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The Tiny Creek That Connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

(Image: wheatley_cereal)

There's a natural spring in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming that flows in 2 directions. One ultimately connects to the Mississippi River, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The other connects to the Columbia River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. It's a natural wonder called the Parting of the Waters.

(Image: Google Maps)

(Photo: USPS)

You can reach the spot after a 15-mile hike from a trailhead in the park. A sign points to the flow of both oceans.

(Photo: Actroterion)

But there's more! The Parting of the Waters isn't the only water connection in the United States between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Just a few miles away is Isa Lake, which also divides its two outlets between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But Isa Lake does it backwards. The western outlet loops around and flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The eastern outlet also loops around and heads toward the Pacific.

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"The Tiny Creek That Connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans"

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