The Secret Behind Italy’s Rarest Pasta

Paola Abraini is one of three women left in the world who can make su filindeu, which makes it the rarest pasta in the world. The family has passed down the technique for hundreds of years, but the recipe is no secret. There were once many women in the town of Nuoro, Sardinia, who made su filindeu for the Feast of San Francesco, when pilgrims traditionally eat a soup of su filindeu in mutton broth. Abraini would love to teach others how to make it, but the process is one that you can’t learn in an afternoon. It takes years of practice. First, you make pasta dough from semolina wheat, salt, and water, and knead it. 

Then comes the hardest part, a process she calls, “understanding the dough with your hands.” When she feels that it needs to be more elastic, she dips her fingers into a bowl of salt water. When it needs more moisture, she dips them into a separate bowl of regular water. “It can take years to understand,” she beamed. “It’s like a game with your hands. But once you achieve it, then the magic happens.”

When the semolina reached just the right consistency, Abraini picked up the cylindrical strand to stretch and fold the dough, doubling it as she pressed the heads of the su filindeu into her palms. She repeated this sequence in a fluid motion eight times. With each sweeping pull, the dough became thinner and thinner. After eight sequences, she was left with 256 even strands about half as wide as angel-hair pasta. She then carefully laid the strands on a circular base, one on top of another, to form a cross, trimming any excess from the ends with her fingers before repeating the process over and over.

The result is a fine noodle, thinner than angel hair. Because the pasta is in danger of dying out, it has recently become available at restaurants in Sardinia. Read about su filindeu at BBC Travel.  -via the Presurfer

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Blatant Lies Printed On Product Labels

Every time you go down the aisles of a grocery or department store you see product labels vying for your attention, boldly claiming their products are new, improved and give you more for your money.

But you probably shouldn't listen to those labels- because many of them are telling lies.

They use words and phrases like "organic", "made with real fruit", "no cholesterol". "heart healthy" and "grass fed" to fool us into thinking we're paying more for higher quality products.

The use of deceptive wording has become standard practice on product labels, but the problem isn't just what the labels omit- it's the things they mention on purpose to trick us into choosing their brand over others.

See 23 Shockingly Blatant Lies Hidden On Product Labels here

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The Pho Burrito Is The Apex Of Asian-Mexican Fusion Cuisine

(Image Link)

Pho has gone from being that dish people have heard great things about but can't seem to pronounce to a nationwide sensation, but well before pho was famous the burrito was el rey.

And considering Latino and Vietnamese communities are often found in the same part of town in the U.S. it's surprising it took so long for the Pho Burrito to appear.

But apparently the culinary world was waiting for Komodo's head chef Erwin Tjahyadi to stroll bravely into the kitchen and combine the two taste sensations into one scrumptious creation.

Here's what goes in to a Pho Burrito:

al dente rice noodles, basil, hoisin, sriracha sauce, sauteed onions, jalapeño, and thin, tender slices of ribeye beef lightly poached in a traditional pho broth.

All it's missing is a side of plum sauce salsa and an horchata Thai tea with boba!

-Via Munchies

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Playful Fashion Accessories That Look Like Real Food

Most people want to take a shower after a food fight, but many diehard foodies wish they could wear food in their hair all day long without smelling like a trash bin...and now they can thanks to Fake Food Hatanaka!

The food-shaped accessory fabricators at Fake Food Hatanaka started out making plastic meals for restaurant window displays, but now they've branched out into the world of high foodie fashion.

So if you've ever dreamed of wearing freshly cooked bacon around your wrist, or a fancy dessert in your hair, then Fake Food Hatanaka is making your strange food fashion dreams come true!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Add Some New Flavor To Halloween By Carving A Pineapple Jack-O'-Lantern

(Image Link)

Pineapple carving has become a Halloween tradition for people looking to add some tropical flair to their fall festivities, and while they'll never replace pumpkins the spiky pineapple does make a pretty great jack-o-lantern.

(Image Link)

And unlike many new additions to the holiday carved pineapples look traditional enough to fit in with the rest of your Halloween decorations, and may even steal the show away from the squash.

(Image Link)

But why stop at pineapples when we can add carved watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydew melons to the mix? Carve it up and go crazy, because Halloween comes but once a year!

(Image Link)

See People Are Carving Pineapples For This Halloween, And They Look Pretty Awesome here

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Foods That Used To Be Completely Different

There's lots of talk about GMOs, gluten and trans fats these days, and nowadays people feel like they know more about the food they're eating and where it came from than they did a few decades ago.

