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Banknote Portraits by Philippe Pétremant

Timide (Shy)

In his 2010 series Les Sept Mercenaires (The Magnificent Seven), photographer Philippe Pétremant folded bank notes from various countries' currencies to create fantastic final portraits.

Description of his artwork from Circulations Festival:

His «The magnificent seven» series «plays with the ordinary and the banal to make the life come out, not the still life, which would mean accepting life and the presence of objects. Far beyond a simple representation, he dismantles the nature of reality. It is like that the artist has given still life a new twist: these pictures drift away from their subjects. Their pure states take the place of their object to offer the spectator the forms of the latencies, the vacuities and the qualms of the photographer. These photographs move, put the mode of their presence in state of crisis, their plastic beauty, questioning what is decorative and its close corollary, kitsch.» - Jacques Damez

Or we can just enjoy the artwork:


Grincheux (Grumpy)

Atchoum (Atchoo)

Joyeux (Happy)

Dormeur (Sleeper)

Simplet (Simple minded)

And here's a bonus one (anyone know the title of this piece?):

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