Monster Truck Makes the Perfect Redneck Rescue Vehicle

(Video Link)

If you've spent your life building the perfect monster truck, this is your moment to shine!

Heavy rains have left many neighborhoods in Texas flooded, stranding residents in their homes. Some might be able to get out on foot. For those in Millsap, Texas who couldn't, Cole Geeo rode to the rescue.

Geeo drove his Ford monster truck with an 8-foot rise through the water to pick up Deborah Wright out of her water-surrounded home. WFAA reports (auto-start):

"That's a redneck rescue I do believe," said Dina Young Gray, Wright's co-worker at Millsap ISD. She called around for help when Wright was in trouble.

"That’s just how Millsap is," she said. "We just look out for one another... If this didn’t work, we were going to get a boat."

-via Jalopnik

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An Acoustic Analysis of Freddie Mercury’s Voice

We all know that Freddie Mercury was a phenomenal singer. Was he physically blessed with a larynx that wouldn’t quit? Was his music the product of inborn talent? A new study published in Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology determined that Mercury’s singing voice was most likely the result of hard work and discipline. Respect. A team led by Austrian voice scientist Christian Herbst said Mercury had a normal human range and he was most likely a baritone, although he sang tenor. The study included analysis of Queen’s music plus comparison with another rock singer performing with a camera down his larynx (what fun that must have been). What they found out about Mercury was pretty impressive. 

What they discovered was that he likely employed subharmonics, a singing style where the ventricular folds vibrate along with the vocal folds. Most humans never speak or sing with their ventricular folds unless they’re Tuvan throat singers, so the fact that this popular rock vocalist was probably dealing with subharmonics is pretty incredible.

What’s more, Mercury’s vocal cords just moved faster than other people’s. While a typical vibrato will fluctuate between 5.4 Hz and 6.9 Hz, Mercury’s was 7.04 Hz. To look at that in a more scientific way, a perfect sine wave for vibrato assumes the value of 1, which is pretty close to where famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti sat. Mercury, on the other hand, averaged a value of 0.57, meaning he was vibrating something in his throat even Pavarotti couldn’t move.

Add to that the precise control he had over his voice, and you’ve got the phenomenon that was Freddie Mercury. You can read the entire study here. -via Uproxx

(Image credit: Flickr user a a)

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Rainbow Pizza

So you've already had the rainbow grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. What's for lunch? I suggest the rainbow pizza. Amy of the marvelous food blog Oh, Bite It made this pepperoni pizza with an extra thick layer of mozzarella on top.

As soon as she pulled it out of the oven, she dripped food coloring into the cheese and spread the colors through the cheese with a fork. It's like a food version of a sonic rainboom!

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Cat at a Dog Show

Robert Dollwet took his Bengal cat Boomer (previously at Neatorama) to a dog show. Boomer is on a leash, and all those dogs acted like that was a cue that he’s just another dog, although at least one seems to have caught on. 

(YouTube link)

It ended up as an adorable encounter. Remember, this is a well-trained cat and the dogs are show dogs, so you can bet they are well-disciplined, too.  -via reddit

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Duct Tape Is Magic - Binding Spells Sold By The Roll

Duct Tape Is Magic by Fishbiscuit

No matter whether you call it duck or duct, no matter what you use it for or how many rolls you currently have stashed in a kitchen drawer, you must agree that tape is made of some mighty magical stuff! It's great for repairs, redos and rigging up traps to catch your siblings unaware. You can wear a roll on your wrist like jewelry, remove those pesky eyebrows in a flash or make yourself a prom dress and hit the dance floor in style. Why, it's the most versatile tape known to man!

Celebrate your favorite home repair tool with this Duct Tape Is Magic t-shirt by Fishbiscuit, and keep rollin' on in shiny silver style!

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Someday, Pluto NeverTrump Alexandria Is For Lovers Awake

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Attachment Turns a Hoverboard into a Go-Kart

Would you like for beautiful, bikini-clad women to smile at you? Then have I got a product for you! The Hoverboard Cart is a seating attachment for a conventional hoverboard. Instead of trying and failing to maintain your balance on one of those flimsy things, you can lower your center of gravity and put it on 4 wheels.

