How Fast Can You Read?


Head on over to this nifty webpage over at Staples to see how you stack up against the national average: Link - via Metafilter

*This is how I felt after I completed the test.

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Reading is a joy, and shouldn't be hurried. There is no pleasure in speed reading, each word should be cherished and savoured.

HG Wells' War of the worlds....dum-dum duuuuummmmmm, dum-dum duuuuuummmmmmm
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You read 314 words per minute.
That makes you 26% faster than the national average.

Felt a bit slow, the text was full of "not common" words.

That it was in english din't help much :) Is there a Dutch version somewhere?
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I'm a slooooooow reader. I usually have to go back and reread something b/c my mind wanders a bit. Also depends on the material as well. *shrugs*
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