Funny Scented Candles with a Dark Sense of Humor

There are pleasant-smelling scented candles for festive, restful, and romantic moods. But who actually lives a life that has moments like that? Flick Candles is a company that produces scented candles for the rest of us. The company suggests that giving one as a gift can be a way to acknowledge the pain of a friend who's struggling:

Flicking Candles make the perfect gift for friends and family, especially if they’re going through a hard time. There is no better way to subtly acknowledge their personal setbacks than with a candle that illuminates those challenges and puts them on display for everyone to see.  They’ll be happy to own a fragrance that truly captures life and all its disappointments.

-via reddit

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"Funny Scented Candles with a Dark Sense of Humor"

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