But we still don't know a whole lot about how the food we buy at the grocery store got to be the way it looks and tastes today, which is why food history factoids are so delicious.

And once you've learned some fun new facts about your favorite foods you'll have plenty to chew over with your fellow foodies!

See 22 Foods You Didn't Know Used To Be Completely Different here

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The Persistence of Memory Cake

We've seen cakes that look too beautiful to eat before, but one that looks too unreal to eat is a whole new problem. But cake maker and Instructable user nerdyKat did exactly that when she put together this incredible Persistence of Memory cake based on the famous Dali painting. 

(Video Link)

Kat was actually kind enough to post a full tutorial on how to make the cake, but considering that the sped up video showing the building of the cake takes 20 minutes and that's with her incredible skill level, I don't suggest spending forty plus hours of your life to attempt to make something like this yourself unless you're actually a professional. I know mine would look less like the Persistence of Memory and more like the cake you wish you could forget about.

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Mac n' Cheese, Pizza and Cheetos -Together At Last

If there is one thing we all love, it's cheesy goodness, whether it's Cheetos, pizza or macaroni and cheese. Only now, we finally have the chance to enjoy all three in one insanely cheesy creation. To put it more clearly, this is pizza covered in pulled pork and Velveeta macaroni and cheese and then dusted with Cheetos dust. This brilliant development was invented by hellthyjunkfood -who makes food that is anything but healthy. In fact, just one slice of this monstrosity will set you back 700 calories a slice and give you a whopping 1400 mg of salt. 

Via Elite Daily

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Rare Salvador Dali Surrealist Cookbook Republished for the First Time in over 40 Years

Did you know Salvador Dali authored a cookbook? Les Diners de Gala was published one time in 1973, and has been out of print since then. The book is full of Dali’s surrealist illustrations. It has unusual recipes from some of the top chefs in France, although Dali warns us they are “uniquely devoted to the pleasures of Taste.” That means they aren’t geared toward healthy eating or calorie-counting. And now Dali’s cookbook has been resurrected and will be available November 20, just in time for Christmas shopping. But you can see some of Dali’s illustrations from Les Diners de Gala right now at Unreality.

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Pies Are Awesome

An artist who goes by just Jessica (or @ThePieous) creates art with pies at Pies Are Awesome. You know they are tasty, but they are also works of art with crusts, fillings, and garnishes as the medium.

Picard regrets the faith he placed in Commander Data when he promoted him to Chief Food Stylist. "It's all about context Mr. Data! What the deuce do flowers have to do with the Enterprise or its epic battle with the crystalline entity?" Poor Data. To be fair, learning food styling is hard. Also, "drawing" with sugar crystals was easier in my head. Also also, this was my first time baking with black berries. I thought they would turn black but they turned red. Now the sky colour clashes. Oh wells! It'll taste good. Learning! :D #startrek #enterprise #crystallineentity #data #picard #foodstyling #rockcandy #learning #piesareawesome #thepieous #pie #eatmorepie #piecrust #nom #geekfood #piesofinstagram #foodgram #pielover #bakinggeek #geek #piecraft #feedfeed

A photo posted by Pies Are Awesome (@thepieous) on Apr 23, 2016 at 4:18pm PDT

The site has recipes and tutorials on the artwork, and even tutorials from other bakers. Check out her Instagram account to see the range of her ideas. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Fake Food

The following article is from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids.


The decades during and after World War II were an exciting time to be a food chemist. The field was wide open for big, scientific improvements: new artificial colors and flavors to invent, longer shelf lives, and, in some cases, if a natural disaster wiped out an entire crop, a scientist could just invent a substitute. It was an exuberantly naive time, when the slogan might well have been “If life hands you chemicals, make lemonade anyway.” Up and down the food chain, the old way of doing things— growing food on farms with manure and crop rotation— gave way to a brave new world of synthetic fertilizers and miracle pesticides like DDT. Pigs, cows, and chickens that once ran wild were now safely contained inside a food factory where they could be managed efficiently, with no wasted feed or space. Today it all sounds a little like a dystopian nightmare, but back then, food chemists thought they were using science to solve big problems like world hunger, malnutrition, and too much waste.

