An Australian Christmas Tree

sexy_bum82 and Angeldemons of the educational website reddit reveal to us a cultural expression that those of us in North America and Europe may not be aware of. Yes, this is how Australians assemble a Christmas tree while in their homeland.

Australia is well within the southern hemisphere. So science teaches us that December 25 is during Australia's summer, so a fan is useful. Also, everything is upside down. And there are venomous snakes and spiders everywhere--probably wrapped inside these presents.

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Russian Driver Replaces Car Tire with Log

So you've lost a tire but don't have a spare to put on your car. What would you do? I'm stumped.

But the driver of this SUV in St. Petersburg, Russia wasn't. The Moscow Times reports that he was driving at about 50 kph (31 mph). Hopefully the local police will log the incident as a safety violation.

-via Dave Barry, who warns "steer clear of beavers."

UPDATE 11/25/15: In the comments, Frau directs us to this complete photo gallery of how this car lost its tire and the driver replaced it with a log--until the log was worn down. Thanks, Frau!

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Husband Publishes List: "Reasons My Wife Is Crying"

We all cry sometimes. For example, you may get sawdust in your eyes while woodworking. Or you watch an emotionally intense movie, such as The Dirty Dozen.

Those are the two occasions when it is acceptable to cry.

But Aaron Gillies, a comedy writer, has noted that his wife cries more often than that. She cries at incidents that he finds trivial. He has published a list of some of these occasions. These include watching a rabbit escape from a fox in a nature documentary and remembering that swans can be gay.

On reflection, I agree with the wife: all of these are legitimate reasons to cry, which you can now add to the pair that I have mentioned above.

Now, as a happily married man who plans to remain that way, I advise you gentlemen to never do this. Embarrassing your wife online is a terrible idea for most marriages. But Gillies's wife tweets that "I don't feel at all attacked." She's a good sport.

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Leaf Pokémon

Japanese Twitter user xxx2251 takes advantage of the fall foliage to arrange leaves in the shapes of Pokémon. He started with this Charizard which strangely reverted to its prior form as a Charmander, also arranged with leaves. You can find more of his growing collection of leaf Pokémon in his Twitter feed.

-via Kotaku

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Photos of the Boys Who Became The Rolling Stones

(Photo: Ninian Reid)

On the left is Mick Jagger, age 9. On the right is Mick Jagger, age 72. Despite the 63-year gap, the resemblance is striking. The eyes and the grin are the same. And at any age, he looks pretty sharp in formal attire.

Flashbak rounded up childhood photos of the members of The Rolling Stones long before they became famous. You can see Keith Richards at the age of 4, Ronnie Wood as an infant, and drummer Charlie Watts feeding pigeons when he was a toddler.

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Cancer Patient Uses Her IV Pole for Cosplay Fun

(Photo: Tessa Calder)

Tessa Calder, 21, is a college student in Australia. She has cancer, but she doesn't let that keep her down. When she has chemotherapy, she dresses in elaborate costumes and decorates her IV pole so that it becomes an appropriate prop. Here, it's Harry Potter's broomstick. In others, it's Galdalf's staff or a boxer's punching bag.

Calder told ABC News about the first time she came up with an IV costume. She appeared as a pope:

"I had a window and you could sort of look up to the second floor where it was just like a glass corridor – and these patients would walk by in their white hospital gowns with their IV poles and Dad was just trying to make me laugh: 'Oh look, Tessa, there's the Pope! There he is again, there's so many popes!'," she said.

"I had time on my hands so I got some paper and made a pope hat and I think people thought I was absolutely ridiculous – I got some very weird looks!"

-via My Modern Met

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Girl Invokes Girl Code on Math Test

Maddy, the daughter of Jenn Morrison Douglas, had an unusual word problem on a fourth grade math test. In it, four boys and four girls all took turns dating each other. The task was to determine all possible unique dating permutations.

Maddy understood that the premise of the question was faulty, if not alarming. You don't date a friend's ex-boyfriend. That's in the Girl Code. So Maddy wrote:

I can't answer this problem because my mom says according to Girl Code you shouldn't date a friend's x-boyfriend.

She's right. If this was an ethics test, any other answer would have been wrong.

