Hornet’s Nest

Don’t freak out just yet. Redditor CountBubs’s dad hadn’t been in his shed for a couple of years. When he finally opened the door, he saw this hornet’s nest. Luckily, the hornets had already abandoned it. The head is part of a wooden statue that was stored in the shed -the hornets did not make it. They just built upon it. It must have been a Creative Commons sculpture.

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An Up Dollhouse

For the past few weeks, artist James Hance (a Neatorama favorite) has been working on a dollhouse for his daughter Maddy. When she wakes up on Easter morning tomorrow, she'll find this amazingly detailed recreation of the house from the Pixar movie Up. I hope that James has ballasted it properly so that it doesn't float away.

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Perfectly Stacked Groceries

via imgur

This is why supermarkets should always hire people with OCD to stock their shelves (lettuce ask the manager to raise that man's celery!). The wonderfully stacked vegetables in the produce department are probably just waiting for that jerk of a customer who'd always pick from the bottom of the pile.

Beets me why they do that. They just don't carrot all about squash-ing someone's feelings. Not berry nice at all.

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3D Classified Ads Optical Illusion

The newspaper classifieds (remember those?) is so anachronistic in today's digital world that it's like delving into a trippy and foreign world.

Felipe Salazar, Creative Director of Sancho BBDO advertising agency in Colombia, managed to grab our attention by cleverly manipulating the local newspaper's classified sections to create this unusual ad for his client Corona Kitchen. The ad shows a three-dimensional outline of a kitchen - including a range with hood, counter top and shelvings - simply by stretching and rearranging the text.

via Design Taxi and Laughing Squid

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When Animals Argue ...

You've probably seen it before, but when animals argue, hilarity ensues. I always chuckle no matter how many times I see this going 'round the web (that's probably what the spider said).

Because you know ...

Okay, I'll stop because ...

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Can I Park Here?

This parking sign was spotted in Portland, Maine, and posted by redditor middleclassjobs. Can you make any sense of it at all? You have to wonder how many times traffic gets backed up because someone had to pull out their mobile device and look up a calendar, and spend time figuring out whether that parking space is empty because it’s illegal to park there, or because no one can figure it out. It appears that the bottom sign may contradict the middle sign, but what do I know?

When you negate the convenience of parking on the street with the headache of reading the signs, a few dollars to park in a garage may be a better option. And certainly the cost of a parking ticket would be more headache than all those options. Good luck fighting that ticket in court.

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This Beautiful Children’s Bookstore Looks Like a Long, Winding Rainbow

Architect and furniture designer Arthur Casas created the interior of this gorgeous bookstore in São Paulo, Brazil. Children can follow the rainbow-colored road along shelves and oddly-shaped alcoves filled with books. There are plenty of spaces along the journey to stop and read in comfort. You can view more images at Fubiz.

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When an Elephant Falls on You

Redditor 12345123451234 (which is probably a throwaway account) posted this picture of a baby elephant who fell down while being petted. Although he probably weighs several hundred pounds, it doesn’t look like he made direct contact on the woman with the bulk of his weight. But his face tells a story! “Derp! I've fallen and I can't get up!”  -via Daily of the Day

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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Visit the Stonewall Inn

Actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are best friends. Stewart often posts on Twitter photos of the two of them together, palling around in their signature derbies. Here's one that he just put up. It shows them in front of the Stonewall Inn in New York City.

The Stonewall Inn is an historically gay bar in Greenwich Village. Police raided it on June 28, 1969. Gays fought back in an event known as the Stonewall Riots. Many historians regard this resistance as the birth of the gay rights movement in the United States.

P.S. Be sure to check out this hilarious animated .gif showing Stewart and McKellen. It mashes up a scene from the latest X-Men movie with their photos together. In the movie, Stewart and McKellen play Professor X and Magneto, longtime enemies.

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Could You Have Said It Better?

Is this English? It should be, because the picture from Nothing To Do With Arbroath is labeled Camp Pendleton Dining Hall. The Sodexo Management at the bottom refers to the French multinational corporation that supplies meals for restaurants and institutions like schools, prisons, and military bases. Don’t you think they could have worded it better? Here's my quick attempt:

No take-out with sit-down meals. To go orders cannot be eaten here.

How would you have said the same thing more clearly?

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Dog Martini

(Photo: unknown)

Knock back a few of these puppies, and you’ll need a hair of the dog the next morning.

