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Look! It's a collection of noses! Where'd they come from? Futility Closet explains. See, the philosophy of preserving ancient art changed. In the 19th century, art museum curators would replace the missing noses on ancient Greek and Roman statues with replacement noses, to make them look whole and original. Later, preservationists decided that adding parts hundreds of years later actually ruined the authenticity of those ancient statues, so the replacement noses were removed. Sometimes those noses were collected and displayed, and such a collection is called a Nasothek. The Nasothek pictured here is from the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek art museum in Copenhagen. -via Nag on the Lake

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This Giant Panda Loves To Pose For Selfies With Tourists

Getting a wild animal to take a selfie with you is really hard to do, and the human often gets battered like an annoying paparazzo just for trying, but the giant panda in these pics clearly likes humans- and posing for selfies.

It almost seems like the giant panda posing for the pics, like it knows that thing on a stick is taking a picture of him, but that's impossible, right? It seems that way until you see this pic:

The panda is clearly looking into the camera!

Taking a selfie with a giant panda is one of the amazing services offered by the Dujiangyan Panda Base in Chengdu city, China, which may explain why this pretty panda is such a good poser.

See This Giant Panda Has Mastered The Selfie Game here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The First Underwater Portrait

This picture of Romanian oceanographer Emil Racovitza in his underwater diving suit was taken in 1899. From what we know of photography in that era, cameras were large and fragile, and subjects had to sit for a long exposure to let enough light in. How did they manage that underwater? Photographer pioneer Louis Marie Auguste Boutan, who took the picture, had to invent the equipment to do it -and the underwater flash machine he came up with was thoroughly dangerous, yet it did the job. Read about the tech that went into the first underwater portrait at PetaPixel. -via Digg

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The Forgotten China Girls Hidden At The Beginning Of Old Movies

Have you ever heard the term "China Girl" and wondered what it meant? It has nothing to do with race, at least not when used in filmmaking, and it has nothing to do with the David Bowie song.

The China Girl was a model photographed by a filmmaker to help the lab technician calibrate their equipment while processing the film, a reference plate to help the technician get the colors right.

The term China Girl is a reference to the mannequins made of porcelain (china) filmmakers used in this function, and eventually came to refer to the live models who posed for these test shots as well.

And even though the live models weren't always thrilled to pose as China Girls for a filmmaker, they must have liked knowing their photo was seen by audiences before the main feature!

In 2011 the Chicago Film Society began collecting China Girl portraits and sharing them online in their Leader Ladies Project, many of which can be seen in this surreal short by Julie Buck and Karin Segal.

(YouTube Link)

See The Forgotten 'China Girls' Hidden At The Beginning Of Old Films here

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When the U.S. Saw Italian-Americans as a Threat to Homeland Security

When America officially entered World War II on December 8, 1941, Japan, Germany, and Italy suddenly became our enemies. That posed a problem, both cognitively and legally, for the thousands of American immigrants from those countries, and even descendants of immigrants. Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 in February of 1942, which most famously led to the relocation of 120,000 Japanese-Americans from the West Coast to internment camps. But it also affected Italian-Americans. More than 50,000 were forcibly relocated, and 600,000 were registered and forbidden to travel outside their cities. And many had their homes and businesses seized.  

One morning in spring 1942, federal officers knocked on the door of a New Haven home. The man who opened the door, Pasquale DeCicco, was a pillar of his community and had been a U.S. citizen for more than 30 years. He was taken to a federal detention center in Boston, where he was fingerprinted, photographed and held for three months. Then he was sent to another detention facility on Ellis Island.

Still with no hearing scheduled, he was moved again to an immigration facility at Fort Meade, Maryland. On July 31, he was formally declared an enemy alien of the United States. He remained at Fort Meade until December 1943, months after Italy’s surrender. He was never shown any evidence against him, nor charged with any crime.

Read more stories of how Executive Order 9066 affected Italian-Americans at Smithsonian. 