Into that environment strode a superman of creativity: William A. Mitchell, who received 70 patents for fake foods between 1941 and 1976. Here are four of his biggest contributions to American cuisine:

Continue reading

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Get A Tattoo, Get Free Burgers For Life

Like burgers? Live in Australia? Well, you could get free burgers for life from Cafe 51 if you get a burger tattoo. Not just any burger tattoo will work though, you have to go through an application process and if you get approved, then you have to get a life size tattoo of one of their extreme burger creations with their logo. So far only one person has actually gotten their tattoo, but the restaurant has recieved over 3,000 applications, so I guess there are quite a few Australians that are dying for a free burger every day.

Via That's Nerdalicious

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Guys Taste Test A $4 Burger And A $777 Burger To See How They Measure Up

Foodies are paying a fortune these days for basic burgers they believe to be "gourmet" because they're made with upscale ingredients that make them worth the inflated price.

But just because your $777 burger has lobster, foie gras and 100-year-old balsamic vinegar on it and comes with a bottle of Dom Perignon doesn't make it much better than an $18 burger.

(YouTube Link)

Keith and Steven from BuzzFeed Video taste tested a $4 burger from The Habit Burger Grill, an $18 burger from Gordon Ramsay's BURGR, and the ridiculously decadent $777 burger from Burger Brasserie, which they both agreed was an "experience" to eat.

Surprisingly, the average price for a Burger Brasserie's burger is about $15, but seeing as how it's located in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel they're probably hoping high rollers will drop the dough just for the bragging rights.

-Via BuzzFeed

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Tiny Lasagna

Watch this guy, or his fingertips, prepare the tiniest lasagna you ever saw! He boils the pasta, browns the beef, grates and mixes the cheese, and then layers it all in a matchbox-sized baking pan.

(YouTube link)

The finished product is about one bite of lasagna for a human, but I bet it was one delicious bite. The video is from Jay Baron of Walking With Giants, a channel that has plenty of miniature cooking videos.  -via Metafilter

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The World's Strongest Cup of Coffee

Some people can't wake up without a cup of coffee and for some people, a whole pot of coffee is neccessary. If you just can't get enough caffeine, you might want to head to The Viscous Cafe in Australia, where you can find the world's strongest cup of coffee. Just one mug of this strong brew is the equivalent of 80 regular cups of coffee. That means each cup contains 5 grams of caffeine, which considering that 18 is fatal for even a healthy adult means that just three cups would put you dangerously close to death.

Via T+L

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Forgotten Pie Recipes We Should Start Baking Again

For many baked goods lovers like me fall and winter are pie season, a time to cook all those yummy pies we rarely get around to making in the spring or summer.

There's a whole list of standards such as pecan, apple, pumpkin and berry which we know we're going to bake every year, but isn't it about time to broaden our pie horizons?

I like to start my search for new recipes by looking at the recipes of the past, which is why I found the mental_floss article 8 Forgotten Pie Recipes We Should Bring Back so appealing.

I've made mincemeat pies before, once with a traditional recipe that included beef, but never a shoofly, sugar cream or buttermilk chess pie, which all sound simply irresistible.

And while vinegar pie doesn't sound very appetizing, and Marlborough pie sounds like a tobacco-based recipe, each and every pie on the list looks heavenly according to the recipes provided.

See 8 Forgotten Pie Recipes We Should Bring Back at mental_floss

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The Long and Curious History of Curry

“Curry” has become the unofficial cuisine of England, which has boosted that country’s culinary reputation considerably. It was once considered exotic, but shouldn’t have been, since it is eaten around the world and even appeared in an American cookbook as far back as 1824. In fact, the only place that doesn’t have a curry tradition is India.

That word “curry,” now as then, has a meaning as vague and inclusive as its ingredients. It can mean any stew made with “Indian” spices, as well as the yellow spice powder (usually a mixture of turmeric, coriander, cumin, and fenugreek) used in raisin-studded chicken salads. It’s not difficult to trace the spread of curry—it traveled by sea, following traders and slavers and laborers, the ancient vectors of colony and conquest—but the word itself is an altogether different beast, a bastard with many potential parents and no clear pedigree.

The Portuguese first came to India’s palm-toothed southern shores in 1498, in search of cardamom, cloves, and black pepper, each among the world’s most valuable commodities. Lacking a word to describe the spicy, coconut-thickened stews they found there, they went ahead and made one up: carel, taken from the Tamil word kari.

From those early traders, the Indian dishes we call curry followed the spread of imperialism. Read about how curry took over the world at the A.V. Club.  

