Grown Man Refused to Eat When Forbidden to Play Video Games

Throwing tantrums when not allowed to play video games ain't exactly a new thing for parents, but there's a small twist in what the Yang family in Chongqing, China, is facing:

Yang Yang (pseudonym) was at home playing video games all day last Wednesday. Unhappy that her son was gaming all day, as well as worried for his well-being, Yang's mother wanted him to take a break.

After a failed attempt by the her mother to get Yang Yang to relax, Mr. Yang became fed up with his son's attitude and barged into his room. Seeing his son's room covered with snack wrappers and empty soda bottles, Mr. Yang asked Yang Yang how long he's been playing. He flippantly replied "not long."

Angered by his response, Mr. Yang seized Yang Yang's keyboard and smashed it to the ground. Shocked and angry, Yang Yang gave his father a death stare only to be told by his father "The heck are you looking at? Time for Dinner."

As soon as Mr. Yang left Yang Yang's room, he locked the door.

Yang Yang, a man in his twenties, locked himself in his room, inside his parents house, for a whole night, refusing to eat or drink anything.

Eric Jou of Kotaku has the full story. See if you can guess who folded first: Link

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"Grown Man Refused to Eat When Forbidden to Play Video Games"

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