-via Huffington Post

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Fire Rainbow Cloud

Beckie Bone Dunning was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica when she spotted this amazing sight in the sky. Meteorologist Nick Wiltgen calls the phenomenon "cloud iridescence." He explained to the Daily Telegraph that:

"In clouds, iridescence is a by-product of sunlight being diffracted by water droplets or ice crystals, causing the various wavelengths of light, which we see as colours, to emerge at different angles," he said.

"As they reach the observer's eye, the observer perceives a pattern of various colours as those different wavelengths reach his or her eye from distinct directions, rather than being jumbled together and appearing whitish."

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17 Better Names for Musical Instruments

Can you identify the many different instruments in a classical music orchestra? If not, then I suggest this handy guide of instrument names that make practical sense. Don’t underestimate the skill necessary to play a whack-a-dingle. You’ve got to do a lot more than just whack your dingle to make the dingle sing.

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Politicians Wearing Man Buns

Inspired by a Photoshopped image of Donald Trump wearing a man bun circulating the internet, the graphic design website Design Crowd invited people to Photoshop other politicians wearing man buns. Here's Vladimir Putin, the apparently perpetual president of Russia, by forum member lionx. You can find many others here, including Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Kim Jong-un.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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This Motorcycle Looks Like a Lobster

(Photo: Global News)

"I had no idea it would take 3 cows to make 1 lobster."

A lobster shop in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada commissioned local leather artist Timothee Richard to wrap a Buell Blast motorcycle with leather fittings that would make it look like a giant rolling lobster.

It took $2,000 worth of leather alone to compose this beautiful bike that should not be dipped in butter, despite its appearance. Richard calculates that the project took 173 hours over 14 days to complete the rideable motorcycle that he calls "Lobster Roll." You can see more photos and a video at Global News.

-via Geekologie

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They Were Good At It

It’s the usual shenanigans at Brigham Young University. This intriguing item is from the police blotter of the BYU newspaper. Apparently, the students were professional level hide and seek players. -via reddit

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Scoreboard Surprise

Did you catch this during the National League wildcard playoff last night? Quite a few baseball fans who are also Star Wars fans did. ShenaniganZ posted the droid’s reaction at Facebook. The Cubs went on the beat the Pirates 4-0.

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The Queuing Hero

If there's a long wait ahead, then this anonymous hero is your best friend. He will appear when you need him the most, delivering a Dixie cup of wine.

It's such a simple craft that any one of us could do it--and should, at some point, as a public service.

-via That's Nerdalicious! | Photo: unknown

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You-know-who Attends the Bat Festival

The Great Lakes Bat Festival was held on Saturday at the Cranbrook Institute in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It’s sponsored by the Organization for Bat Conservation. Here you see biologist Rob Mies talking about bats and exhibiting a Malayan Flying Fox. As you can see, the bat is gesturing to a kindred spirit in the audience. -via reddit

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The Zucchini Hunter

This proud hunter is posing with his catch. Something tells me he went over the limit; surely you can’t get a license to bag that many! Of course, in the discussion at reddit, the vegetarians are coming out of the woodwork to disparage this man’s ethics in hunting poor defenseless zucchini, while others are proclaiming the superior taste of free-range zucchini over farm-grown zucchini.

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Perfectly Timed Photos Show Basketball Player Dunking the Sun

The energy drink brand Red Bull commissioned photographer Dustin Snipes to show professional basketball player Anthony Davis performing a miraculous feat: dunking the sun into the net. Snipes and Davis made not only one, but many shots of this by lining up Davis and the camera at the right angles, then taking the photos at just the right time. You can see more photos in the series here.

-via Twisted Sifter

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Duck-Shaped Tomato

If it looks like a duck and quacks . . . well, it's actually a tomato. But it also looks like a rubber duck. Marie Davidek of Mt. Morris Township, Michigan grew it in her home garden. She's been raising tomatoes for many years, but has never produced one like this. Davidek doesn't want to slice the tomato up yet and hopes to find some way to preserve it.

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Receipt Came with an Adventure

(Photo: xAverageJoex)

Like all great fantasy role-playing adventures, our tale begins with a pizza delivery. Pizza does not make for great trail rations, but it's a good idea to have a final full meal before launching out on a great expedition against mystical forces and dark powers. A quality pizza gives you a temporary +1 Constitution bonus.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

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Minions Selling Bananas on the Streets of Beijing Got Harassed by the Cops

Fame sure is fickle. One day you're a star on the big screen, the next you're selling bananas on the streets of Beijing.

Users of Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, shared this photo of two adorable Minions selling bananas and getting hassled by urban management officers.

