Colored Food

Photographer Lawrie Brown presents delicious and wholesome foods with a difference: They are an odd color. In the series Colored Food, you get chicken, ice cream, corn, crackers, cereal, and other dishes. The actual food looks good, and you know how hard it is to make food look good in a photograph. Yet you can’t imagine eating them, just because of the unsesttling and unnatural color.

The Kool-Ade looks pretty good, because we are used to Kool-Ade in weird colors. The pasta looks unappetizing because you can tell it has paint on it instead of sauce. But the rest are just strange. You might get me to eat the sundae, but I’d be expecting that syrup to taste like artificial grape flavor, and that just ruins the experience, no matter what the actual flavor. See the entire series at Brown's website. -via Laughing Squid

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"Colored Food"

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