As this demonstration video illustrates, a beautiful, bikini-clad smiling woman is capable of taking a hoverboard over rough terrain and even tow an equipment trailer. Just slip a beach chair or a cooler into the rack and start crusing.

-via Technabob

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This Is Why You Should Let Sleeping Tigers Sleep

Tigers are like all cats in that they need to squeeze in eighteen plus hours a day of beauty sleep, and they really don't like to be disturbed while they're catching some z's.

But unlike most other cats a tiger will launch a furious attack at anyone who dares disturb their sleep, even if that attack leads to an awkward tension between bros in a shared enclosure.

(YouTube Link)

Is that the tiger from The Hangover? Looks like Mike Tyson has taught him some moves!

-Via FAILBlog

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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6 Weird Alcohol Laws From Around the Country

America went through a grand experiment called Prohibition which failed miserably and was repealed in 1933. Since then, laws surrounding alcohol are set by state and local governments, and they can vary widely. Some places have strange restrictions to curb excessive drinking. We read about Utah’s restrictions recently, and mental_floss has a list of other strange liquor laws in this post. I grew up in a completely “dry” area, where you bought liquor from a bootlegger or traveled to the nearest “wet” area to get it. Now this area is a patchwork, where you can buy liquor in some towns, but not out in the counties. Are there weird restrictions on alcohol sales and use where you live?

(Image credit: Lewnwdc77)

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These Costume Redesigns For Batman And Wonder Woman Are Super

The iconic pantheon of superheroes who form the Holy Trinity of the DC Universe suffer from an identity issue they've never been able to outgrow- their equally iconic costumes.

If Batman doesn't have his cape or pointy-eared cowl, if Supes doesn't have a cape or an S on his chest, and if Wonder Woman is caught without either her bracers, tiara or lasso these heroes somehow lose their power.

Artists have tried to come up with new outfits to make them look more like normal folks, but they're not normal- they're super, so any wardrobe change should really reflect that.

That's why two of the three redesigns created by Stephen Byrne work so well- Batman becomes a bit more of an agent or contractor but still retains his batty spirit and still looks intimidating.

And Wonder Woman looks like an urban adventurer ready for action, still regal, still a warrior but less of a princess.

Supes in jeans and a t-shirt, on the other hand, just doesn't do it for me.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Bendito Machine V

Many of you remember the first Bendito Machine video and how wonderfully trippy it was. Now Zumbakamera has the fifth episode ready, and it’s just as marvelous! The series is scheduled to end with the sixth chapter.

Bendito Machine is a series of simple-minded organisms and their dazed relation with machines. Gentle creatures that survive in a state of perpetual dependence, where artifacts mark the passage of a glorious future.

(vimeo link)

This chapter brings us to a fairly-modern age, and is slightly NSFW. If everything goes as it has before, we’ll see the final chapter in about three or four years. -via Metafilter

Continue reading for the first four episodes.

Continue reading

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Portraits Of People After They've Had A Glass Or Three Of Wine

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you're buzzed or totally blotto and thought “gee, my face looks kinda funny right now!”

You may have dismissed this change in appearance as merely the product of inebriation, but this photo series by Marcos Alberti shows us that drinking actually makes our faces more fun.

That's because the alcohol in our favorite alcoholic beverages (in this case wine) takes away our inhibitions and allows us to stretch our faces into super silly expressions, thereby eliciting laughs.

It's all really scientific and related to chemistry and biology and endorphins and such, but this is all you really need to take away from Marcos Alberti's photo series- three glasses of wine is enough to loosen anyone up!

See Photographer Captures Subjects After A Glass (Or Two, Or Three) Of Wine at mental_floss

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Toddler Blames Batman for the Mess He Made

(Video Link)

Laura Hopkins of Inverness, Scotland found lipstick drawings on a mirror in her home. She confronted her 2-year old son Noel.

