What People Drive for a Living

Redditors who drive for a living outdid themselves with a one-upmanship series of posts over the weekend. It all started when redditor 060789 posted a picture and said, “I know it's not the most interesting pic in the world, but here's the inside of my garbage truck, for all your inner kids who wanted to see one.” Yes, people wanted to see the interior cab of a garbage truck! But that started a chain of events as other people started posting interior shots of the vehicles they drive for a living.

Redditor corey_m_snow admitted, “It's not *quite* as cool as a garbage truck, but here's the driver's area of my school bus, where I sit for up to six hours a day, sometimes more.” Yes, there are a lot of people who did not ride a school bus while they were growing up.

How about a fire truck? Redditor polak187 gave us the cab of his fire department command vehicle. Oh, it gets better. You can actually say "that escalated quickly."

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Sunrise on the Farm

Phantomsurfr presented this picture and said, “I've been going for 27hrs straight trying to seed as much as possible before the first cold front of the season hits, but I had to stop to take this picture of the sunrise. Wheatbelt -Western Australia.” It’s stunning, with the light bouncing off the clouds, silhouetting the Mad Max machines in the foreground.

But then I thought, wait, seeding? Isn’t it fall now in Australia? A little digging revealed that you indeed plant wheat in the fall in the Australian wheat belt. It’s too hot to do the work in early April, and the rainy season begins in June.  

Phantomsurfr said working that hard and that long makes you sleep really well.  -via reddit

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She Can Finally Breath

Janeen recently attended her daughter's college graduation ceremonies (congratulations, Janeen's daughter!) and took many pictures. Another graduate at the school showed off her decorated mortarboard. She majored in respiratory therapy, not English. Still, you'd think that the one word a respiratory therapist would be expected to spell properly would be "breathe." 

Thanks, Janeen!

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Mom Turns Son's Scar into Harry Potter Lightning Bolt

What have you done to scar your child for life? Imgur member mommybrittaney hasn't done anything permanent. But when her son got a deep cut on his forehead, she made it look beautiful by adding a couple more strokes with a marker and some costuming to turn him into Harry Potter. The Today show quotes her:

He was so embarrassed about his scratch and didn't want to leave the house and be seen with it that dressing him up as Harry Potter was my first instinct.

It was a good one! Now all he has to do is wait for a letter.

-via Geekologie

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Instagram's New Logo Provokes an Existential Crisis

The photo sharing app Instagram rolled out its new logo this week. So if you look for Instagram on your phone, this is the symbol that you're searching for.

Matt Haughey noticed that it looks a lot like the horrified subject in Edvard Munch's painting The Scream. Munch composed that famous image after this moment of inspiration:

I was walking along the road with two friends
The Sun was setting – the Sky turned blood-red.
And I felt a wave of Sadness – I paused
tired to Death – Above the blue-black
Fjord and City Blood and Flaming tongues hovered
My friends walked on – I stayed
behind – quaking with Angst – I
felt the great Scream in Nature
So I challenge the Mona Lisa and Whistler’s Mother

I can't think of a better metaphor for using Instagram that this experience.

-via Althouse

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Rainbow Contrail

Rocket News 24 tells us about Twitter user @KAGAYA, a photographer, who snapped this incredible photo and others at just the right moment. The jet went through a vapor layer when the light was ideal to reflect a rainbow.

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Blind Man

This truck was spotted in Florida. If you were following it, you might become alarmed until you saw it from the side. The truck belongs to All-Pro Blinds (note the URL), which has several locations in northern Florida. It’s an old joke, but it’s still funny. And like many other people, you will be reminded of a similar joke (NSFW language). -via reddit

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Teens Take Epic Prom Photo in Front of Tornado

(Photo: Ali Jolie Marintzer)

Is this an omen? Or is it the ultimate promposal result?

Charlie Bator and Ali Marintzer of Wray, Colorado were photographed together before heading off to their high school prom. A tornado churned just 3 miles away in the background.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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This Cat's Butt Looks Like Voldemort

Breaking news! Stop the presses!

Redditor velvet_jones_1972 owns a hairless cat. Inside the cat's butt is the trapped soul of Lord Voldemort, the villain from the Harry Potter series.

You can see a larger photo here. What does it mean?

-via Dave Barry

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The Beard Formerly Known as Prince

To commemorate the life of the musician Prince, beard artist James Myrick (whose work we've featured extensively at Neatorama) grew his beard into the shape of Prince's unpronounceable love symbol. The purple background inspired by Prince's Purple Rain is a nice accent.

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Steve Harvey Has Hair Again!

