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The Mother of All Splash Pages

Everybody hates website splash pages, right? That's why the trend died out with Web 1.0, but not at artist Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung's website!

No, sir! In fact, Kenneth's website, [warning: pop ups and NSFW] (which he affectionately called, for understandable reasons) is ALL about the splash screen. But it has a twist: in order to "enter" the website and progress to the next page, you have to hunt around for the link. And just because we love you (the pop ups! my eyes!), we've gotten through the first four (any more and we'd be risking permanent brain damage.)

Then it gets weirder. See how far you can get: Link (with apologies) - via Weird Universe (Warning: Some images are graphic, suggestive, and NSFW. Oh, with pop ups, no less. You've been warned.)

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"The Mother of All Splash Pages"

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