words "Star Wars."

(YouTube link)

Also, the word "rogue" manages to be mangled when people type in a hurry. Or is it autocorrect gone rogue? -via Uproxx

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Hackers Can Guess Your Cell Phone Security PIN Just by Watching the Phone's Tilt As You Type

Think your cell phone's security PIN is secure? Here's a new worry: hackers can guess your mobile phone's security PIN with astonishing accuracy just by watching how the phone tilts when you type them in.

"Most smart phones, tablets, and other wearables are now equipped with a multitude of sensors, from the well-known GPS, camera and microphone to instruments such as the gyroscope, proximity, NFC, and rotation sensors and accelerometer," Maryam Mehrnezhad of Newcastle University said, "But because mobile apps and websites don’t need to ask permission to access most of them, malicious programs can covertly ‘listen in’ on your sensor data and use it to discover a wide range of sensitive information about you such as phone call timing, physical activities and even your touch actions, PINs and passwords."

By analyzing the movement and tilt of the phone using data collected by the phone's various internal sensors, the security team was able to crack the four-digit PIN with an astounding 70% accuracy on the first guess, and 100% by the fifth.

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The Triple Parker - He Paints Whatever A Spider Can

The Triple Parker by Scott Neilson

Peter Parker was never much of an artist, and even though he's a gifted photographer his drawings used to look like something a third grader would scribble out in art class. But after being bit by that radioactive spider he has become a man with spidery abilities, and a byproduct of these abilities and having spiderlike agility and grace is he's suddenly a really good painter. Like Norman Rockwell good, which he found quite surprising, but he was even more surprised by how much painting self portraits helped him put his superheroic life in perspective. I mean, why avenge, revenge and detain when you can just let the bad guys bust themselves? Did I mention this art phase lasted about two days?

Wear a geeky work of art wherever you go with this The Triple Parker t-shirt by Scott Neilson, it's the marvelous way to show love for that swingin' spider guy!

Visit Scott Neilson's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

Greetings From Paramonia Temple Raiden Electronics Spideys Nightmare Watch Your Language

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Dig This Crazy Pink Panthermobile

The Pink Panther was the coolest cat on television in the 60s and 70s, and even though he's had quite a few different shows he's best known for The Pink Panther Show, which ran on NBC from 1969 to 1976.

NBC obviously had faith that the show would succeed because they had this far out custom built Panthermobile made for the intro of the show:

(YouTube Link)

The Panthermobile measure 23 feet long, sports a seven-litre engine and a "Pleasure Capsule":

This part of the Panthermobile lives up to its name as it is tricked out with a bar; pink satin upholstery; pink shag carpet; an old school pink push button phone and seats already in the recline position. It was also equipped with a little black and white television and a camera that allowed the driver to spy on the party going on in the back.

Ten years ago the Panthermobile was sold at auction for $143,500, but when it reappeared at auction in 2011 the Panthermobile looked like something the cat coughed up.

Thankfully it was purchased by Galpin Auto Sports, who put in the time and money to restore the Panthermobile to its former fuzzy pink glory.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Peekaboo Holes in the Fence For Penny the Peeking Dog

Image: @Jennifer Bowman

Penny, a dog owned by Jennifer Bowman's neighbor, loves to say hello. But a tall wooden fence means that the dog has to jump like it's on a trampoline just to get a glimpse. So Bowman had an ingenious solution: a peekaboo hole for a dog (complete with accomodations for the dog's nose, of course!).

Oh, and of course there's a YouTube clip of Penny peeking through the fence.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Invention Nobody Wanted

The most mundane items often have a fascinating story behind them. Post-It Notes? We use them every day, whether in office work or to keep kids busy yet non-destructive. This is one of the rare stories in which the product came before there was a recognized need. After all, we had paper clips and thumbtacks already!  

(YouTube link)

Simon Whistler of Today I Found Out tells us the story of Post-It Notes, and how they eventually came to be both ubiquitous and indispensable.

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Pablo Picasso's Cubist Paintings Reimagined As 3D Forms

Pablo Picasso's Cubist paintings give the viewer a sense of depth and dimension despite his use of simplistic shapes, flat colors and minimal shading to render each scene.

This is a testament to his skills as a painter, as he gives our minds just enough information to see the scene as more than a bunch of 2D colored shapes, and his paintings even inspire the digital artists of today.

Pakistani artist Omar Aqil is one of the many digital artists who has been inspired by Picasso's paintings, but he has set himself apart from the rest by attempting to faithfully recreate each painting as a 3D render.

