Now You Can Enjoy Wine In A 40 Oz. Bottle

(Image Link)

Wine was considered an everyman's drink for centuries, but somewhere along the way the elitists in the world decided wine was an upper class quaff and unsuitable for broke folks.

But, as the number of wine makers grew and the drinking of wine became a daily affair once again, the prices came down and good wine became affordable for all as it should be...and then things got weird.

Now from the makers of Forty Ounce Rosé comes Forty Ounce Red- 40 oz. bottles of red wine for people who want to drink like an OG but don't like malt liquor.

Each one holds about 1.5 regular bottles of wine and costs about sixteen bucks, but if someone asks you to play Edward Fortyhands with these 40s just say no!

-Via Thrillist

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Can You Survive on Potatoes Alone?

Astronaut Mark Watney survived on potatoes when he was stuck on Mars in the movie The Martian, but that was fiction. The Great Famine in Ireland came about because of potato blight, and although lack of potatoes caused starvation, they weren't the sole food eaten by the Irish. Andrew Taylor ate a potato-only diet in 2016, but he flavored them with other ingredients and took supplements. Could someone live off only potatoes of they had to?

Technically, the traditional white potato contains all the essential amino acids you need to build proteins, repair cells, and fight diseases. And eating just five of them a day would get you there. However, if you sustained on white potatoes alone, you would eventually run into vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That's where sweet potatoes come in. Including these orangey ones in the mix—technically, they belong to a different taxonomic family than white potatoes—increases the likelihood that the potato consumer will get their recommended daily dose of Vitamin A, the organic compound in carrots that your mom told you could make you see in the dark, and Vitamin E. No one on a diet of sweet potatoes and white potatoes would get scurvy, a famously horrible disease that happens due to a lack of Vitamin C and causes the victim’s teeth to fall out.

But there are drawbacks to potatoes as a life-sustaining food. Personally, anytime someone asks the question, "If you could eat only one food, what would it be?" the answer is supreme pizza. However, that is technically more than one food, which is what you need. Read about the nutritional bang for your buck in potatoes at Popular Science.

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The 19 Types Of Beer Snobs, Ranked

Beer used to be too common and lowly an alcoholic beverage to be judged in the same way as wine and fine spirits, but the craft beer revolution has turned beer into a beverage suitable for snobbery.

When you belly up to the bar for an ice cold pint of beer you may encounter one of the nineteen types of beer snobs, from the picky Sampler to the snooty Barrel Baron who only drinks barrel aged brews.

To me the worst kind of beer snob is the Glassware Obsessive snob, who judges you by the type of glass you pour your beer in to and rubs beertenders the wrong way...just drink the friggin' beer and SHUT UP! *scowl*

See The 19 Types Of Beer Snobs, Ranked By Obnoxiousness here

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Disneyland is Making Corn Dogs into Nachos

(Image via First Comes Disney [Instagram])

Feeling hungry and happen to be in Anaheim? Well, if you're looking for something a little different you might want to head to the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland resort where you can get mini corn dogs that are served up like classic nachos complete with cheese, guacamole and more. The tasty treats are only served until the end of September -that's right, you only have about two weeks to get your hands on these bad boys.

Via Foodbeast

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Checking How Much Air Is In Ice Cream With A Vacuum Chamber

Have you ever wondered why a scoop of ice cream from one brand or scoopery lasts twice as long as another?

It's because of the amount of air found in each brand of ice cream, and brands sold at grocery stores are allowed to have up to 50 percent air in there, which means you're only getting half of what you pay for.

To illustrate how much air gets pumped in to each tub of ice cream The Action Lab put a tub of Kroger ice cream in a vacuum chamber so we can watch it rise to the occasion.

(YouTube Link)

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American Foods Tourists Are Most Excited to Try

When you visit another country, you want to try the local cuisine in order to really get a feel for the culture, but to the people in those countries, the food is just an every day reality. People from other countries feel the same way about your culture's food as well. So have you ever considered what tourists visiting America feel like they just have to try? They you have to check out this Reddit thread on the subject. Just as a spoiler, some of the most common responses are corn dogs, Thanksgiving foods and Creole cuisine.

See all the delicious (and sometimes odd cravings) at Reddit.

Via Thrillist

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Let's Cook A Raw Vegan Cucumber Pizza With JP

JP isn't just a spiritual guru and a life advice giver guy- he's also Vegan AF and one hell of a cook, so if you really want to Awaken your Ultra Spiritual life you've gotta eat like JP too.