(Image credit:  Nick Wanserski)

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Customer Gets Crusty When She Finds Out Subway Is Out Of Meatball Subs

It's safe to say Subway is serving up some of the most sub-par sandwiches in America, but there's one thing you can say about them, and indeed most chain restaurants- they're consistent.

People know what's on the menu and they expect it to be available and ready for consumption when they arrive, but do you know what happens when those expectations are diced like an onion?

Customers get all crusty, like the lady in this video who was deeply hurt by Subway's lack of meatball subs. (NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via Distractify

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The PaddyWagon Is An Inflatable Irish Pub You Can Open Anywhere

I'm not sure what the situation is in other cities/states/countries but Boston has more than enough Irish pubs to keep its thirsty citizens satisfied.

However, there are a few parts of Boston that are lacking Irish pubs, namely parks, backyards and other grassy lots, and that's where the PaddyWagon pub comes in.

The PaddyWagon is an inflatable structure that can be blown up wherever an Irish pub is needed, with room for 80 guests, food service and a full bar which the company supplies upon request.

This service is currently only available in the Boston area, but I could easily see this idea catching on here in Southern California, where we have perfect inflatable pub crawl weather all year long!

-Via design you trust

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The Hottest Chip On Earth Is Sold One At A Time

Spicy foods are really hard to eat, so it makes sense for manufacturers to sell them in smaller quantities since nobody really needs more than their mouth can handle.

But if you're going to sell your spicy chips one chip at a time they'd better live up to your claim that they're "the hottest chip in the world".

Paqui Chips is standing by the claim that their Carolina Reaper Madness chip is hot enough to be sold individually, and just to make sure foodies get the point they're selling each one in a little coffin box.

Seeing as how the Carolina Reaper is currently the hottest pepper in the world the Carolina Reaper Madness should come with the slogan "bet you can't even eat just one!"

-Via That's Nerdalicious

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McDonald’s Pumpkin Spice Fries

People go a little nuts over anything that is “pumpkin spice” flavored in autumn. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte became such a hit that the pie flavors (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and sometimes allspice) were put into everything: candy, cookies, ice cream, soda, and now french fries. Would you eat pumpkin spice fries? You won’t get the chance unless you’re in Japan. McDonald’s Japan is offering pumpkin spice fries beginning on September 28. They are normal everyday fries with a squirt of chocolate sauce and a squirt of pumpkin spice sauce. Yum!  -via Uproxx

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This Floating McDonald's Has Been Abandoned For Nearly 30 Years

(Image Link)

McDonald's tries to keep their locations central and easy to access, and they even offer unique services like ride up windows for those on horseback and paddle up windows for people in boats.

But there is one location that's no longer offering food service to anyone- because this floating McDonald's has been abandoned for nearly 30 years.

(Image Link)

This oddball McDonald's restaurant called Friendship 500, appropriately nicknamed McBarge, was built for Expo '86 in Vancouver, British Columbia to represent the architecture of the future.

(Image Link)

But it was abandoned and virtually left to rot in 1991, anchored in the Burrard Inlet of Vancouver's False Creek like a relic from the fast food industry's golden fried age.

(Image Link)

See the Creepy floating McDonald's that has been abandoned for nearly 30 years here

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Your Sushi Might Be Delicious, But Is It Art?

Image via designmilk [Instagram]

Sushi-making is often called an artform, but rarely does the end product actually look like a work of art. Thanks to the newest trend in sushi making though, now your Japanese meals can actually look as beautiful as it tastes.

Image via hudsta17 [Instagram]

Whether illustrating patterns of shapes or just blocks of colors, the end result is stunning and just as delicious as the traditional rolls and nigiri you're used to.

Image via rarerollingobject [Instagram]

Via Travel + Leisure

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Copycat Restaurant Recipes That Taste Spot On

The only things keeping you from making all those yummy dishes served up by your favorite eateries at home are a recipe and the right ingredients, although a little cooking experience doesn't hurt either.

And nowadays there are so many chefs and foodies posting content online you can find a copycat recipe for just about any popular dish you like, including CPK's BBQ Chicken Skillet Pizza.

Want to make In-N-Out's Animal Style burgers at home? Check out this recipe by Delish and see how easy it is to make.

Craving The Cheesecake Factory's rich and buttery shrimp scampi?

It's actually quite easy to make at home with this recipe, and then you can customize it to suit your taste!