His series MIMIC features 3D scenes that are every bit as unusual looking as Picasso's original paintings but with much more textural interest and depth. Here's what Omar has to say about this unusual project:

MIMIC is a series of new visual experiments using art from the past. In this project I have randomly picked 6 paintings from the Pablo Picasso’s (One of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century) work and recreate them into modern 3D visuals. In this visual mimicry I have shown, how the skill responds when it come across the complexity of someone’s thought and how the meanings of the shapes and forms have been changed and create new physical qualities. It’s propose to give a new implication of Picasso’s artworks with a series of hyper-realistic visuals. I am trying to explore more to his geometric forms.
It’s really difficult to me to recreate the artwork of Pablo Picasso. I have been studying his artworks since I have started my career, his abstract visual language always inspired me and I have found new forms interacting with each other.

See Pablo Picasso's Paintings Get Recreated Into Absolutely Stunning 3D Forms here


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Koeiendans 2017

Wanna see some happy cows? Then you're in for a real treat! "Koeiendans" is a Dutch term meaning "cow dance." Why are these cows so happy? They've been inside their nice warm stalls in the Netherlands for five months, which is good when it's cold outside, but gets a bit frustrating after a while. Now they get to go outside to frolic through the fresh new grass in the pasture. You'd be dancing, too!  

(YouTube link)

These cows belong to Brandsma's Pleats, which might be the farm's name, but it's all Dutch to me. -via Everlasting Blort

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer

That old line "why don't you take a picture, it will last longer" is so tired and so clichéd people who use it might as well be saying "I don't like to be looked at- and I'm also not very witty."

I get that they don't want every slack jawed yokel staring at them while they're walking down the street, but does an altercation full of harsh words really accomplish anything good?

According to this strip by A Comik these encounters can sometimes lead to hugs and a deeper understanding of the human condition- and the photo op of a lifetime.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Cat Wants ALL the Food

No matter what ciganyolga has in his hands, his cat Pocak wants some, and she isn't too proud to beg. She's the very opposite of picky. Or else just has an insatiable curiosity.

(YouTube link)

He tells Pocak's story.

I bought the cat from breeders, and when I picked her up, after watching the 'exhibition' of her parents' awards from different cat 'beauty pageant‎s', they handed me a 10 pages long handbook about what exactly I should feed the cat with, that she only eats Royal Canin etc.
On our way home, I made a deal with the cat: I won't call her von Orchidenwald Baby Mercedes, like her mom, or similar posh cat names, and in exchange, she does not torture me with being snob and picky.
She agreed, and she wants to eat everything. And her name is Pocak (means tummy in Hungarian).

(Begging this way has been her skill since she was a kitty, I did not trained her. I cannot train her to do anything, anyway.)

He's right about that. Cats train us to do their bidding. -via Viral Viral Videos

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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When Harry Potter Fans Take Over a Roller Rink

You may not be able to fly in an actual quidditch game, but rolling on skates at full speed can still feel pretty magical and give you that wind-in-the-face feeling like flying. And that's why having a Harry Potter night at a roller rink makes complese and utter sense.

This particular event took place at LA's Moonlight Rollerway, which has theme nights pretty frequently. 

You can see more fun pictures of the event at LAist

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They Saved MST3K’s Brain

The newest version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 debuts on Netflix on April 14. It's a remarkable comeback for a show with a complicated history. It started out on local cable in Minnesota, jumped to multiple markets, got a ten-year run on the Sci-Fi Channel, re-ran for a while, jumped to DVDs, and birthed an offshoot called RiffTrax. All along the way, the concept gained fans old and young. The new MST3K is a result of a crowdfunding campaign. Read how it all came about at the A.V. Club. 

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How Far Can You Drive Your Vehicle On Empty?

Many drivers start to worry when that little red gas pump light comes on, and unless they know their car's fuel usage well they start to wonder how far they'll be able to go before they totally run out of gas.

Most cars have about 1 to 3 gallons left when the gas light comes on, which is why it's good to know how many miles per gallon your car gets so you know how far you can go before it sputters out.

This handy chart created by YourMechanic shows how much gas is remaining, and how far the car can go, when the fuel warning light is triggered in the 50 best selling cars in the U.S., so you'll never have to pull a Kramer to find out.

(YouTube Link)

See full sized chart here

-Via Good Housekeeping

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Readers Gonna Read - Don't Hate On My Attention Span, Man!