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See The Colorful Side Of Buenos Aires With A Street Art Tour

Every traveler wants (or expects) to see something different when they visit a foreign country, and these sights are often what draws them to that particular destination.

Personally, I like to visit places with an active art scene, and it's an added bonus if they have a bunch of awesome street art on the walls while I walk around town, which is what makes Buenos Aires seem so appealing.

The street art scene is exploding in Buenos Aires, so non-profit organization Graffitimundo is now offering a guided tour of the city that focuses on all the amazing street art popping up around the city.

Graffitimundo works with artists and galleries to bring the people to the freshest pieces and art spaces around town, and at about $25 a ticket it's an artsy trip anyone can afford!

(Image Link)

Read "See Buenos Aires differently with GraffitiMundo street art tour" here

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Harry Potter Meets Classic Pinups

Here's a mashup you probably never thought about before. Cosplayer Ginny Di dressed up and posed for a set of photographs depicting Harry Potter characters Hermione, Luna, and Ginny in classic cheesecake scenes inspired by artist Gil Elvgren. The prints from this project are for sale during February only at Ginny Di's shop. Some Harry Potter fans will be getting these as a Valentines Day gift!

You can see all six Harry Potter cosplay images alongside their pinup inspirations at Geeks Are Sexy, and see more Ginny Di cosplay at Instagram.

(Image credit: Josh Randall (left) and Gil Elvgren (right))

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Relax This Weekend -Watch This Corgi Wearing a Propeller Hat

(Video Link)

Life is stressful -especially right now. Some people are stressed about politics and some people are particularly eager to see their team win the Super Bowl. If you need to relax a little, this video is the way to go. What's better than a pup in a propeller hat just relaxing in the wind?

Via Incredible Things

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Art of Creating False Teeth for the Movies

Gary Archer has spent most of his life making prosthetic teeth, or dentures, like his father before him. He was asked to make a special set of teeth to use in the 1993 movie Mrs. Doubtfire, which led to other movie projects, and now he's the go-to guy in Hollywwod for movie teeth. Archer tells us about some of the film projects he provided teeth for.

“I saw something on the BBC website, I don’t know whether it was last year or this year, where they were talking about quintessentially bad British teeth. On the page they had a picture of Austin Powers. Someone forwarded that to me, and I said, I think I’m responsible for propagating this myth about bad British teeth. When Mike Myers first came to me on this, he said, ‘I want bad British 1960s teeth’. There’s an English pub out here where I live in the Valley and a lot of English expats are in there. And so I basically looked at a lot of the smiles from the clientele there.

“I just modelled Austin Powers on two or three different people that I used to drink with in this pub. I took pictures, I made sketches and then came up with a design. And straight away Mike loved it. He said that I’d absolutely nailed it. So we ran with it. He made those teeth famous. In the third movie, which is set in modern times, he has his teeth all fixed up. Yet without the real, bad teeth in, he isn’t Austin Powers. He’s just Mike Myers wearing a pair of glasses and a colourful costume, which isn’t the same. So they always made him go back in time, so he could have his bad British teeth again. They were integral to the character.”

A lot of Archer's movie work involves undoing what a movie star spends so much money on. To make a character believable, their teeth cannot be perfectly straight and Hollywood white. Read the stories of seven movies and the teeth they used at Little White Lies. -via Digg

(Image credit: Timba Smits)

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The Wise Man

Tyler Falbo produced a parody of the tearjerker ads we see during the Super Bowl. In this one, a man confronts the fact that his 9-year-old son has only two weeks to live.

