An Artist's Fond Illustrations of Life Before and After Owning His Golden Retriever

Returning home

Those of us who own pets know that along with the joy and laughter they bring to our daily lives, we occasionally have to suffer inconveniences or make sacrifices in order to have them with us.

John is an Asian comic artist who lovingly documents his life before and after acquiring pets. His drawings show his life with two dogs and a cat, but the runaway star of the show is Maimai, his male golden retriever. Maimai, almost always depicted with a big smile on his face, is the animal whose mischief is primarily showcased in John's work. And regardless of the mischievous deeds, John's love for Maimai (and his other "furry kids" as he calls them) is clearly communicated, which is why they are so charming.

If you appreciate his drawings, I recommend you visit John's blog, which contains more of these before and after comics as well as adorable photographs of Maimai and other parts of John's life. You can also keep up with John and Maimai on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Via Earthables | Images via maimaijohn.wordpress

Decor on shelves

iPhone photos

Attempting to eat his "tv dinner" 

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

This Man Turned His Ferrari into a Mailbox

(Photo: HLN.BE)

Nico Van Lee of Beligum loved his Ferrari Mondial. But when maintenance became too onerous, he found a new use of it off the road. Now it's his household mailbox. His license plate is now the mailslot. You can watch a video of it here.

-via Jalopnik

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Dr. Mittens Lamar

Wouldn’t you love to go see Dr. Lamar, who heals boo-boos with nom-noms? This billboard in Milwaukee grabbed a lot of attention. The website on the billboard is actually for the company that rents out billboards. They just proved how effective nonsense advertising can be! -via reddit

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Please Don’t Actually Use the Snow Toilet

I know: when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. But when the snow melts, someone will have to clean up your mess.

Twitter user @MagTecht_fuka spotted this snow sculpture in Saga Prefecture in southern Japan.

-via Brian Ashcraft

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Finally! A Toilet for Those of Us on the Go

(Photo: 4x4 forum)

Let there be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, for I have discovered this brilliant invention only after Christmas is long over. Otherwise, I would have given these toilets to everyone in my family.

I am, alas, unable to find out any information about this brilliant invention. It's like the previously mentioned Bumper Dumper, which attaches to a trailer hitch. Unlike the Bumper Dumper, though, you do have to stop traveling to use this potty.

This is the ideal solution for people who are camping or are having trouble finding a public restroom. Just carry this portable toilet seat with you. When you need to to go, find a car and get to work. 

-via Pleated Jeans

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This Hotel's Awesome Pet Policy

According to a redditor with an unrepeatable username, this photo shows a hotel's policy for letting dogs stay in guest rooms.

Dogs can cause problems, but human problems in hotels are always much, much worse. Like barking all night. I hate it when people in hotels do that.

-via Messy Nessy Chic

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Electrical Tape Repair

John Brauner sent in this picture of a street lamp his brother took in Metairie, Louisiana. Take a closer look.

Did someone have to get a bucket truck and rolls of tape for this repair job?

Hey, who knows? This repair job might last for years. Then again, electrical tape probability doesn’t have a hurricane rating. Only time will tell! -Thanks, John!

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Brilliant Idea: Build a Church That Looks Like a Shoe to Attract Women

(Photo: Southwest Coast National Scenic Area)

Okay, we can dispense with the marketing meeting because I already have the solution to our problem. Women dig shoes, right? Especially shopping for high heeled shoes. So here's what we're going to do: we're going to make the new church look like a shoe!

It's a fool-proof plan that has become a reality in Taiwan. The new church building is 17 meters tall and has 320 enormous blue glass panels that form the body of a shoe. ITV News reports:

Southwest Coast National Scenic Area spokesman Zheng Rongfeng told local media the church would also include 100 "female-oriented" features including chairs for "lovers", biscuits and cake.

What would a church building for guys look like?

Nope, never mind. I don't want to know.

-via The Presurfer

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Dashboard Duel

It’s hard enough to keep the kids in the backseat from fighting each other on a road trip, and then your vehicle starts acting up, too. The gas gauge has picked a fight with the oil pressure gauge! They’re going at it like they are wielding swords, or maybe even lightsabers. You can tell that the gas gauge is the instigator, and the oil pressure is just defending itself. -via reddit

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That's the Most Foul, Cruel and Bad-Tempered Rodent You Ever Set Eyes on

Follow only if ye be men of valor, for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of four fifty men lie strewn about its lair. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty big pointy teeth!

