Got The Munchies? Try Munchie Meal!

Sure, a burger, french fries, two tacos and a soda is already a good start for someone with the munchies, but Jack In the Box went all out when they developed the menu options for their Munchie Meals. Selections include:

  • Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger - Sourdough grilled cheese on top, cheeseburger on the bottom.

  • Exploding Cheesy Chicken - A Chicken Sandwich exploding with mozzarella cheese sticks and gooey white cheese sauce.

  • Loaded Nuggets - Chicken nuggets drowning in two kinds of cheese with ranch and bacon.

  • Brunch Burger - A burger with a fried egg and a crispy has brown for when it's so late you don't know whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I don't know when and where these will be available (I just went by a Jack's near my house today and they weren't serving them there), but I've gotta say, those are some awesome munchies right there.


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"Got The Munchies? Try Munchie Meal!"

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