(YouTube link)

First you get sucked into the story, then you have to ask yourself, "What is being advertised here?" Don't fret about it; it will all become clear eventually. -via Tastefully Offensive 

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Chewbacca To The Future Parody - Best Friends Go Back For Each Other

Chewbacca to the Future Parody by Chip Skelton

Chewie wasn't taking Han's death very well, and he was spending way too much time in his workshop grinding, welding, sawing and soldering through the night, so BB was sent to check on him. BB buzzed his intercom but there was no reply, so he jacked the door open and rolled in to Chewie's shop just in time to see the Wookiee step into some sort of souped up cloud car and disappear. The droid had caught the whole thing on holo, of course, so he was able to show his friends, but as he was heading back to show the clip to Rey and the gang Chewie came walking in...with Han Solo by his side!

Isn't it about time you added a geeky mashup shirt to your wardrobe? This Chewbacca to the Future Parody t-shirt by Chip Skelton might do the trick, and it's sure to stay in style well into the future so no worries there!

Visit Chip Skelton's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Family of Dragons II - Tyrant Wyrms Waterbrushed Shisa Atomic Fire!

Waterbrushed Mutant Plant

View more designs by Chip Skelton | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Mr. Peapod

Having a substitute teacher can be a wonderful experience for bored students, but things take a turn for the bizarre when Mr. Peapod shows up. You expect this comic from Buttersafe to follow the convention and repeat the style of the first joke, but that expectation gets yanked out from under you in this story. Mr. Peapod ends up being wrong in three completely different, yet disturbing ways. Now all the students are hoping against hope that he doesn't get that permanent opening.

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How Rivals Mario And Sonic Became Friends At The Olympic Games

(Image Link)

Sonic the hedgehog and Mario the moustachioed plumber don't seem to have much in common aside from the white gloves and cartoonishly oversized shoes.

But both characters have one major thing in common that made them rivals for decades- they were the main representatives for competing gaming console manufacturers.

SEGA created Sonic to compete with Nintendo's superstar Mario, and the two companies had a rocky relationship until a global event brought the two rivals together- the Olympic Games.

(YouTube Link)

Did You Know Gaming? took a look at the decades of gaming industry rivalry that was magically transformed into a friendship between Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

-Via GameTyrant

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Las Vegas Overrun with Bunnies

In Las Vegas, it's illegal to abandon a pet. But people do it anyway, just not at a shelter. People who have abandoned pet rabbits by just setting them free have sparked a takeover that might remind one of the movie Night of the Lepus.  

The yards, parks and lots of Vegas are home to thousands of feral rabbits. Known as “bunny dump sites” to the legions of volunteers that care for their residents, they’re strange places, more tragic than adorable, where the human heart clashes with the limited resources of the state. Released by overwhelmed pet-owners and left to breed, the rabbits now overwhelm any attempt at government control, digging up public property, chewing on pipes, and ending up dead in the sewers. To survive, they depend entirely on the kindness of self-identified “bunny-lovers”—volunteers faced with an impossible task.

People feed the abandoned bunnies, but that leads to more bunnies. Local shelters are trying to "trap, neuter, and release" the rabbits, but have limited funds, and that's technically illegal anyway because of the abandonment regulation. Read about the bunny infestation in Las Vegas at Atlas Obscura.

(Image credit: Dave Schweiger)

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Dad Takes Photo Of His Baby Boy And His Beagle Every Month For Two Years

Taking pictures of your newborn baby alongside the family dog is a cherished tradition, and it's fun to watch the infant grow into a toddler and then a child alongside their furry family member.

British Army photographer Timothy Jones began this tradition when his darling son Stan was born, shooting the first pic of Stan alongside their beagle Jasper when Stan was just a few weeks old.

Twenty four monthly photos later Timothy had an adorable set of "baby and dog = best friends" pics and an unique documentation of Stan's growth during the first two years of his life.

And old Jasper looks like he hasn't aged a week!

-Via Shareably

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Why Is Poop Brown And Pee Yellow?

The title sounds like a question a five-year-old would ask, and most of us would reply with something like "I don't know," or "It has to be some color." But it's a valid question, and MinuteEarth has the answers, which give us an amazing glimpse into the complex chemistry of our bodies.