Reading Pun Humor by happinessinatee

Most of the time haters just hate because they're jealous, and when a hater is hatin' on you because you read books it's probably because they're either illiterate or braindead! Because readers are gonna read, whether fans of alternative facts give them guff every day for living that reader's life or not, and love of the written word isn't something humanity is likely to lose anytime soon. So ignore those haters who stare at their screens all day and crack open a book, so your mind can wander to places much better than this!

Shut down those dodos who can't bear to crack open a book with this Reading Pun Humor t-shirt by Happinessinatee, it's the highly legible way to say "I'm a book lover, and I can read you from a mile away!"

Visit happinessinatee's Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more very readible designs:

Sarcasm Loading Funny Joke Panda Bear is happy Retro Snow Mountain Van Beer Love

View more designs by happinessinatee | More Funny T-Shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Face of Evil

Although we all know the devil has blue eyes and blue jeans, the biggest pop culture franchises still portray the villain as ugly, and often use dermatological conditions to do so. This is a shortcut to make it easy for the audience to identify and to dislike the villain. But what are the consequences? A study in JAMA Dermatology found that of the top ten villains (as compiled by the American Film Institute), 60% displayed diagnosable dermatological conditions, while none of the top ten heroes did. Not surprising, but a breakdown of the different characters and conditions is quite informative. Take albinism and hypopigmentation, for example:

The “evil albino” trope likely precedes film and may have multiple cultural sources, dating back to Neolithic Eastern European culture, in which death is depicted in art as a fair woman with light hair.5 European folklore, rich with vampires and pallid undead creatures, may have also influenced the stereotype, as well as African attitudes toward people with albinism as being cursed or magical.6 The albinism bias was adopted early in film history and pervades modern cinema. The 1960s saw an explosive increase in film villains with albinism. During this period, tanned skin was considered healthy and glamorous.7 What better way to identify an abnormal character then one who can’t tan at all? From 1960 to 2006, there were a total of 68 films featuring the “evil albino” stereotype.8 Typical depictions include characters with albinism that act as assassins, are scary, have silly nicknames, dress entirely in white, and/or have health problems beyond their albinism.7 Several advocacy groups for people with albinism have responded to depictions of albinism in film with protest. Notably, NOAH works to counter negative and frequently inaccurate depictions of albinism in film.9 Although albinism is not present among the AFI top 10 villains, gray-hued complexions and other abnormal skin colors are prominent, as seen in both Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back and Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist (1974).

The upshot is that dermatological conditions are not an indication of evil in the general populace, and these portrayals may contribute to discrimination for those who suffer from them. Interestingly, the study looked at red hair, too, and found that it occurs in both top heroes and top villains at the same rate, although a much higher rate than the general population. Read the report of the research here. The reference articles are interesting, too. -via TYWKIWDBI

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We're Going to Need a Bigger Broom: Man Fights Off Great White Shark with a Red Broom

Image: @Salty Dog Fishing Charters

Dan Hoey of Salty Dog Fishing Charters was fishing for yellowtail kingfish off the coast of Victoria, Australia, when he encountered a whole different kind of fish: a white pointer or better known as a great white shark. Luckily, the fisherman had his trusty red broom.

"We need the broom to clean at the end of the day, that's it's primary job. It's second job has become fending off white pointers," Hoey told 9News.com.au, "It was coming right up to the boat. It didn't bite it properly but it started to get pretty fired up at one stage."

The great white sharked, nicknamed "Black Betty," circled the boat a couple of times before swimming off, knowing that it has met its match in the trusty red broom.

Here's the video:

Continue reading

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The First Congressional Baseball Game

In the summer of 1909, the U.S. Congress was in a contentious battle over tariffs. To lighten the mood, a congressman who was a former professional baseball player suggested a friendly game between Republicans and Democrats. A game was set up, open to the public with proceeds going to fund Washington playgrounds, and a thousand people showed up to watch. But the politicians were not the athletes spectators were used to watching.  

The first inning went relatively smoothly for both sides as they each put up two runs and avoided major gaffes. The errors soon piled up, though, beginning with the Democrats cracking the game open with a 10-run second inning. The Republicans responded with a 10-run fifth inning that featured one of the most bizarre plays of the game not involving an error. Rep. Howland hit a soft liner to left that looked like an easy catch for anyone other than to whom it was hit. In an effort to preserve life and limb, Democratic left fielder Thomas Heflin ducked, letting the ball land softly and roll to the left field wall, giving Howland an opportunity to round the bases. However, the out-of-shape congressman barely made it to second base before collapsing and asking for a replacement runner.