Wait--it's nothing to be concerned about. This isn't the monster of the cave of Caerbannog. A friend of redditor brokebackhill just gave her rabbit a cherry. That's all.

-via Robb Allen

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The Conception of Coffee

Diego Cusano, an artist in Modena, Italy, combines real objects with doodles to create surreal forms. In this one, he shows the birth of a morning. It cannot begin without coffee. And, for some of us, it has to continue that way through the day.

-via Lustik

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Frog Riding a Goldfish

As the fish began to die and sink into the water, he cried out, "Why?"

And the frog said, "Because it is my nature."

Okay, Aesop told it better.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Ugg at Those Boots

(Photo: Beth Evans)

It's winter, so it's time for some heavy Ugg boots. Ugh at weather and, since this fashion appears to be so widely hated, ugh at these boots, as well.

Cartoonist Beth Evans ughed for this photo. You can read our interview about her work here.

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This Building Looks Like a Beaver Chewed on It

(Photos: SounderBruce and D. Gordon E. Robertson)

People in Seattle, Washington often call the 31-storey Rainier Tower the Beaver Building. You can see why: it clearly looks like a beaver chewed into the 11-storey pedestal on which the tower stands.

Minoru Yamasaki, a Japanese architect who also designed the Space Needle in Seattle and the former World Trade Center in New York City, developed this unique shape. His goal was to offer more space for pedestrian traffic and shopping at the base. Constuction finished in 1979.

-via Amusing Planet

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When a Horse Photobombs You

Redditor GILDID offers this photo of a massive and, er, majestic horse. Really, he is usually an impressively dignified specimen. But at the moment, he's just mugging for the camera.

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Find the Panda, Star Wars Version

One thing about the Star Wars universe- everything is in black and white. You’re either with the light side or the dark side -or you’re a Stormtrooper, and have no say in what armor you wear. There is no panda in Star Wars, but there is in this picture, believe it or not. Need some help? Look here. -via reddit

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If You Insist

During my family's Christmas travels, we drove through the gorgeous little town of Helena, Alabama. There's a park there that stretches for about a quarter mile along Buck Creek. It's locally called the Helena Beach because residents treat the creek bank and a little island in the middle of the water as a beach. If you go there, park your car, then walk out to the shore to play in the surf and catch a tan.

My family visited as the Deep South was drenched in heavy rainfall and flooding. Buck Creek swelled massively, making this parking sign unnecessary.

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Kids Can Now List Texting as a Class Ring Accomplishment

In the United States, many high school seniors purchase class rings that indicate their accomplishments and identities. For example, a varsity sports player may get a ring with a symbol of that sport. An accomplished student may note his or her best subject.

What did your teenager accomplish in high school? Well, yes: sending a lot of text messages. Let's include that option, too.

I don't know where this image came from, but the ring company Balfour does offer a texting side on its brochure. It's on page 15 between Student Council and Accounting.

-via Kevin D. Williamson

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Raked Leaves Labyrinth

(Photo: Joanna Hendrick)

Joanna Hendrick is a student at Sacramento State University. She recently made this labyrinth out of raked gingko leaves for people who would like to meditate during the stressful final exam period. From her photos, it looks like some students took advantage of the opportunity.

-via The Soul Is Bone

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For Hire: Elf on the Shelf

(Photo: garritcole)

A now-deleted Craigslist offering in Boston offered the ideal Christmas party entertainment: a living Elf on the Shelf staring at your guests. It's the perfect way to set the mood!

I wonder if he's available for service off-season. I'd like to have an Elf on the Shelf around the office to keep morale up.

-via Dave Barry

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Doodle This Cat to Send Him on Adventures

Imgur member EddardStawk posted a simple photo of a cat sitting on a plain white floor. He then invited the good people of the internet to add doodles to send the cat on wild and amazing adventures. Now he's an acrobat, a movie star, a toupee, and more!

Bored Panda has an open invitation for anyone who wants to contribute to a rapidly growing gallery of doodles. So far, there are 188.

Continue reading

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Woman Braids a Magnificent Beard

People told Imgur member morihime that she should do something different with her hair. So she wove it into a braided beard worthy of a dwarven king. It is a most manly and robust beard--far more than I am capable of growing.