(YouTube link)

The main reason we don't have the answers for our kids is that the subject of bathroom functions was once not spoken of in polite society. Or even in school. But it's part of the way our bodies work, so the more we know, the better we can take control of our own health. -via Laughing Squid 

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Vintage Photos From Amtrak's Early Days

The Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970 resulted in the creation of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, better known as Amtrak, and the new train on the scene came in full steam ahead.

Amtrak wanted their company to look as stylish and contemporary as possible, so they brought the latest fashion and a splash of color to the drab American railroad.

The train attendants wore hot pants and go-go boots, the trains featured modern decor, extremely luxurious first class seating, and lots of vibrant red inside and out.

This is the Turboclub car, a first class car with two-by-one seating, large viewing windows, reading lamps, flip down tables and the most luxurious velour seating.

Too red for you? Then you would have preferred the subdued browns of the Metroliner Club car, which featured swivel seats, a phone booth and food and beverage service at your seat.

See What Riding Amtrak Was Like In The 1970s here

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The Freaky Swivel Neck of the Barbeled Dragonfish

Most vertebrates go to any length necessary to protect their vital spinal cord. The barbled dragonfish is not that concerned, and has dispensed with continuous neck bones as a tradeoff for eating bigger prey. A study by Nalani Schnell and David Johnson described the small but scary-looking fish's anatomy as having a gap between the neck and head where no bone restricts its head movement.

Now, to add to the freak show, it appears some barbeled dragonfish have a rather freestyle connection between their head and their body—one that allows them to achieve a 120 degree wide, banshee-like mouth gape.

“We certainly know of no other fishes with this feature,” Johnson told Gizmodo. Most vertebrates have bone-to-bone joints between the head and the neck, including us, he added.

The discovery came about through Schnell’s dissertation work, which focused on the peculiar anatomy of the barbeled dragonfish’s upper vertebra. Her early research showed that these creatures have a “flexible gap” between the occipital bones at the base of the skull, and the first ossified vertebra of the neck. Within this flex region, notochord tissue—a cartilage-like material that runs through the spines of all vertebrates—lacks the typical bony outer casing.

The fish is apparently unaware of how easy a spinal cord can snap. But since it lives in the deep and can withstand pressures we cannot, it's a safe bet to say that the marbled dragonfish is pretty tough. Read more about the research at Gizmodo.

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Airbnb Is Battling The Winter Blues With The "Outside In" House

Psychologists suggest we go out and get some sun to combat Seasonal affective disorder, but seeing some green with the sunlight is a lot more effective at curing the winter blues than mere sun alone.

So Airbnb and Pantone teamed up to create the "Outside In" house in London, where people can walk in from the grey winter outside and find themselves "glamping" in an indoor forest.

There's an adorable tent set up for the kids, stump seats so renters can chat with the trees, a two person tub, an herb garden kitchen and a greenhouse/dining space perfect for potting over pancakes.

-Via Bored Panda

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10 Famous Cast Reunions That Make Us Feel Old

Movies and TV shows that really grab us never get old. We revisit them time after time and relive the way we felt when we first saw them. However, the people that make those movies age the same way the rest of us do. Scratch that… celebrities age more slowly than the rest of us. Still, when decades pass and we then see a cast reunion picture, it brings home how old that movie or TV show really is. Dominic Monaghan, who played Merry in The Lord of the Rings movies, recently posted this photo of cast members getting together. I almost didn't recognize Aragorn, or Legolas, or any of them outside Elijah Wood (Frodo). How much have the casts of other pop culture franchises changed over the years? See images of them, taken then and again more recently, at TVOM. 

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Ear Gauges and Snakes Are a Bad Mix

People end up going to emergency rooms for a lot of strange reasons, but having a snake stuck in your ear gauge is probably a new one even for the veteran ER doctors. Ashley Glawe of Portland Oregon found out the hard way not to let your snake get too close to your ear gauges. 

