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A Six Word Short Story by Ernest Hemingway


Fantastic Four The Thing

The legend goes, Ernest Hemingway once won a bet by writing a six word short story that was so good, it could make people cry. While this is a thought provoking bit of writing that has been floating around the internet for a while, there is no telling if it was ever really written by Hemingway. Snopes concludes that it is undeterminable whether this is actually him.

Still impressive flash fiction though.

-Via Amanda patterson

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Long Time! No See?

Long Time? No See!

Long Time? No See?

Long Time! No See!

Long Time. No See!

Long Time. No See?

Long Time. No See.

Amazing how many meanings four words can have depending on emphasis.

BTW the expression was adopted by English, via calque translation.

"A calque or loan translation (itself a calque of German Lehnübersetzung) is a phrase borrowed from another language and translated literally word-for-word."

好耐冇見 -Cantonese

好久不見/好久不见 - Mandarin
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