Noel knew the truth: his favorite superhero, Batman, had gone bad, broken into their home, and drawn the doodles!

Oh, for shame, Batman!

-via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The 10 Best Ghosts in Movies

A very many movies feature ghosts, because it’s the perfect medium for fictional stories and special effects. Which ghosts are the most memorable? TVOM has compiled a list of the best, which is quite a subjective subject. Not all of them are from horror films; in fact, several are comedies. Check it out and see if your favorite cinema ghost made the cut.

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Popping Popcorn with a Hair Straightener

(Video Link)

It'll take a long time to fill up a bowl, but you can pop popcorn with just a hair straightener and patience.

BuzzFeed talked to the person who invented the process. He says, "I didn’t eat it so I don’t know if it tasted good, but it was insanely stiff." I suggest pre-buttering the hair straightener

-via Pleated Jeans

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“Boaty McBoatface” Wins Poll; Loses Ship

Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) held an internet poll to name their newest research ship. The final results had “Boaty McBoatface” winning with 124,109 votes, which is four times the number of votes the runner-up received. But as you knew would happen, the powers-that-be have nixed the name.

Appearing to drown all hope that the U.K.'s new $300 million research vessel will be named "Boaty McBoatface," Science Minister Jo Johnson says the ship needs a more "suitable" name.

We have yet to hear what that “more suitable” name will be. Former BBC radio host James Hand, who submitted the name “Boaty McBoatface,” said his favorite was “Clifford the Big Red Boat.” I prefer the RRS “Pee-Eee Cee Tee.”

(Image credit: Natural Environment Research Council)

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Delicious - He Eats, Sleeps And Obeys Pizza

Delicious by Hillary White

The aliens who had infiltrated Earth found there was one food product they didn't have to force humans to eat, the Earthling dish known as pizza. People loved to gobble up pizza by the slice, as if they needed this meat and cheese covered dough to live, so the aliens decided to see what the fuss was all about and eat a slice. Next thing you know the invaders had given up their dreams of taking over the planet and instead focused on opening up artisanal pizza parlors throughout the galaxy...

Bring home this Delicious t-shirt by Hillary White and your fellow geeky fans will want to eat you all up!

Visit Hillary White's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more deliciously geeky designs:

Meowstache Meowllennium Falcon Rainbowburster Predakitten

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Bulldozer Brawl on the Street

Don't bring a knife to a bulldozer fight. That's not a problem for either of these gentlemen in Hebei, China. Construction workers in two rival companies competing for business settled their differences like men: they climbed into their bulldozers and used them as weapons.

(Video Link)

The brawl escalated as reinforcements for both sides arrived--driving additional bulldozers, of course.

-via Blame It on the Voices

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Italian Grocery Store Introduces Dog Friendly Shopping Carts

(Image Link)

It's a bummer dogs can't go grocery shopping with us because they'd be great at picking out snacks, although they'd probably force us to buy a cartload of both real and squeaky steaks so maybe we're better off.

But if and/or when grocery stores allow dogs to come along they'll ride comfortably in a cool dog friendly shopping cart, like this one introduced by Gianfranco Galantini in his grocery store Unes.


Now Gianfranco should consider dedicating one entire aisle to Snausages and other dog treats, so his new fleet of furry shoppers can spend their human's hard earned cash.

-Via PureWow

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Woman with Baby Fights off Armed Robber

(Video Link)

A man entered a cafe and shop in Champ-du-Boult, Normandy, France. He pulled out a gun and demanded money.

The owner was holding a baby at the time. She calmly walked past the robber, brushing him aside, and put down the baby. Then she returned with stern words for him, followed by fists. The Local quotes her:

"You're not in a bank here, it's stupid," she shouted. "Stop pointing that gun at me," she also yelled.

The robber fired his gun twice, but they were apparently blank rounds. He fled the scene on his scooter. Then he decided to come back 10 minutes later. Police were waiting and arrested him:

“I think he understood the gravity of the situation and thought he could get away with an apology,” said the owner of the bar.