According to her Facebook posts where she shared the pictures, the snake got too close to the hole and before she knew what was happening, it was already stuck in her ear. On the upside, she and the snake are ok and she got to use some truly one-of-a-kind hashtags on the post like #SnakeStuckInEar and #SnakeStuckInEarlobe.

Via Distractify

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Blade Fun-Run For Displaced Replicants - No Electric Sheep Allowed

Blade Fun-Run for Displaced Replicants by Captain RibMan

The Tyrell Corp was having a hell of a time deciding what to do with all the displaced replicants roaming around L.A., since the cost of hunting them all down would bankrupt the budget, so their plan changed to one that involved the replicants raising money. The Corp somehow managed to convince the powers that be in Los Angeles that displaced replicants were worthy of charity, and that they should start throwing Fun-Runs to raise money for the replicants. And who would run in these races? Why, the displaced replicants, of course! It was the perfect plan, until a replicant named Roy Batty became a bit too competitive with the other racers...

Help raise money for a geeky cause with this Blade Fun-Run for Displaced Replicants t-shirt by Captain RibMan, it's not a real race yet but it might be some day!

Visit Captain RibMan's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

¡Viva La ReVoltrón! Did You Know That Wasn't Me? Smokey Says "Resist" Pees (Peace) On Earth

View more designs by Captain RibMan | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Target Practice

In this wordless German ad, a man goes for some target practice and fails to impress the shooting range manager. What is it supposed to be advertising? The message is subtle, but effective.

(YouTube link)

That's what he gets for forming an opinion before all the facts are in. The eyes have it. Take care of your vision with the proper eye drops. -via reddit

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You Need to Get Your Paws on These Cute Puppy Planters and Vases

Not everyone can have a shiba inu or a kitty, but that doesn't mean they don't like pets. Even if you can have a pet, you probably can't bring it to work. That's why we love these awesome pet planters and vases by Etsy seller Sirosfunnyanimals.

While she sells other designs, she really specializes in shibu inus like the planter at the top of the page and the vase above. Each sculpture is a perfect way to bring a little extra fun to your pet-free homes and offices.

Via Incredible Things

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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11 People Who Turned Up Alive at Their Own Funeral

Sometimes a funeral is just a mistake all around. You can't give someone an elaborate sendoff id they're not dead! In these stories of people who were alive at their funerals, they mainly turn out to be either 1. mistaken identity, 2. mistaken declaration of death, or 3. a prank. Each reason makes a great story.  


The village of Braughing in Hertfordshire, England, celebrates "Old Man’s Day" on October 2 each year. The tradition dates back to 1571, and the funeral of a local farmer by the name of Matthew Wall. On the way to his funeral, though, one of his pallbearers dropped his coffin.

It’s a good thing he did, because the jolt promptly woke up Wall up. The farmer would live for over two decades more, finally passing away in 1595. His coming back to life continues to be cause for celebration in Braughing.


When Ecuadorian man Edison Vicuna went missing for three days, his friends and family assumed the worst. Especially when the body turned up of a man whose face had been severely disfigured following a car accident. A post-mortem was performed, and the corpse was confirmed to be Vicuna’s.

Only it wasn’t. In fact, come his funeral, Vicuna turned up, drunk, causing mourners to scream in horror. The funeral, as you might expect, was halted, and the body was returned to the morgue, where it was properly identified as belonging to someone entirely different.

Read all the other true tales of people who turned up alive at their own funerals at mental_floss.

(Image credit: Heavensowns)

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Bow To This Shoebill Stork And It Will Bow Back

Some birds are really good at imitating sounds or movements made by humans, but the shoebill stork in this video is way too polite to make fun of humans that way- so it has mastered the art of the bow.

This stuffy stork even shakes its head as it bows just like a human, and although the dinosaur bird looks like it wants to bite its affectionate visitor the stork maintains its composure and keeps on bowin'.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Swiss Army Pianos... and Other Incredible Lost Designs

You have to wonder why these ingenious ideas aren't in every home.


