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What If Deadpool And Harley Quinn Had Children

Harley Quinn and Deadpool come from different universes, have different methods to their madness, and work for different sides of the law…sort of.

Okay, so depending on what’s happening in the storyline they’re pretty much the same kinda crazy, and they have similar color schemes to their costumes, so maybe they would make a perfect couple?

Illustrator Marco D'Alfonso has brought this bizarre coupling to life with an extremely appropriate Married With Children inspired artwork that should immediately become the basis for a new web series starring the two loving loons.

Can't you just hear Harley now, as shey yells "Waaaade! Waaaaaade!" in a screechy Peggy Bundy style voice? And Deadpool mutters something about how his amazing healing factor just won't let him's comic book comedy gold!

-Via GeekTyrant

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"What If Deadpool And Harley Quinn Had Children"

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