Yes, he doesn't seem too sharp.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Ten Unexpected Duties Performed By Secret Service Agents

Until recently many people assumed the Secret Service did nothing more than guard the President and his family while wearing a stony expression and talking into their sleeve.

But then we discovered how much Secret Service agents like to get drunk and carouse with prostitutes, which led us to wonder "why do they have so much steam to blow off?"

(Image Link)

Secret Service agents have to do pretty much anything the Prez tells them to do, like carry all of Jimmy Carter's luggage or shield Lyndon B. Johnson while he pees outside (and on the guy's leg), so that's a start.

When mistresses and wives needed to be kept separate the Secret Service goes to work, and when George W. Bush's underage daughters wanted to go out drinking agents are there to keep them out of jail.

Unable to relax, much less party, because you're too busy protecting the POTUS family while they get their ya-ya's out? Now that's a valid excuse for passing out in a hotel hallway in Holland or getting crazy in Cartagena!

Read 10 Unexpected Duties Performed By The Secret Service at mental_floss

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Hospital Offers New Service: Customer Refunds

(Unrelated photo by Graham Mitchell)

Did you have an unsatisfactory customer service experience with the Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania? Unlike a lot of hospitals, Geisinger is actively thinking about the patience experience as a customer one. It's created an app that lets customers voice their dissatisfaction and get refunds when they've met rude, careless, or otherwise inadequate hospital employees. The Washington Post reports:

One 49-year-old patient received a $210 refund in February after an appointment left her in tears. “Pt felt like they didn’t care and did not have her best interest at heart. Pt. stated she came to Geisinger b/c she trusted us, she has no trust now,” according to the financial authorization for the refund.

Karen Hull was upset, too, and not just over the chicken panini that took hours to be delivered after her successful surgery in January. Several weeks earlier, the Geisinger Medical Center finance department had blindsided the 46-year-old dental hygienist with a call for a “down payment” on her operation, for a herniated disc that had caused crippling pain.

“I remember thinking, it’s not like I’m going to skip out on my back surgery,” she said. She wound up paying $100 toward her $2,375 co-payment.

After she got home, she asked for a $150 refund — an amount that reflected her distress but didn’t make her look “hoggish.”

It's a novel approach to hospital care. But health care executive Ceci Connolly says that it shouldn't be:

“It is sad and ironic that a business that has decided to listen to its customers and be responsive and even occasionally refund some money is considered so out-of-the box,” Connolly noted.

-via Marginal Revolution

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8 Wild Movies

The following article is from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Nature Calls.

Need an idea for a great nature film to watch? (And no, 1966’ s The Wild World of Batwoman does not count.) Here are a few suggestions from Uncle John’s own collection.


“Described by legendary wildlife filmmaker Alan Root as ‘perhaps the best-known and most influential wildlife film ever made,’ Serengeti Shall Not Die is an intimate and evocative account of the wildebeests’ yearly migration. Hoping one day the boundaries of Serengeti National Park would encompass the entire movement of these massive herds, German conservationist Professor Bernhard Grzimek researched the route of the herds. Serengeti Shall Not Die is widely credited with alerting the world to the plight of Africa’s wildlife, the Grzimek’s aerial census bringing to life the dwindling numbers of numerous species.” (

2. PLANET EARTH (2006)

(YouTube link)

“Seven continents. Five years. A $25 million budget. A total run time of 530 minutes. "Planet Earth" is an undertaking so epic in scope that it earns comparisons to the grandest Hollywood blockbusters. It’s the Titanic of television nature documentaries. The production employed over a dozen of the world’s most renowned nature photographers, sent them out to traverse the globe for over 60 months, capturing the planet’s most amazing landscapes and creatures in stunning high-definition. Even the title of the series is ballsy— you don’t name your documentary "Planet Earth" if you’re not aspiring to something monumental.” (Peter M. Bracke, High-Def Digest)

3. NEVER CRY WOLF (1983)

Continue reading

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Face Swapping at the Museum

Jake Marshall of Norwich, UK visited the British Museum in London. He used the face swapping filter on Snapchat for precisely the purpose it was designed: switching faces with ancient sculptures.