In 1866, Charles Hess designed a piano containing a trundle bed, two closets, a four-drawer bureau, and a sewing area. Hess designed it for hotels and boarding schools, where bedrooms could also be used as daytime parlors. The piano could hold bedclothes, a washbowl, a pitcher, and towels. Meanwhile, the stool doubled as a writing desk and contained a mirror. Lower cabinets held a “lady’s work-box,” complete with needles and a pincushion. Procrastinating before your piano lessons has never been so easy.


As steamship travel became more popular and affordable in the mid-19th century, a nautical-minded inventor by the name of Newell proposed an “oscillating” couch that kept passengers level as the ship listed over the waves. Looking a lot like the hollowed-out shell of an oversized coconut, the teetering half-sphere was lined with plush cushions and came with its own fixed coffee table. Intended to prevent seasickness, unfortunately, the creation was probably just as likely to induce it.


Continue reading

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Superhero Teams That You Probably Forgot About

(Image Link)

The Justice League, the Avengers, X-Men, Defenders and Teen Titans are all superhero groups who hog the spotlight, but there are lots of inexperienced, incidental and downright motley crews out there who need love too!

Spidey and Sandman on the same team? Amazing but yes, Spider-Man teamed up with five of his former enemies to become the Outlaws, a team formed by Silver Sable to pose as criminals and take down the Maggia crime syndicate.

The Outlaws formed out of necessity, but the group pictured below was formed just to make the rich even richer and to stroke Booster Gold's ego.

They were known as the Conglomerate, a corporate-sponsored team created to give the Justice League International a run for their money, which Booster had left because he felt he was treated as a joke.

But the joke was on Booster after all, because the Conglomerate's sponsors just wanted to exploit superheroes for profit, so Booster had to go slinking back to the JLI after all.

And in case you thought I forgot about the team at the top of the post here they are- the Inferior Five!

(Image Link)

The Inferior Five began as a parody group, the inept offspring of the mighty Freedom Brigade, but readers liked them so much the 5 got their own title, which ran for a mere twelve issues.

But here's the fun part about the Inferior Five- they have to fight crime as a team because they're too inept to do any good on their own!

See 15 Superhero Teams That You Probably Forgot About here

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Original Special Effects Storyboards From Blade Runner

There has been talk of a Blade Runner sequel since soon after the original film came out, and yet here we are waiting for news of that mythical sequel some thirty five years later.

Well, while we're waiting for a sequel that may never come out, and because we know the sequel will never live up to the original, let's take a look at some interesting FX storyboards from Blade Runner!

These fairly inscrutable special effects storyboards were uploaded to the Blade Runner fan site Ridleyville, which is run by an English fellow who owns a massive collection of cool stuff from the original film.

They're not very exciting unless you're interested in how a film like Blade Runner is made, in which case these boards will give you some idea of how the special effects for each scene are plotted out during production.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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What Would Happen If You Never Got Up From Your Seat?

Just veggin' out in your comfy chair in front of the TV or computer seems like a nice way to spend the evening after a hard day at work. You might get so comfortable that you just dose off. But what if you just never got up again? Your enjoyment wouldn't last all that long.

As it turns out, it’s possible to have too much chill. You will die if you never get up from your seat.

Within a matter of hours, the reduced physical activity coupled with gravity will force the blood to pool in your legs, explains Hedge. The reduced circulation will put you at risk for developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot in one or both of you legs. You might experience some swelling or pain, or you might not. But you won’t die from DVT, at least not directly. No, where you really run into trouble, Hedge stresses, is if part of that clot breaks off and enters your lungs. That might cause a pulmonary embolism, a blockage of the very important pulmonary artery, which can definitely kill you.

Oh, but that's only the fastest way to die sitting in your chair. If you don't experience DVT, other unpleasant things will lead to your demise. Find out about them in this article at Digg. After I read it, I felt the need to start a load of laundry, make the bed, and  walk around the yard.

(Image credit:  Christen Smith)

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