And, as JP shows us in his Raw Vegan Cooking video, it's pretty easy to cut out all the worst foods and replace them with super power foods like cucumber, which is one of the best universal replacement foods out there.

What other vegetable can be used as the crust, the sauce and the cheese of a pizza? None other, that's what other, and JP's super fresh cucumber pizza will change the way you think about fake food.

(YouTube Link)

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A New Kind of Chocolate

We are used to three forms of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Barry Callebaut, one of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers and a chocolate research center in Zurich, announced this week that the three main types of chocolate have been joined by a new form they call ruby chocolate, made from the unique ruby cocoa bean.  

The fourth type in chocolate offers a totally new taste experience, which is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. To create Ruby chocolate no berries or berry flavor, nor color, is added.

Ruby chocolate was unveiled at an industry event in China on Tuesday. I couldn't find any easily-accessible information on the ruby cocoa bean, but Eater says,

“This is classic marketing hype,” says Megan Giller, food writer, Eater contributor, and author of the new book Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution. “We don’t yet know what Callebaut means by the ‘ruby cocoa bean,’ especially since no expert I’ve ever spoken to has mentioned a unique type of bean that comes from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil.” Giller has done some research and believes this new product is made from “a genetically modified bean, maybe CCN-51, that has been processed in a particular way to get that ruby color.” (Schrauth would not go into specifics regarding how the bean was developed, citing intellectual property.)

The FDA will have to approve the new chocolate before it goes on sale in the US, so we might not see it in stores until Valentines day of 2019. Barry Callebaut is focusing on marketing the chocolate in China.  -via Laughing Squid

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Queso Is the World’s Most Perfect Food

Chile con queso, or just queso, is a staple of Tex-Mex cuisine. The classic recipe is based on processed American cheese with tomatoes and green chiles, often Velvet and Ro-Tel.

From the time it was introduced, Ro-Tel hitched its wagon to processed cheese, producing early advertisements that encouraged home cooks to make their “cheese dip” with Velveeta and Ro-Tel. That partnership continues today, with millions of dollars spent between Kraft and ConAgra (who now own Velveeta and Ro-Tel, respectively) each year in joint television advertising.

From there, chile con queso staked its place as a popular party dish. With Velveeta and Ro-Tel now widely available on grocery store shelves, home cooks could simply warm the block of processed cheese with a can of tomatoes to produce a dip that was always consistent, and always perfectly smooth. “The first recipe with Velveeta I could find was written in Lubbock in 1939,” says Fain. “From that point on, there was no looking back. It became the cheese to use for chile con queso. American cheese has more dairy in it, so you have to add stabilizers. You need starch and liquids to stabilize the sauce. And who doesn’t love processed cheese? It’s salty, it’s tangy, it’s delicious.”   

But there are many different ways to make queso, and local preferences vary across the U.S. I make queso by stirring a jar of homemade salsa into a jar of store-brand cheese sauce. It's good with everything! Read up on the history and varieties of queso at Eater. -via Metafilter, where you'll find links to queso recipes.  

(Image credit: Kathy Tran/Eater Dallas)

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The Berry Club

It used to be a heck of a lot easier to figure out whether a piece of produce was a fruit or a vegetable, because people were inclined to keep the fruits fruity and the vegetables crisp and veggie.

But then some smarty pants started wondering why tomatoes were classified as veggies when they grow from the ovary in the base of the flower and contain the seeds of the plant, and the food reclassification war began.

According to this Mr. Lovenstein comic that was the beginning of "strange times" and the end of the Berry Club as we know it, and fruit salads would never taste the same again...

-VIa Geeks Are Sexy

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The Food Each State Hates the Most

We've written a lot about the differing tastes people from each state tend to have (including each state's most talked about food, what food each state looks for on Pinterest, every state's most important food innovation and the fastest growning food chain in each state). One thing we haven't talked about much is what food each individual state dislikes the most, but thanks to Hater, now we know. 

While some of the results are to be expected -of course Texas is particular about its steaks and Washington hates K-Cups, some of the answers are a bit surprising if not weird. Personally, I didn't know gas station wine was popular enough to warrant hating but it must be in at least New Jersey and what's the deal with the last bite of a hot dog, huh Missouri? And on a more personal note I just don't see how anyone could hate tapas North Dakota -maybe they're just particularly bad in that state.