(Photo: unknown)

Game show host Steve Harvey has shaved his head for years now. But it looks like he's grown back his coiffure. An unknown barber made good use of the cut hair on his shop floor to shape a realistic portrait of Harvey.

-via Pleated Jeans

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When Your Plane's Shadow Gets Trapped inside a Rainbow

Catherine Marshall is a South African travel writer and journalist who lives in Sydney, Australia. While flying over the Strait of Messina separating Sicily from the Italian peninsula, she snapped this amazing photo of her plane's shadow transposed over a rainbow.

-via Marilyn Terrell

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Baywatch Blunder

In case you didn’t know, there’s a new Baywatch movie now in production, starring the Rock and Zac Efron. You might have seen some well-staged publicity stills, but Zac Efron posted an outtake as well. It seems he was messing up the less-to-more-clothing progression, and tripped while trying to quickly get in the right spot. I think the second picture would easily bring more people to the movie, but this scene probably didn’t end up in the movie this way. -via reddit

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He’s Had Enough

Police in Kensington, New Hampshire, arrested 29-year-old Joshua Tackett on charges of driving under the influence. The result was a priceless mugshot with Tackett grinning, barely able to hold his eyes open, and wearing a classic t-shirt for the occasion. Police Chief Scott Sanders arrested him Friday night. 

According to Sanders, who responded to the scene, Tackett crossed into the northbound lane and went off the road. He drove through a stonewall and a granite post before after striking a utility pole and getting tangled up the in the pole's guide wires.

His vehicle sustained major damage. The stonewall and granite post were also heavily damaged.

Tackett suffered minor injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Tackett was released on a $750 bond, and presumably went home to await his viral fame. -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Kensington Police Department)

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Potential New Names for an Elementary School

(Photo via Jenny Pancakes)

Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Austin, Texas is named after the famous Confederate general with that name. As the Confederate States of America was founded for the explicit purpose of preserving slavery, many people think that it is inappropriate to keep Lee Elementary's name. The school board has voted to rename the school and has asked the public for suggestions.

Among the potential new names are Donald J. Trump Elementary, Harper Lee Elementary, and Schoolie McSchoolface--a reference to the British ship that was to be named Boaty McBoatface.

-via David Burge

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One Tat to Rule Them All

Redditor djambithechocolates found a picture of The Lord of the Rings cast showing off the new tattoos they got when filming was completed in 2001. The tattoo is of the word “nine” written in Elvish. Yes, the little girl got one, too, although hers was inked on top of her skin with a pen instead of a needle. That’s Alexandra Astin, Sean Austin’s daughter, who appeared as Samwell’s daughter at the end of the trilogy. She’s nineteen years old now. No word on whether she ever got a permanent tattoo. Sean Bean also got the tattoo, but he was off doing other things by the time this picture was taken. See the tats a little clearer in pictures here.

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Woman at Baseball Game Googles How Long It Will Last

Baseball is a game that consists of people standing on a field and, on rare occasions, throwing, hitting, or catching a ball. But mostly it's standing around. According to longtime baseball fan Tom Pettigrew, the typical game lasts about 2 to 3 hours. It only feels longer.

Twitter user Brad Gagnon was at a Toronto Blue Jays game. During the second inning, he spotted a woman in front of him seaching online to find out how much longer she would have to endure this purgatory.

My proposal: encourage players to move expeditiously by releasing hungry lions onto the field after an hour.

-via Lost at E Minor

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Dragon Hair

Jess J. Hall of Wicked Hair Design in Kansas City cut and colored this awesome image of a dragon into the back of some lucky gent's head. It looks like the mark of a hero in a fantasy movie.

-via BuzzFeed

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The Baker Lost Something

(Photo: MyLoveBox)

The bread is a bit crunchy now, but it can looks perfectly clear to eat. What's going on here? Chloe Bryan at Mashable comments:

We'd ask the baker to check Reddit, but we're not sure they can see a computer screen right now.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

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Tires on Sale

Okay, this deal gives you a lot of options. Which would you take? Maybe 25% off the full set, or maybe pay only 75%, but the buy three and get one free still seems like the best deal. However you parse it, giving the customer a choice is always the best way to go. This ad was spotted in Wellington, New Zealand.

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The Golden Rule of Woodworking

(Photo: unknown)

Or, when in doubt, cut it a little too long. You can always take more wood off. You can't put wood back on.

Redditor PangurBanHammer brings us this photo. Many commenters offer similar pieces of advice for different professions, as well as amusing ways to teach them. Babygrenade talks about the measure-twice rule in cooking:

My chef friend had a new line cook that overcooked a steak. He told him to stick in the freezer to uncook it a bit. The line cook actually did and then forgot about it, so my friend replaced it with a raw steak before telling him to check on it.

