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There was a time I had to explain to some new bloggers what kind of links to avoid using. One was "lists of unattributed photos with no useful information," otherwise known as clickbait. Darius Kazemi at Tiny Subversions demonstrates how easy it is to generate such lists with just a bit of code and no human input. It's kind of like playing Mad-Libs.

1. Title: The (number) Most (adjective) (noun)s.
2. Photos: Enter (adjective) + (noun) in Google Image Search. Select (number) images.
3. Captions: Select (number) captions randomly from master list, insert (adjective) and (noun).
4. Profit! 

See any number of automatically-generated lists, and reload for new ones. Strangely, you'll have to disable AdBlock to see it. Mind the titles; some images may be NSFW. Link -via Metafilter

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