Via Thrillist

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The Most Important Chain Restaurants In American History

You probably already know that McDonald's changed the fast food landscape for good and you could probably guess that Starbucks did a similar thing for coffee shops, but did you know how important White Castle or Dominos are American culinary history? Over on Thrillist, you can learn a lot about the history of American restaurants and the chains that formed our modern dining options in this great article. It's a long read, but if you like food and history, you'll probably find it fascinating -even if you're not a fan of some of the places listed. 

So see the whole article here.

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Invasion of the Pumpkin Spice

The craze of making anything and everything taste (or smell) like a pumpkin pie is back, right on schedule, for fall 2017. Some of these products contain pumpkin, while others just have the "spice." While I can understand why you might flavor sweet things, like cookies, this way, I can't even imagine salsa with pumpkin pie spices in it.   

Yes, there really is a dog treat (actually a "vegetarian dog chew") flavored with cinnamon and ginger. I wonder if dogs really like it. There's a cat food featured, too, but it's only chicken and pumpkin soup, with no spices. That makes sense. See 36 odd products that come in the ubiquitous fall flavors at The Chive. Note there are more and more alcoholic drinks in the list every year.

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The Rise of Baking Powder

The name of the actual post is Who Knew? The History of Baking Powder Is Incredibly Dramatic, but I couldn't help but use the title of the Metafilter link. The development of baking powder was a game-changer for household bakers, who previously dealt with unpredictable yeast and experimental alternate leavening that might or might not work. That's the subject of the book Baking Powder Wars: The Cutthroat Food Fight that Revolutionized Cooking by food historian Linda Civitello. Jezebel talked with Civitello about the importance of baking powder.

So women were looking for something better. Some of the early things they tried interfered, they said you can’t use anything acid with this. You can’t use orange juice or lemon peel, it will negate it, everything interferes with everything. This tastes like ammonia, that one strips the paint off of floorboards. Give me something better. Women had gone as far as they could go and then scientists had to take over and cream of tartar and baking soda show up in the 1840s. That’s another mineral. It’s inert, it doesn’t care about temperature the way that yeast does. But cream of tartar and baking soda, again, had problems. If you didn’t put the cake in the oven right away—Catherine Beecher says you have to get it in immediately and you might have to try a couple of times. You can’t mix the batter and then go oh, where’s my pan? That’s another drawback.

Then you get Eben Horsford at Harvard, who’s got five daughters who are probably in the kitchen a fair amount. His treatise in 1861 on bread making—bang bang, 30 or 40 minutes, foolproof, there you go. That’s it! Absolute revolution.

The book then goes into the rights and marketing of baking powder, which is where the "wars" part comes in. Read the interview with Civitello here.  -via Metafilter

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Creating The Ultimeatum: A Burger Within A Burger With Burgers For Buns

Most crazy food items characters create in cartoons weren't meant to be recreated in real life, but YouTubers like Binging With Babish make sure any fictional food items that can be created are created for our culinary amusement.

On an episode of Regular Show a bearded burger cook described his ultimate cheeseburger creation aptly named the "Ultimeatum"- "a cheeseburger stuffed inside a cheeseburger with deep fried cheeseburgers for buns. And then we add our special ketchup that we get from the Himalayas."

Being the meticulous guy that he is Andrew Rea had to create the Himalayan ketchup from scratch, so if you ever wondered how Himalayan ketchup was made then wonder no more!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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How to Detect a Bad Restaurant

People are sharing the clues that tell you a restaurant is not the place you want to eat with the hashtag #SignsOfABadRestaurant. While some of them are serious, most are jokes. But the pictures had to come from somewhere, right? Sometimes you can tell from the sign, like the one above posted by Derek Jansen. Sometimes you can tell from the menu that this is not a five-star restaurant.

Or maybe you should take your cue from the people who work there.

You can see plenty more of the indicators of a bad restaurant at Twitter. See a selection of the best at Buzzfeed.

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The Tater Tot Is American Ingenuity at Its Finest

F. Nephi Grigg grew up producing potatoes and corn on his family's farm in Idaho. In the 1940s, he understood the future of frozen food and opened a flash-freezing plant in Oregon with his brother. They named the company Ore-Ida, after the two states. The Grigg brothers made a fortune processing potatoes into frozen french fries. But cutting potatoes into fries presented a problem, in that the potato pieces that were too small to use were hard to separate from the fries.