But don't feel sorry for the lovable guys, Shanghaiist explains how all is just a ploy to get you to watch the release of the latest Despicable Me movie in China.

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Engineering Student Used His Wheelchair To Create the Most Epic Mad Max: Fury Road Cosplay Ever!

A photo posted by Ben Carpenter (@bloody_ben) on

Ben Carpenter, an engineering student and avid cosplayer, uses a wheelchair because of spinal muscular atrophy. But Ben didn't let his wheelchair prevent him from creating the most epic "Mad Max" cosplay ever: in fact, he used the wheelchair as part of the costume!

Check out Ben's costume from Dragoncon and Tampa Bay Comic Con:

A photo posted by Ben Carpenter (@bloody_ben) on

A photo posted by Ben Carpenter (@bloody_ben) on

A photo posted by Ben Carpenter (@bloody_ben) on

View more of Ben's awesome Mad Max Fury Road cosplay over at his Instagram.

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This Toilet in a Bar Was Made Specifically for Puking

Redditor ThangCZ says that a nightclub in the Czech Republic has a chest-high toilet made specifically for vomiting. The steel supports helpfully provide steadiness for the generously inebriated. I suppose that if you own a bar where people regularly barf, then this is a practical innovation. Note to the very drunk: puking only.

-via Boing Boing

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Minimalist Jaws Poster by Bartosz Kosowski

We're gonna need a bigger pencil!

Polish illustrator Bartosz Kosowski of Blackbird Illustration spent almost a year creating this phenomenal poster of the 1975 Jaws movie by Steven Spielberg. Kosowski used 202 simple lines to recreate the iconic image of the shark's dorsal fin poking out of the surface of the water.

Betcha start humming the movie's theme song when you saw this! Dun dun dun dun dun dun ...

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How to Troll: Master Level

Dave Trott is an advertising executive with 4 decades of experience in the industry. He's interacted with famous and powerful people, sometimes just for his amusement. In his book Creative Mischief, he shared his recollection of a prank that he played on another ad executive who disapproved of the novel The Exorcist.

-via Nag on the Lake

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Modern Panhandler

Will text for nonfat venti soy chai latte with half shot of espresso no foam! Our pal Dan Piraro of Bizarro Comic envisioned the modern panhandler rattling his artisanal fair trade ceramic coffee mug whilst waiting for a kind soul's help to get the morning's coffee.

Have you seen the prices at your favorite coffee shop lately? The only way to afford a cuppa is to beg for one!

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Woods in the Cabin

Photo: Europe Trotter/Flickr via DaHitcha

You've heard of cabin in the woods, but how about the other way around? In Norway, there are woods in your cabin!

Flickr user Europe Trotter took this photo of an abandoned cabin near Hemsedal, Norway, that gives a new meaning to the word "treehouse."

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Insanely Surreal Van Gogh-Inspired Flower Parade Floats of Corso Zundert

The Netherlands sees your ho-hum flower parade and raises you this: a Van Gogh-inspired flower parade as this year's Corso Zundert (previously on Neatorama).

Every year, the town of Zundert in southern Netherlands holds an over-the-top flower parade, with floats after floats covered in millions of dahlias. This year's theme celebrates the town's most famous son, Vincent van Gogh, who was born there in 1853.

Take a look at the fantastic and surreal floats of Corso Zundert, via the festival's official Instagram and website:

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I Missed This Episode of SpongeBob SquarePants

Redditor randall_p_mcMurphy found this necklace and earring set for sale in a gas station in Morehead, Kentucky. Another redditor says that the text translates as "Chinese towers." In Hazzard County and Bikini Bottom, these are the epitome of style.

-via Popehat

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This Just In: Straw Monsters Ravaging Japan

(Photo: amymauscd)

Every year, in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan, people build enormous, often frightening creatures made of straw. It's part of the Wara Art Festival. Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku has a roundup of some of the best and most ferocious straw monsters now menacing Japan. They include a giant crab, dinosaurs, a cobra, and a praying mantis. In short: choose another vacation spot.

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Storytime Rocking Chair

When Hal Taylor's third child was born, he was left with a dilemma: he didn't have enough lap space to read books to all of his kids at once. Since he was a woodworker who made rocking chairs, he designed the StoryTime Rocking Chair as a solution. Now he sells them, too. He makes each one by hand. They're priced at $7,000-7,500.

-via reddit

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