US Air Force My Little Pony Patch Is Apparently Real

Do airmen at Vance AFB in Oklahoma actually wear this patch? According to Equestria Daily commenter charelz, yes:

I couldn't take pictures because it would have embarrassed my stepson if I got all fanboy squee in front of his buddies. (He is in 14-04; this is 14-05's patch and they were present for the Track Select for 14-04 where trainee pilots are told what kind of planes they're going to be flying - my kid could have taken T-38 fighter track but he wants to be a commercial pilot so he picked T-1s which is the transport/tanker track.) Also the impression I got is that they vote on the patches and they have to get approved by the brass. This was their third try, so I don't know how much was genuine and how much was irony but there was at least one non-brony who straight up refused to wear it and I overhead another complaining to his mom about it. But the flight instructor (who was a captain) was wearing it and he had no problems with his masculinity...

The Wonderbolts would be proud.

-via Equestria Daily

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Having come home from Everfree, a brony con, this weekend I can indeed confirm that at least at that con the vast majority of fans of the show are male.

Honestly it seemed to be mostly teen/early 20something men.

I did get Andrea Libman's signature for a friend.. :P Only had to camp for 3 hours to be first in line too.. :P
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