When an equipment manufacturing company inexplicably showed up at their plant to demonstrate a prune sorter, Nephi and his plant superintendent Slim Burton chatted with them about a redesign. Could the barrel be redesigned so that it would eliminate the unwanted pieces of potatoes from the very wanted french fries? It could.

This being the northwest, and with the Grigg brothers’ company surrounded by farmland, Nephi decided that the scraps would go to feed the cattle and other livestock owned by the Grigg family. This was fine for a while, until Nephi realized that these cattle were getting enormous amounts of potato product. He was an entrepreneur, goddammit, and not one to waste anything, especially “product that has been purchased from the grower, stored for months, gone thru the peeling process, gone thru the specking lines and trimmed of all the defects, only to be eliminated into the cattle feed,” as Nephi wrote in a letter to an Ore-Ida representative in 1989.

You can see where this is going. It was those little scraps left over from making french fries that ended up in Tater Tots. Read the rest of the story of how Tater Tots were developed at Eater. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Flickr user Lower Columbia College (LCC))

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This Turkey Sandwich May Be NSFW

Some people act as if they have genitalia on the brain, claiming clean images are obscene if they look the least bit like private parts, which makes me wonder how they manage to eat a banana without feeling ashamed.

Which is why I'm always skeptical about claims an innocent image is secretly filthy, but you've gotta admit there is something vaguely NSFW about the meat on that turkey sandwich, and once you see it you cannot unsee the booty.

After AV shared his smutty turkey sandwich on Twitter people LOLed and shared the pic until it went viral, but some didn't see the beauty in the sliced turkey booty- so they made it more PG.

But not everyone saw smut when they gazed at the turkey slices- this guy saw gators and proved not everyone is willing to admit they have a dirty mind!

-Via Distractify

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The 16 Best Cooking Tricks I Learned In Culinary School

Jesse Szewczyk graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and now writes for Buzzfeed. He shares some basic tips for making your home-cooked dishes taste more like what you'd get in a top restaurant. If you've been cooking for a long time, you might know some of these things already, but it's always good to have a refresher course. For beginning cooks, it's an eye-opening list.  

5. Completely dry your meats before cooking them.

Whether it's roasted chicken or seared scallops, drying them ensures you'll get a crisp, golden skin that won't stick to the pan. Pat them dry with paper towels or let them air-dry in the cooler for a few hours before cooking them.

6. For maximum flavor, toast your nuts and spices.

Toasting nuts and spices brings out their flavors and takes your cooking to a whole new level. For spices, give them a quick toasting in a dry pan over low heat or bloom them in hot oil. For nuts, toast them in a 350° F oven for 10-15 minutes before cooking with them.

See all 16 tips at Buzzfeed.

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Firefighters Rescue Piglets From Fire Then Later Gobble Them Up

People love to hear stories about police officers, paramedics or firefighters saving the lives of animals trapped in deadly situations because they show us how much emergency responders actually care about life.

But this story of firefighters rescuing animals is a little different, and may make some animal lovers a bit angry- because the rescued animals were later eaten.

Firefighters in southern England were called to a farm near Pewsey to handle a barn fire and ended up rescuing 18 piglets, so to thank the firefighters for their hard work farmer Rachel Rivers served them sausages-made from the piglets:

The 18 piglets and two sows survived the fire in Wiltshire in February, which saw 60 tonnes of hay catch fire.
In a potentially controversial move, farmer Rachel Rivers thanked the Pewsey fire team by giving them sausages.
She said: "I'm sure vegetarians will hate this." The firefighters however said the bangers were "fantastic".
The pictures of their impromptu barbecue have since been removed from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service's Facebook page.

The animals were given a six-month stay of execution when they were rescued from the farm at Milton Lilbourne.
But, having been reared for meat, they have since been slaughtered and the sausages were delivered to the fire station team, which barbecued them.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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Dry Yet Tasty Memes Every Wine Enthusiast Will Enjoy

(Image Link)

Oenophiles like to boast about their exquisite taste, claiming their obsession with wine began when their perfect palate allowed them to taste the very soil the grapes were grown in before they became wine.

(Image Link)

But the rest of us who simply enjoy drinking wine and the warm, fuzzy feeling we're left with after a bottle or two recognize wine for what it is- a tool for survival in this crazy world we live in.

(Image Link)

But as great as wine is there's definitely a time and a place for and drinking at work is definitely a no-no unless you're a sommelier, aka the job every wise wino should set as their career goal.