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50 Shops with Punny Names

You have my sword. And my bow. And my underpants.

The iceberg is cold, but the food is spicy hot.

Imgur member SchaoLink rounded up photos of 50 funny store names found around the world. They're all amusing puns, except for the last one, which is actually really disturbing.

-via BuzzFeed

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A County Map of the US Made of 3,047 Wood Blocks

(Photo: Ben Graves)

Ben Graves, 80, stands in front of his enormous map of 3,047 counties and county-equivalents in the 48 contiguous states of the United States. It measures 8 by 5 feet across.

He's not an artist by trade, but he is a master of his craft. Graves is a retired oil refinery fire chief in Kerrville, Texas. His tranquility is to make wood county maps of states, which he often donates to local schools. My San Antonio reports:

“It's a hobby that I dearly love,” said Graves, whose father was a carpenter. “It's very relaxing. I have no music. No nothin'. Just me and my saw. Very relaxing.” […]

Graves pulled out all the stops for his latest project, a county-by-county map of the nation's 48 contiguous states made from more than a dozen types of wood, which he donated Monday to Kerr County.

-via Twisted Sifter

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The Discount Rules at This Frozen Yogurt Place Are Awesome

(Image via caross)

Mr. Yogato is a frozen yogurt restaurant in Washington, D.C. You can earn discounts on your tab pretty easily.

Question: do the discounts stack? For example, if I get a head stamp, deliver the Braveheart speech, Stump Steve on Seinfeld trivia, re-enact the "Thriller" dance, dress like Bjorn Borg, answer a trivia question successfully, sing "Mr. Roboto," and wear a kicball uniform, do I get my frozen yogurt for free?

We don't have these kinds of discounts at the NeatoShop. But according to legend, if you capture Alex Santoso, tie him up with a red rope, and tickle his belly 3 times, he has to grant you a wish.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Check Out This Beautiful Staircase That Looks Like Liquid Marble

(Photo: unknown)

Maxim Gorky was a Russian and Soviet writer. He was a Bolshevik, but became a sharp critic of the Communist regime shortly after the Russian Revolution. Nonetheless, the Soviet government gave him a luxurious house in Moscow, which is now a museum in his honor.

The house includes a beautiful Art Noveau marble staircase that looks like it's made of a liquid. It flows down the stairs, ending with a lamp shaped like a jellyfish.

-via Messy Nessy Chic

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These Boots Were Made for Dunking

(Photo: unknown)

Somewhere in the world, for the modern urban cowboy, there is the basketball boot. You can be the master of the court and corral for a mere $200.

These are apparently Tony Lama brand boots. Sadly, they appear to have been discontinued. It was inevitable, though. All the great cowboys eventually ride off into the sunset.

-via Geekologie

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How to Correct a Badly Misspelled Tattoo

(Photo: unknown)

Tattoo needles don't come with built-in spellcheckers, so sometimes some corrective work is necessary. In this case, the creative solution was to treat the original like an assignment handed in to an English teacher. He's a bit a sloppy with his coffee cup, but his command of spelling is perfect.

-via Geekologie

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Soda Hair

(Photo: unknown)

This clever girl has poured herself a cup of A&W brand cream soda. It flows out of the bottle as smoothly as well-conditioned hair.

I should try this on my own daughters' hair (while my wife is not at home). But to top this unknown girl's accomplishment, I'll do it with a 2-liter bottle.

-via Geekologie

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Backyard Wildlife

Do squirrels, opossums, and stray dogs wander into your backyard in the night? Some neighborhoods have more exotic wildlife. Redditor elfmachine100 lives in Florida, and has a “game cam” set up. He “finally caught something cool” on it. This is a Florida panther, an endangered subspecies of cougar. It’s busy stalking a boar, but it is unknown whether the camera action interfered with the hunt. Since there are only around 160 Florida panthers left in the wild, he was encouraged to share the picture with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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Disney's New Solar Farm Looks Like Mickey Mouse

(Photo: Near Map)

There are many hidden images of Mickey Mouse throughout Disney World. But you'll only see this one from the air. Disney World recently completed its largest hidden Mickey. It's a 11.5-acre arrangement of solar panels.

Disney worked with Duke Energy to develop the facility. It produces 5 megawatts, which is as much electricity as might come from 1,000 home rooftop solar energy systems. You can read more about it at the Orlando Weekly.

-via Dan Lewis

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