Flowchart: Should You Confront Your Spouse?

Ask a dozen married couples the secret to their marriage and you'll likely get a dozen different answers. Speak your mind. Let it go. Accept your partner for who he or she is. Encourage them to change for the better. Don't be a doormat. Compromise.

What to do?

Thankfully, Alisa Bowman of Babble has created (with a little help from her 9-year-old kid, no less) a handy flowchart on whether you should confront your spouse. Here's her guide on conflict resolution for married couples:

Art: Ari Bowman - via Yahoo! Shine

Someone much wiser than me told me the secret to a long-lasting marriage. It has three parts: "Yes, ma'am," "You're right," and "I'm sorry."

What do you think? Did the flowchart get it right?

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My thought, when I read "Ask a dozen married couples the secret to their marriage" was: ...and you'll likely get two dozen different answers.
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Bad Luck Brian:
"Does my butt look big in this?" - "Yes ma'am."
"I want to sleep on the left side!" - "You're Right."
"Are you happy you married me?" - "I'm sorry."

Foolproof, Alex ;)
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My thoughts, exactly.

I would add that this is the first time I have seen someone merge Mondrian and impressionism. It is thrilling to see such talent. Thank-you.
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