(Image Link)

See 54 Memes That Will Make Winos Spit Wine All Over Their Screens Laughing here

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Got a Cold? Break Off a Piece of This Kit Kat Bar

Cough drops sometimes try to taste like candy, but have you ever heard of a candy trying to taste like a cough drop? Well, Kit Kat apparently thought it was a great idea because that's the newest flavor they're releasing to Japan. The good news is that because it has 2.1% throat lozenge powder mixed in with the white chocolate, it could hopefully actually help if you have a sore throat -and that powder is just enough to make the treat "fresh and invigorating."

Via Eater

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Scientists Discover Why Whisky Tastes Better With Water

I'm either trying to savor that fine barrel-aged flavor straight up or I'm trying to catch a buzz when I drink whisky, and either way water seems like a waste of time to me.

But scientists Björn Karlsson and Ran Friedman have proven people were right about adding water to whisky- because the water helps enhance the flavor compounds on the surface of the whisky and release complex aromas:

"The taste of whisky is primarily linked to so-called amphipathic molecules, which are made up of hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts,” explained Karlsson. “One such molecule is guaiacol, a substance that develops when the grain is dried over peat smoke when making malt whisky, providing the smoky flavour to the whisky.”

The scientists found that guaiacol was more likely to be present at the “liquid-air interface” of a whisky with concentrations of ethanol up to 45%. “This suggests that, in a glass of whisky, guaiacol will therefore be found near the surface of the liquid, where it contributes to both the smell and taste of the spirit,” said Freidman.

“Interestingly, a continued dilution down to 27% resulted in an increase of guaiacol at the liquid-air interface. An increased percentage, over 59%, had the opposite effect, that is to say, the ethanol interacted more strongly with the guaiacol, driving the molecule into the solution away from the surface.”

The study therefore concluded that the taste and aroma of guaiacol – as well as other similar compounds in whisky – are “enhanced when the spirit is diluted prior to bottling, and this taste may be more pronounced on further dilution in the glass”.

-Via The Spirits Business

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Tentacles Have Never Looked So Tasty

Have you ever wanted to taste a monster from the deep but worried it would be a little hard to catch and too salty and tough to enjoy? Then you'll want to head to Auckland, New Zealand, where you can get your hands on this colossal squid cone loaded with 3D printed cripsy cones and rich chocolate goodness from Giapo ice cream shop. The crazy creations are so popular that people often wait hours to get their hands on these tentacle treats. 

Via Thrillist

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Hip Smirnoff Vodka Ads From The 1960s

Back before there were fancy vodka brands on the market making people pay hundreds of dollars a bottle just to impress others there was Smirnoff- the vodka that leaves you breathless.

Smirnoff has been the world's best-selling vodka for decades, and part of that success is due to their hip and edgy ad campaigns that make their brand feel very modern, like these ads from the 1960s starring some seriously famous faces.

The jazzy and stylish Smirnoff ads of the 60s starred people like Groucho Marx, Eartha Kitt, Woody Allen, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Johnny Carson, just to name a few.

They even got the famous poet and playwright Langston Hughes to pose for a Smirnoff ad in 1959, so their brand not only looked hip but progressive as well.

See more Hip Smirnoff Vodka Ads from the 60s at Dangerous Minds

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Hot Pocket Stuffed Burgers

We've seen a lot of pizza/burger combinations, including a burger baked inside of a pizza and a pizza inside of a burger inside of a pizza, but for most people, making these outrageous pizza creations is just too crazy. On the other hand, following these instructions from Oh Bite It to make a burger with a Hot Pocket inside seems pretty straight forward -and best of all, you can switch it up to have a burger stuffed with turkey, broccoli and cheddar or hickory ham and cheddar -or whatever your favorite Hot Pocket flavor happens to be.

So make your burger a Hot Pocket pocket with these simple instructions.

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Deep Fried Chicken Noodle Soup on a Stick

The State Fair of Texas opens September 29 and runs through October 22. But competition is already underway among concessionaires for the Big Tex Choice Awards for the best state fair foods. Winners will be crowned August 27. Texas Monthly runs down the ten finalists with a fictional tasting. Here's what they had to say about deep-fried chicken noodle soup on a stick.

“There’s been a mistake,” said the man. He hoped it was a mistake.

“What do you mean?”

“Says here this is soup. I don’t see no soup.”

“The soup’s in the little balls,” said the woman. “You can try it if you want. I won’t ask for payment. Not for you.”