The ancient sculptors knew their stuff: the app easily detected faces and turned Marshall into gods and kings from distant times.

Continue reading

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The World's Finest Superheroes Meet For The First Time In This Fan Film

The film Batman V Superman is supposed to be a sequel to the 2012 film Man Of Steel, but many fans believe BvS has too much Batfleck in it to qualify as a proper sequel.

They want to see a fresh faced Batman in the film, meeting Supes at the onset of their superhero careers and trying to assess whether the alien is a threat to humanity.

(YouTube Link)

So the superfolks at YMMPodcasts took it upon themselves to create World's Finest, a Man of Steel conceptual short made for fans by fans.

-Via GeekTyrant

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This Chair Was Made Specifically for Cigar Aficionados

(Photo: Nina Reuter)

At the end of a long day, when you're finally ready to relax and enjoy a good cigar, sit back in El Purista. Rodrigo Gonzalez, an architect from Chile, and Alexander Sauer, a lawyer from Germany, made it to maximize the cigar-smoking experience. The arms are made with drawers for all of your cigar accessories, as well as a cupholder for your whisky and a custom ashtray shaped for a cigar.

-via The Contemporist

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100 Years/100 Shots

Jacob T. Swinney made a supercut of movies from 1915’s Birth of a Nation, and one every year after that, until 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. So that’s technically 101 shots. The movies aren’t labeled in the video, but there’s a list of them in order, without dates, at the vimeo page. You’ll recognize most of them.  

(vimeo link)

It’s a little disconcerting to realize that films from my childhood are only halfway through the century. Too bad he didn’t include a shot from the trailer of The Birth of a Nation (2016), which would have made a nice bookend. -via Metafilter

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Dogs Playing Poker - Fetch Me Some Toilet Water, Would Ya?

Dogs Playing Poker by NemiMakeit

That classic painting featuring a pack of hounds playing poker has been in need of a pop culture makeover for decades, and now that it has received a colorful cartoon update it looks like we'll soon be hanging a new masterpiece on our walls. With Courage, Brian, Snoopy, Scooby, Pluto, Jake and Santa's Little Helper all sitting around slinging cards and calling bluffs this design is sure to become an instant classic with both the cigar chompers and those strange people who treat their dogs like a baby...

Throw on this Dogs Playing Poker t-shirt by NemiMakeit and watch your fellow toonheads howl at the moon with doggy delight!

Visit NemiMakeit's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Hulk Play Smashketball Homerbusters Adopt A Stardog Super Mario Kiss

View more designs by NemiMakeit | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Star Trek Pinball Machine

The master craftsmen at ALTAR Furniture, which previosly made an R2-D2 coffee table pinball machine, built this coffee table body around an old Star Trek pinball machine dating back to 1991. The one-of-a-kind piece required 390 hours of work to make it into a Starfleet shuttlecraft, probably a Type 15 shuttlepod. The new LCARS display at the front includes truly otherworldy artifacts: 4 meteorites.

You can see more photos here.

-via Gizmodo

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George R. R. Martin Discusses The Real History Behind Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones, and the book series that inspired the show A Song Of Ice And Fire, clearly take place in a fictional world of fantasy, since there are White Walkers, giants, fire breathing dragons and such.

However, the political conflict that serves as the heart of the main storyline is inspired by real history.

(YouTube Link)

We know The Wars Of The Roses, which took place in England during the 15th century. sits at the top of the list of influences, but who, what and when else inspired Martin's epic series?

Let George R. R. Martin himself, along with an assortment of well read historians, recount the many ways history has inspired the series that so seamlessly blends fantasy and reality.

(YouTube Link)


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I don’t know, maybe it’s unfair to judge a man’s wand by the size of his broom. The analogy breaks down when you realize that all the students at a school for wizards will see your wand. In the real world, you can drive an average size car and no one will think a thing of it, while those who drive a Hummer will have assumptions made about him. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.

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