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My Little Pony Rifle


I once promised that if someone ever made a Fluttershy Mosin-Nagant rifle, I would post it at Neatorama. This is not it, but it's awfully close: a Fluttershy SKS. The SKS was the Soviet Union's semi-automatic replacement for the bolt action Mosin-Nagant.

It appears to lack the standard folding bayonet, but it does have Fluttershy's cutie mark which will probably have the same effect on an enemy.


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Yup, SKS blade bayonets are about an inch wide. IIRC, the blade style was used on early production rifles - until 1950 maybe. After that they switched to the spike (again if IIRC) because it's cheaper and easier to make. It's the same sort of logic that went into the evolution of the British SMLE bayonet.
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I think that Warren has the more likely explanation--it's an inverted pig-sticker style bayonet. At least the SKSes that I've seen have a wide blade style bayonet. It wouldn't fit in that tube.
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