The man wavered. It felt like an insult, but his curiosity was potent. He looked at the stick of fried dough encasing the soup like a funeral shroud and took his hand out of his duster. The woman took a step forward and gently offered him the stick. He took the stick, but he didn’t eat it.

Editor’s note: Please pay the State Fair vendors, and absolutely try the deep-fried chicken noodle soup on a stick.

See what they think of the Surfin’ Turfin’ Tator Boat, the Tamale Donut, the Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger, the Fried Texas Sheet Cake, the Gulf Coast Fish Bowl, Pinot Noir Popcorn, Texas Fajita Fries, Deep Fried Froot Loops®, and something called a Fat Smooth, all at Texas Monthly. -Thanks, Walter!   

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The Origin Of Those Delicious, Gravity-Defying Piescrapers

Piescrapers are the perfect combination of food art and flavor fusion, and the recent wave of piescraper mania has been attributed to one woman- Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, founder of Pies Are Awesome.

Jessica came up with the idea for her multi-layered pies after deciding to give up sugar for a year, her craving for desserts leading her to recipes for sugar free fruit pies and a dessert history lesson: 

"In Tudor times and Medieval times, pies used to be really complicated and tall. They were a central feature at all sorts of events," she explained excitedly. "I realized that now, pies just aren't treated the same way as other desserts in terms of pop culture representation and other interesting techniques. I wanted to see if I could do something about that."

The vertical element came into play when she began thinking about the wedding possibilities for these intricate pies.

"A lot of people really want pies at their weddings instead of cake, but they end up going with cakes anyway," she explained. "Because of the low profile of pies, they just don't look as great on the buffet table. So I started thinking, how can I build them up?"

But making a wedding cake-inspired tower of pies was easier said than done:

"It was pretty hilarious, actually," she admitted. "Finally, I hit upon a way to stabilize different tiers using techniques from paper sculpture, another hobby of mine. I realized how to double up certain layers of dough with egg in the middle, allowing me to push these experiments higher and higher."

(YouTube Link)

Read These Insane-Looking Vertical "Piescrapers" Might Be The New Wedding Cakes here

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The Bloody San Antonio Origins of Chili Con Carne

An article earlier this summer hinted that the defining factor in the development of Texas chili is chili powder, but the ingredient that makes chili a Tex-Mex dish is cumin, a spice imported from the Old World. Chili con carne is the crowning achievement of San Antonio cuisine. Most historians date its origin to 1880, with the rise of the "chili queens" that sold the dish to the public in outdoor stands. But that date is an function of the name chili con carne existing in published sources. A stew of meat and chili peppers had been around long before that. So how do you define chili con carne in order to find its origin? An article at Texas Monthly gives some of the conflicting origin stories, including one that goes back as far as an uprising in 1813. It was another in the long line of wars fought over Texas.

Most of that, save for the two post-San Jacinto Mexican incursions, is well known. Far fewer people remember the troubles of 1811 and 1813, even though the latter of those conflicts featured the bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil, and, according to San Antonio tradition, produced the first Chili Queen.  

Were it not for the fact that the (partially) American side lost in ignominious fashion, movies would have been made about the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition of 1812 to 1813.

Encouraged by the near-success of the 1811 Casas Revolt in San Antonio, and with covert support from Washington, D.C., Spanish Texan revolutionaries traveled to Louisiana and enlisted Anglo and Louisiana Creole soldiers of fortune in a joint “Republican Army of the North” to sever Texas from Madrid for good. (The Spanish and Anglo contingents had different plans—the former wanted Texas as part of a free Mexico, while the latter preferred annexation to the U.S., or perhaps an independent republic as envisioned by Aaron Burr. It seems both sides agreed to set that matter aside until they had seized Texas.)

And from there is born a love story, when a wealthy young Louisiana Creole fell for a teenager from a prominent San Antonio family. Read that story and how Jesusita de la Torre became the first of the "chili queens" at Texas Monthly. -Thanks, Tim!

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Every State's Most Important Food Innovation

Every state has added something unique to the American culinary landscape, whether it be a classic sauce, a popular chain restaurant or even distinct sandwich. Over on Thrillist, you can read about the best culinary invention created by each state. Granted, it might seem a little weird to claim a state's best innovention is a potato or crab legs, but it's more about what they helped popularize as a dining option -not just new recipes. 

So do you agree with your state's food innovation on the list?

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