See 30 Copycat Restaurant Recipes That Taste So Spot On It's Scary here

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The Nightmare Foods of a 1970 Cookbook

Who doesn't love creamed egg cassarole in a corned beef crust? Or how about seafood loaf complete with noodles and tuna? Ok, I'm kidding, these are the things nightmares are made of. And if you think they sound bad, just wait until you see the photos.

These recipes and more horrifying ideas are courtesy of a 70s cookbook called Happy Living! A Guidebook for Brides that was given away for free when brides registered at a regional department store. As if the foods weren't awful enough, the advice is also attrocious -like how to decorate your table and garnish your foods because those are the only satisfying things in your life and the only way to keep your husband happy with you.

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Fried Jell-O? Yes, Fried Jell-O

State fairs are known for deep-fried goodness and the reality is that because new items are introduced every year at practically every fair, it's hard to find new and unusual creations. That being said, fried Jell-O is certainly a new one and unlike fried Kool Aid and many other fried treats, it's not just funnel cake with some kind of liquid poured  into the batter. This time it's actually Jell-O battered and then deep fried and it must be good -after all, it won first place in the Best Taste award at the Texass State Fair. So if you get your chance to find some fried Jell-O, remember, there's always room for J-E-L-L-O.

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Architectural Designer Applies Her Skills To Baking Cakes

Bakers and pastry chefs have elevated the art of making cakes from the simple sheet to edible three-dimensional sculptures that are almost too cool looking to eat.

And then Ukranian architectural designer and cake baker Dinara Kasko decided cakes could still look really cool in basic shapes, so she started making these geometric cake masterpieces. 

Her modern art-inspired cakes are simplistic and simply elegant, but the simplicity belies the fine detail work and geometric perfection Dinara puts into each cake she creates.

Dinara achieves this amazing(ly perfect) level of geometric detail with a little help from 3D printed silicone molds that keep the edges sharp, but the rest of the cake magic is all applied by hand.

See What Happens When Architectural Designer Tries Baking Desserts here

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Kids Taste Test 100 Years Of Brown Bag Lunches

Kids have been bringing brown bag lunches to school for at least the last hundred years, and even though the overall contents have stayed the same the individual parts have changed dramatically.

A brown bag lunch typically includes a drink, a piece of fruit, a sandwich and a sweet snack, contents which have been a constant since the early 1900s.

However, the kids of today would throw a fit if they found a jar of warm milk and a radish sandwich in their bag, which was a fairly standard lunch for kids in the early 1900s.

(YouTube Link)

Bon Appétit subjected a bunch of youngsters to the brown bag lunches of yesteryear, starting with that nasty radish sandwich and ending with the pre-packaged Lunchables craze of the 90s.

-Via Spoon University

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Ketchup Chips

We know that the number one vegetable in the US is the French fry, and we eat them with ketchup. By the ton. Potatoes and ketchup are as American as you can get. So why don’t Americans eat ketchup-flavored potato chips? Maybe because they aren’t sold in American grocery stores. They are a well-known Canadian snack.

The best ketchup chips are made by Lay’s and sold only in Canada. They’re a masterpiece of MSG-laden zip and crunch. The beauty of Lay’s ketchup chips is that they don’t taste at all like actual ketchup: They taste like ketchup’s component parts, without the wet. You get the slap of vinegar and citric acid, the sweet, synapse-twerking pull of cooked tomatoes and sugar, the crunch of deep-fried potato starch, and all the lip-sticking salt of a Dead Sea skinny dip. Which is to say they’re snack-time solid gold. Most good Canadians can eat a quarter-kilogram bag in a go.

The A.V. Club tells us what they know about ketchup chips, their origin, and speculation on why Americans don’t demand them. Have you ever eaten ketchup chips? Do you like them?

(Image credit: Flickr user Jimmy Emerson, DVM)

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Terry Crews Tricks People Into Eating Crickets

Crickets are a great source of protein, they can be prepared in many different ways and, unlike our other sources of protein, they're a renewable resource.

But people still haven't come around to replacing their normal sources of protein with bugs so, as Terry Crews discovered, the only way to get people to gobble up a bunch of crickets is to trick them.

However, Terry is so fit he had no problem convincing some of the BuzzFeed staff to try out his new "protein shake", which tasted like a malted chocolate milkshake instead of a glass full of ground up crickets. (Barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

Chocolate covered crickets are pretty tasty, as long as you don't mind getting a few legs stuck in your teeth.

-Via BuzzFeed

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