-via Fashionably Geek

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Texting Snowman

A snowman in a store window is not all that uncommon at Christmas time. This one is firmly in the 21st century, with a smartphone and a text conversation. He’s obviously conversing with another snowman. I like the way the glass itself is used as a medium for captions. The scene has nothing to do with the clothing being sold in the store behind him, but this would get me to stop and look, and that’s what counts. -via reddit

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An Australian Christmas Tree

sexy_bum82 and Angeldemons of the educational website reddit reveal to us a cultural expression that those of us in North America and Europe may not be aware of. Yes, this is how Australians assemble a Christmas tree while in their homeland.

Australia is well within the southern hemisphere. So science teaches us that December 25 is during Australia's summer, so a fan is useful. Also, everything is upside down. And there are venomous snakes and spiders everywhere--probably wrapped inside these presents.

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Russian Driver Replaces Car Tire with Log

So you've lost a tire but don't have a spare to put on your car. What would you do? I'm stumped.

But the driver of this SUV in St. Petersburg, Russia wasn't. The Moscow Times reports that he was driving at about 50 kph (31 mph). Hopefully the local police will log the incident as a safety violation.

-via Dave Barry, who warns "steer clear of beavers."

UPDATE 11/25/15: In the comments, Frau directs us to this complete photo gallery of how this car lost its tire and the driver replaced it with a log--until the log was worn down. Thanks, Frau!

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Husband Publishes List: "Reasons My Wife Is Crying"

We all cry sometimes. For example, you may get sawdust in your eyes while woodworking. Or you watch an emotionally intense movie, such as The Dirty Dozen.

Those are the two occasions when it is acceptable to cry.

But Aaron Gillies, a comedy writer, has noted that his wife cries more often than that. She cries at incidents that he finds trivial. He has published a list of some of these occasions. These include watching a rabbit escape from a fox in a nature documentary and remembering that swans can be gay.

On reflection, I agree with the wife: all of these are legitimate reasons to cry, which you can now add to the pair that I have mentioned above.

Now, as a happily married man who plans to remain that way, I advise you gentlemen to never do this. Embarrassing your wife online is a terrible idea for most marriages. But Gillies's wife tweets that "I don't feel at all attacked." She's a good sport.

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Leaf Pokémon

Japanese Twitter user xxx2251 takes advantage of the fall foliage to arrange leaves in the shapes of Pokémon. He started with this Charizard which strangely reverted to its prior form as a Charmander, also arranged with leaves. You can find more of his growing collection of leaf Pokémon in his Twitter feed.

-via Kotaku

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Photos of the Boys Who Became The Rolling Stones

(Photo: Ninian Reid)

On the left is Mick Jagger, age 9. On the right is Mick Jagger, age 72. Despite the 63-year gap, the resemblance is striking. The eyes and the grin are the same. And at any age, he looks pretty sharp in formal attire.

Flashbak rounded up childhood photos of the members of The Rolling Stones long before they became famous. You can see Keith Richards at the age of 4, Ronnie Wood as an infant, and drummer Charlie Watts feeding pigeons when he was a toddler.

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Cancer Patient Uses Her IV Pole for Cosplay Fun

(Photo: Tessa Calder)

Tessa Calder, 21, is a college student in Australia. She has cancer, but she doesn't let that keep her down. When she has chemotherapy, she dresses in elaborate costumes and decorates her IV pole so that it becomes an appropriate prop. Here, it's Harry Potter's broomstick. In others, it's Galdalf's staff or a boxer's punching bag.

Calder told ABC News about the first time she came up with an IV costume. She appeared as a pope:

"I had a window and you could sort of look up to the second floor where it was just like a glass corridor – and these patients would walk by in their white hospital gowns with their IV poles and Dad was just trying to make me laugh: 'Oh look, Tessa, there's the Pope! There he is again, there's so many popes!'," she said.

"I had time on my hands so I got some paper and made a pope hat and I think people thought I was absolutely ridiculous – I got some very weird looks!"

-via My Modern Met

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Girl Invokes Girl Code on Math Test

Maddy, the daughter of Jenn Morrison Douglas, had an unusual word problem on a fourth grade math test. In it, four boys and four girls all took turns dating each other. The task was to determine all possible unique dating permutations.

Maddy understood that the premise of the question was faulty, if not alarming. You don't date a friend's ex-boyfriend. That's in the Girl Code. So Maddy wrote:

I can't answer this problem because my mom says according to Girl Code you shouldn't date a friend's x-boyfriend.

She's right. If this was an ethics test, any other answer would have been wrong.

-via Huffington Post

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