After he gets out of the bath, towel him off. A martini should be dry.

Thanks, folks. I’ll be here all night. Tip your bartender.

-via Geekosystem


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Onion Reveals Its True Evil Face

This is why cutting an onion makes you cry. It's because it's evil*

*Actually it's because of cutting an onion breaks its cells open, thus releasing enzymes that turns sulfenic acid into propanethiol S-oxide, a volatile sulfur compound that wafts up to your eye, react with the water in your tears to form sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid (the chemical that disfigured Gotham district attorney Harvey Dent and turned him into Two-Face in the Batman comics- see? Comics are scientifically useful!) burns, so your eyes produce more tears to wash it away. In short, onions make you cry because it's evil.

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The Painted Dress Is Literally Just Paint

Olivia Mears is like a modern-day Amelia Bedelia. You have to be really careful giving instructions to her:

I was asked to paint a dress, so I did.

We've previously featured her dress made of Taco Bell taco wrappers. This one is also astoundingly creative. It's made entirely of paint. It's a mixture of acrylic and latex. How did she mold it? Hopefully that information will be forthcoming.

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The Endless Staircase

(Photo: Dominik Hartmann)

Father and son mathematicians Lionel and Roger Penrose devised the Penrose triangle--an impossible object that looks like a twisting 3-dimensional triangle. They and M.C. Escher also conceived of a staircase based on that design.

This staircase isn't quite like it, but like the Penrose triangle and stairs, there's no beginning or end. Ólafur Elíasson, a Danish-Icelandic architect, designed it for the Munich offices of KPMG, an accounting company.

-via NotCot

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Photographer Dresses Babies as Popular TV Characters

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Walter White from Breaking Bad

Frank Underwood from House of Cards

Karen Abad, a photographer in California, created paper backdrops from scenes of famous television shows and movies and dressed babies for starring roles. Pictured above is baby Olivia, who seems to prefer dangerous characters.

You can see more photos in the series here, here and here. The other shows in the series are Girls, True Detective, The Walking Dead and Moonrise Kingdom

-via My Modern Met

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Enchanting Etch A Sketch Portrait from Pixar's Up

Jane Labowitch, an artist in Chicago, makes permanent images on Etch A Sketches. Her niece found this unusual heart-shaped Etch A Sketch at a thrift store. Labowitch knew just what to do with it. Here's that romantic and tragic couple, Ellie and Carl Fredricksen, from the movie Up.

Labowitch works extensively from pop culture. You can view her DeviantART gallery for photos of more of her Etch A Sketches. She's taken inspiration from He-Man, Pokémon, My Little Pony, and Super Mario Bros. In an interview with Nintendo Feed, Labowitch described how she got started in this medium:

I started playing with an etch a sketch when I was about 4. Like most kids, I tinkered with it a lot, but I guess the main difference is that I pretty much never stopped tinkering with it. I started with the staircases and blocky houses like everyone else, but not being able to draw certain things never discouraged me.

I was bored a lot as a kid, so playing with my etch a sketch really helped to kill the time. I just practiced A LOT. I used to have an etch a sketch at my grandma's, and I'd visit her every other weekend. She had a TV, but wouldn't let my siblings and I watch it all that often. Thankfully I had an etch a sketch there because that is what I would usually do to keep myself occupied. Looking back, I'm really grateful that my grandma didn't let us watch television because I'm sure I wouldn't have played with my etch a sketch nearly as much.

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By The Time You See It, You'd Probably Be Dead

Image: Art Wolfe - via Moillusions

You're the leader of an African expedition and danger lurks from every corner. Your team depends on your ability to spot the threat - it may be closer than you think ... can you find it in the photo above, before it finds you?

Renowned Washington-based photographer Art Wolfe (previously on Neatorama) snapped this intriguing photo back in 2010. Leave a comment how long it took you to spot the danger, or whether you saw it at all ...

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There's an Crocodile at the Bottom of the Escalator!

Photo: SAT0725/reddit

Maybe we should take the stairs instead.

To advertise its new show in Brazil, National Geographic commissioned this optical illusion advert that shows a 3-D crocodile waiting at the bottom of the escalator. The ad campaign for Wild World with Richard Rasmussen asked the escalator users "Ready for ad adventure through the Brazilian forest?"

Well, at least it's only one croc. That's nothing compared to what Australians have to deal with:

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