This Staircase Is A Work of Art

When a client tells an architect they need a stairway and also want to have a sculpture in the same area of the house, most designers would try to create a staircase that could work around the sculpture. Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop asked, why not have "a staircase that would actually be the sculpture?"

The end result truly is a work of art. Granted, it's not the kind of staircase you'll want in a home where older folks or kids could easily tumble over and slide right off the top step -but then, you probably also wouldn't want to put a priceless sculpture where a bunch of kids are likely to climb all over it.

See more pictures of the unique design at Homes and Hues: Wave "Hello" to the Flowing Forms of This Stunning Staircase

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"This Staircase Is A Work of Art"

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