The Giant Monument to Genghis Khan


For a brief time, beginning with the reign of Genghis Khan (1155?-1227), the Mongols were the most powerful people on Earth. Five years ago, Mongolia erected an enormous statue in his honor:

Kahn and his horse stand 131 feet tall atop a 33-foot tall coliseum with 36 columns. Located 34 miles from Ulaanbaatar in an area known as Tsonjin Boldog, the statue commemorates the site where legend says Kahn found a golden whip. 

Though Genghis Khan and his empire are dead, his genetic legacy lives on in the form of Serpentor, a leader of Cobra.

Link -via Kuriositas | Photo: Luigi Guarino

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Aside from Serpentor (LOL), don't forget the genetic research that shows a great number of people are descended from Ghengis Khan. Zerjal et al. stated in a 2003 paper that this number is ~0.5% of the world's total population - THAT'S ALMOST 35,000,000 PEOPLE!
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I always have been and always will be a voracious reader. I grew up reading Sagan, Clarke and Asimov.

I had a not so good childhood and instead of turning to drugs of booze, I turned to books. Best decision ever.

I was reading at a college level in 5th grade, and to this day I can usually be found with my nose in a book. It's the one addiction I'm glad I have.. :D
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