And that was just the beginning. The crowd loved watching their representatives' incompetence on display, and laughed at the their eventual exhaustion. The game ended with 36 runs, 43 hits, and 14 errors, and gave the newspapers a field day. Read a full account of the first congressional baseball game at The Hardball Times. -via Digg

The Congressional Baseball Game has become an annual event, which now includes senators and raises more than $100,000 for local charities.   

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Actors Who Began Their Careers On Miami Vice

Miami Vice launched the career of Don Johnson while simultaneously destroying the career of Philip Michael Thomas, but did you know the hippest of all 80s crime shows also introduced the world to Jimmy Smits, Benicio Del Toro and Ben Stiller?

Jimmy Smits appeared on the first episode of Miami Vice as Crockett's first partner Eddie Rivera, in Jimmy's first on screen appearance.

Miami Vice was also Benicio Del Toro's first stop in a storied career when, at age 20, he appeared on the show as "Pito, an ex-con-turned-thespian with a local theater group, Mi Vida Loca."

For Ben Stiller Miami Vice was only his third appearance on TV, and yet he was already developing the kooky fast talking persona he's known for today when he appeared as Fast Eddie Felcher on episode 2 of season 4.

Miami Vice was also a major starting point for tough guy actor Dennis Farina, who worked as a consultant for exec. producer Michael Mann after 18 years with the Chicago Police Department.

Mann liked Dennis so much he not only cast him as recurring character Albert Lombard on Miami Vice- he cast Dennis as the lead in Crime Story, one of the best historical crime shows ever made.

Lastly we have Liam Neeson, who was already a bit of a veteran when he appeared on the first episode of Miami Vice's third season as a former IRA hitman who woos detective Gina Calabrese (Saundra Santiago).

Liam used his appearance on the show in 1986 to launch his film career in Hollywood, and he would play a similar character a year later in the film A Prayer For The Dying.

See 27 Actors Who Got Their Start On Miami Vice at mental_floss

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The Best 80s Cartoon Theme Songs of All Time

(Video Link)

If you were a kid in the 80s, you almost certainly watched cartoons and some of those cartoons have some seriously amazing theme songs. Collider ranked an impressive 45 cartoon shows from the 80s and there are some unforgetably great songs on the list -particularly the Duck Tales theme song, which I'm sure many would agree should have the #1 rather than the #2 spot. 

Many of the theme songs I expected seemed to be lacking (including Captain Planet and Tailspin), but I realized only afterwards that they were actually all released in the 90s.

So check out the full list over at Collider

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French Rifle Music

The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research staff

Rifles can be used to produce music. Colonel Gaston Bordeverry, a French marksman, devised a crowd-pleasing way to combine melody with the traditionally percussive nature of the machine.

Details, including photographs, appeared in The Strand in 1904, in an article called "Playing the Piano with a Rifle" (vol. 28, December, 1904, pp. 580--81). (The article was quickly reprinted, with minor changes in the text, in The Musical Age, vol. 48, no. 8, December 24, 1904, p. 243).

The Strand says that the colonel, while highly skilled at firearms, had no formal and little informal musical training. It took him months to learn how to play only one song: the intermezzo from Pietro Mascagni's 1890 opera "Cavalleria Rusticana."

The colonel created the piano with help from Parisian pianoforte maker Lucien Burgasser. Reportedly he had first approached British manufacturers. But, The Strand reported, "English makers passed the chance of inventing the instrument. It was too much trouble, and they did not believe in its feasibility."

The Strand describes in some detail the mechanics of the performance:

What readers will first notice from this photograph is that the piano appears to all intents and purposes just an ordinary instrument---it is a cottage upright grand--- save that it bears a most curious pattern of circles and notes. The circles are bull's- eyes---at least, some of them are---not larger in circumference than a shilling.

When mention of playing a piano with a rifle is made one naturally thinks that it is done in the ordinary way---by firing at the keys.

Continue reading

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Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings

What would happen if you sent the combined forces of the humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits, and other characters of The Lord of the Rings against an invasion by the Galactic Empire, led by Sith Lord Darth Vader? It would certainly be an epic battle!

(YouTube link)

Gandalf has magic, but the Sith have the dark side of the force. But wait, if it seems a little lopsided in the technology department, let's give Aragorn a light saber! It only seems fair, since Vader has a death star. This video by Alex Author calls itself a "fan trailer," but it's really an extended battle scene, expertly edited, to make the most of the action scenes from both franchises. -via Tastefully Offensive

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